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Chapter NumberVII.-Continued.)
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Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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Sworn to Avenge.

.- .. .., JBy o New Author.

'.- CHAPTER Vtl.— (Continued.)

—You are mistaken — you . took it jater??' interrupted Katherine, with re Btored coolness and disdain, as the man paused to take breath from the gu3tsof -as9ioa that were buffeting 'his fierce lature/ want on speaking as if ho ia'd not heard. 'There I had my revenge, when I aaw' upon your lovely, pitiless face a deadlier horror for the husband your fate was bound to than for the lover

V 110 111' YOU SUUriUJU — UilU nuuuuiuuc Eter it was known that death had stcp -ed between the hated bridegroom and jhe' bride, I needed not the evidence that I/afterwards received to tell me whose1 hand it was that sent Sir God frey1 Iredale to his account. I had Been Ihe madness of a desperate loathing in you eye, and I knew then as well as I know now that the fatal missile sped from the dainty hand the ? priest had joined;, -with that of his victim— till death should part them.' , Positively stunned and appalled by the, grand Satanic villiany of the ac cuser.'.jvho seemed transformed, to her bewildered sight, into sonic incarnation ofeVili. Katherine shrank away from him, cold and cowering with fright, as ot a' supernatural horror. He saw and pursued his advantage, md tb'.Katherine's ear histone assumed hissing, sound of a vast serpent about to spring upon and nail its deadly fangs tn to 'her heart, as he continued — ? 'vButeven then my love forsook you HotrVnay, but cIovp the faster to you, as .td a spirit worthy of me. When this, the tangible evidence and instrument of your crime) was placed in my hand by one who took it from its.hidmg place in your -fair bosom, while you lay uncon BciouB'in your room' — showing a small pistol — ' what think you was my first thought? To save and shield you. And so I bribed the witness to silence, and have stopped all chance of further revelation — unless it shall become accessary.' This with the emphasis of i. mocking fiend. ' And ever since then I have . employed the ingenuity of my brain- in weaving about the beautiful criminal a tissue of defensive evidence that no. hand but my own can pick a flawin.- 'What, then, was my dismay to fihdthis morning that 3 on had invoked a new- peril, by tho abstraction of your husband's will — that, too, on the back of such wild words as yoxt uttered in the hearing of envious aspirants after the place you fill as virtual mistress of this BUpefb' estate. But. even this danger ca'n be warded off, and shall be, by my great'ahd tireless love, if only you will Bufferane to save you — and to ? ' '.'Conclude that sentence at your jeril,'sir!' Clear and full, and . ringing raa the '\lote of a bugle challenge, tho high, rich tone of the girl's angry warning sound; ed, as she now stood with crest erect, »pd features as calm and cold a3i'ate, i.jzmg her dastardly tormentor. Bis last words had so electrified her ftiii'_!*fiflrrtrl w/vmnTilirkrwi + lin+ ' +'m»nrrvi +.1*1 rr

all fear, she had sprung ironi her seat, and ? confronted him with a look of Sovereignty that fairly spelled the man. For a space there wan a throbbing lilence between them, and the air id' vibrant with the repressed emotions of each. . ? 'At last, with the energy of a grand despair; she .exclaimed — ? /? May heaven have pity on me, for Bnrely I am delivered into the hand of * demon !' . 'V 'Not so, my peerless one — or, if a domou, one who will serve thee as ?well aidrfsitbf ally as an archangel if only thouTvilt permit him,' said 'Eg- Ick, inwardly charmed with the ideaVi the fear, he had inspired, and stimulated by the hope of so encompassing her ignorant young soul with terror of his pirwer,to destroy her : as to win by in timidation what he could never hope to get-by prayer. ' At.hislast words, she tnrnedupoa ?Juiua-flashing look of defiant- scorn, and said, impetuously — , 'Here me say it onco again, Gilbert Kenrick. ' I will die by inches, or in ? flamei, or on the scaffold— if your vile . p lot' can place mo there — rather than suffer u hisgle act' of yours to succour ! my'distre33./ ? ] .'He' only smiled with well-feigned 1 copipassion for her futile conflict against I the inevitableness of her situation, as he replied— - ' Hy love were worth little if it could take offence at the raving speech of a terrified girl.' I have waited and want ed long enough. I shall surely not fail ?bow.' The soicrtm issues are before you -*-tha removal and concealment or dis traction of the will must bo oe iy one Jink tne more in the chain of evidence that leads ' b:ick .to the murder — and, ? alas,-*pre3uaiptive evidence of every kind gather* ' like a cloud of witnesses' about 'the fated hand that, on such '' proofs as aje in my possession, shall be indicted for the una-dcr of fcir Godfrey Iredale: ? ' He -paused a moment, anxiously scrutinizing Katherine's face— a mask Bcenicd to have fallen over it ; it told nothing. He added— ' , . .'.Take whatever time', that suits you. to-think the matter over — meanwhile alUis'sute. : with uie. I do not r.:i3h to hasten you decision unduly, but decision ? you' must make, KatheriHo Iredale, be t\a?i^i a, shameful doom and tho nara disefoT earthly joys my love would ieslre - fttt-yeoj,- -were you ones my wife '.'' ^..Qnij her eyes answered him, and they .wore emitting rays of clear, cold lighi ./that awed him 'strangely. He, ?baa never seen anything- libe theiaf befor^fcould by no calcnius bnoxr to : nescience -determine what they be , toteied'. ' The passions of tho tfsisixj and^oi: tha emotions wera all wolI/aeS:j-. ed to his knowledge, for he had studied; them-rkng and carefully.; but &\q pas 'on toit^e soul ! Ah, here wasnuystery. Ent the interior doubt and -jonfusion that possessed Mm did not apj)ear upon ?the ; surface, and with :i smSe of con icious. power and audacity tkfc/ini'aB:ous icciiaei1 glided like a 'serpent£roni the :oqrir. ' ?' ' .

Jf.i'i'-j ii«i.- own. raigeuons, the jr.etehe4.girl. abandoned 'her soul to tho dismal horror thafyseoniedfto brood with great shadowy* 'wings over her youugiif er Td.srhom. sKould/slie turn in this awful .strait? Thefcrail, wcat-natured, inefficient mother,- the cold, uns'vnjraa-' tlidtie father— wbaf; could these do more tium-aggravat 1# their grief aud ar-- piebjepaion. the^' paiafulriess of the situation.— for, .? perhaps, madden her heart .by; giving forced credence to the dark appearanr^s that netted her in ? (To/ be continued. )