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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1895-02-14
Page Number4
Word Count994
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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Sworn to Avenge.

'?' By a New Autlurr.


The 'witnesses, consisting of Dr. Lester, the old housekeeper— Mrs. Shel foxd— and one o£ Sir Godfrey- neigh- Iroure, who happened to be in the house &t the time of .the signing, -were ail seat ed near the large ebonv table in the

©cntre of the eooiq. ? On ono side of this table, in Sir God frey's own library chair, an heirloom of precious valueand hideous appearance, gat Mr. Kenriek, the family lavryer, with the testamentary document lying gtlH aealefl before him. A shock of thick, flax-coloured hair ©nrled closely rounds prominent fore head, and, from baaeath a pair of bushy light brovrs, the gleam of small green ish eyes shot like the glow of jasper etones in firelight. Add to these *ea fcureo a heavy, hard jaw, alazge, coarse BaoTith, a sandy be;iroi, and we have a tolerable picture of GSfterfc Kearick,. eotmted the 8ti'ewdesfrand: ablest lawyer in that part of the conatiy— a bachelor, end eaid.tobe-aai honest, though sharp, aSelf^seeMugioaa, 1 'Women,, aa. a rule- axe far better todges of' the cbittacter3 of 'men than ?the-so-callsd nobler se^and ifcwasa significant fact and notorious throngji cni^haOTi^evcoTmiry-sidatfiat. Gilbert ;Eearip3t 'was* hated, and avoided by ?jEoinEa. f 'W5ffiihiffe&-CTa5ow:of'aid0ep^J2eca's- «sdrCTsioTF-sati3iady EjfijBHtoJredalB,-.

^fatfaffijy- ar?ayedifac£he}SQlBinicoccaEibji' /yHtfiuek i3EBCfesstt ?CnKpa -weeds, against. '^'^^^^iXJai&m^^a^'-' of'ier.- pallid' ?£ilsce-) skpn&ffikBiS&'iaxe poaaissfc -ia-.a i 3^ttnd.lhTOf®'!E&B5dn^(*liy.edtap- ?^cr^j^^e^cjn^jaztejtliaijdns^onfc tie? 4i^I6CBQ^Jt^Q-Sl2fi:W '^nyt^^jr1'^^ f?fr*^rfr*'r u 111X3 * *M)^J3iv'pSrzfeCfE-B^532S*E3^^T!!fi-CStrV331^, .ft ^A&tLy.'Sjgn; 1firon'' Jfe.. Gordon,, the ;pBiw y 6C; bEoSfe 'the^niigfi' wax bqeI^. on vi^hicb; Hew Xisda2&^itiaico2jacnjis had ^reatssfc£cp^iia'r%gf¥«B33foE$nGdead 1 irKg^s^ijsnd,. atrfcirShtiine^f ifcr.siHCTitaon, ; e^&fi'yonng'feaiaTfeir^thttt hlsjjwariflly i 53fifejcanB8qi^iCBnraife'EwiS%:/pas£ing ,'irairi Irfe,%0l3:. , ' Jcfewr trrffiTtgr^bemegfac -ffllbdinpnthe. wjisiang? claactiS' - -jfp tho? f^EL. ificaong: I ?fiiffiB' ' w-titwi. Kuiit p£; znonetyj^, error- and 1 ^krv-eShfe.1 pTofesH&naJi' be paid; ??? aionra.^/GoIBsrfsEauiEk^mjcpnsMer SiSraeiof £bsifavBi -aasfcaiSeetami '-bmao ThsairciHnx^'3ia?fifeafeil£Eass5,'wbiEh-te- 1st»:ff6d the.re3taadlis^na'o£:S?.' God

frey Iredale'a- estatetupon; has'IieTorsed1 ?wife^Ksfcberiae^to ba helct i&.trn3t:for herisoletuseiandibeaBfiiby'GiiiertEeai rics, 'solicitor, during 'the term1 of her ?widowhood. In.' the event -of' the death of fclio tritstee, another :by hinuseleeied, was fa- assume tie trasi/.andiso on during £ady Iredale's -widowhood. Bufc,j£ she married again, the whole properly, household effects,, and everyihingpre taining to the estates of Ashbaurao vrere to pass tothe surviving 'xelaidves of the Iredale family, in equal divisions, ' , according to the law. ? A profound Imab. followed ike read ing of this testament, ?which bound Katherine to her tragical bridal' for ever and aye, and raider the control of a man like Gilbert Kenrick, or left her join ? . .tureless with any future choice she. might make. '...:,, ? ,. , All who knew the. stem .poverty 'in which the girl and her family, who were \- also of the '.' blue bloods,' yet come to penury by incapacity or disaster, ? had' lived, felt that these were .hard conr ditiona to impose on the! gentlewoman who had taken the matrimonial chains 'upon her fresh life for their eakes, not

her own ; and looks of. sympathy and in ?tense disapprobation ware exchanged ?among the company who surrounded the motionless, passionless girl, who had not once lifted, her cool, white lido ' during the formalities. After an interval of silence, diring ?which Mr. Kenrick had refolded the portentous doenraent, arid while each waited for another to break the spbll of that painful EtillnesSj the low, firm, , Bweet-toned voice of a woman sounded 'through the lofty, panelled chamber, startling each ear to strain attention. It was Katherine Iredale who spoke, and both her words, and the glance that, fixed itself steadfastly on' the lawyer, ?were eloquent of a newly-wakened ?force and spirit that none dreamed had :lain asleep below the shy imd quiet gentleness of Katherins's nature. I7ot a feature of her calm, white face showed any excitement. Her lovely, delicate hands were lightly folded on her lap, and a de&p and perfect self command seemed the only characteristic that was visible to those who beheld ?flier. .; Xet, to the clear, penetrating eyes- of' ,«nfi who looked on her fromunder cover of his shading hand that . was casually lifted to his brow, there was a some thing of marvellous potency in the 'placid aspect of that seemingly xuunov . ed woman that took auch hold^pon his sentient sympathies as to thrill him ^hioiieh and through, and this one was/

3?hilip Lester. w. Unaware of his veiled scrutiny, . the light from Katherines' violet obs, like , some pale, subtile fluid, swept by him to rest full upon the hxtetess, bat stolid face fo Mr. Kenrick; add every nerve in Philip'spoweifullykaittedrramevibrat , ed as she said, with pointed emphasis— ; '? Until this moment no word or com-' ment concerning, the frightful tragedy in which I have played so. terrible a part has passed my lips: OtherB seem 'to be doing and saying' all that can be done or said. It now becomes my duty .to speak. That the most foul and cowardly slayer of my husband shall be : speedily brought to justice shall be the first and dearest object of my life, and . ''.to prove that the base suspicion ot his ? wife's unworthiness to be left in full and free possession of his estates, asitn '.' plied in tiiat document just laid tiside, ..was not my husband's will, must be the BBC-cad cause to which my energies are sdevoted. And hers, in the presence of nil these witnesses, I stake my life, and pll its future hopes upon the chance of finding the villian, and the motive for which two hideous crimes have been committed. God is good, and heaven is just, and, solemn us the wager is, I freely and confidently lay hope and hap piness upon the certainty! feel that,, ere a year brings round the awful day* that feft me Y/iu .u'i, and my hus band's tru3t m mo t^iu cruelly aspersed both deeda shall bo avenged, and that by 0|^H^Hr(To be continued:)