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Chapter NumberVI
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Full Date1895-02-21
Page Number4
Word Count452
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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Sworn to Avenge.

By a 2few Author.

CHAPTER VI.— Continued. ' It becomes my most grievous duty ?to inform you that your feet are upon the verge of quic&sande, thatmnsfc sure ly—too sure]y — engulf you, unless some I powerful and dauntless arm encircle and 3ave you.' ' Slay I beg that you 'will reserve your rhetoric and metaphor for an audi ence more 'worthy, because more appre ciative, thatl find it possible to be, sir ?'?' A hot flush reddened the before hue leas face of the lawyer. He bit hi3 lip fiercely, and, had Katherine's eyea not been averted from him disdainfully, she must have been I both -warned and terrified by the swift demoniac fire thatleapt out from Ken ricVs green iri3. ' To be more concise, then, madam, not only your honour, bnt your life, is in peril from -which no other hand but mice, or heaven's, can save you !' . 'i He paused, after having uttered these ?words -with a sharp emphasis which im plied what he dared not say. ' 1 hope my language is not explicit enough to suit yo^/' Evidently he expected this announce ment to hit and startle her as if a bomb- J shell had exploded at her feet ; and he I fairly shook like an aspen with his inter- 1 nal rage, when she answered, sb coolly I as before, still keeping her eyes from him, and gazing into the embers — ' I think I understand that jon mean it is possible 1 -may be seriously implica^ ] ted in the mysterious disappearance of I that Trill. If so, I preaume my hononrJ liiirr be temporarily threatened ; but, supposing- it could be proved that Idis troyed that document. I believe that it is 'not an offence punishment with death.' And r.c- 'Katharine glanced aide-ways towards the face of the lawyer. He bad been a -worm that she tossed cut of her path, the look could not- have ; been more loathly or contemptuous. . Eis face £rew purple with anger, yet he spoke in the silkest of accents, as he replied— ; il ISfo, madam, but murder is \' ' Murder ! Are you mad ?' . = ' 'I'Tr.y, madam, never eanor in my j vrhole life than aotr, r.3 I tell you th&t j 1 ho.'d evidence which can and vail as ? Guredly convict you of tho murder of ) jour hvisbr.nd, if it be put before the \ laws of your country !' | .4t last he had delivered a shot that i Trent straight home to the brave heart, ' for Etiiherine turned deadly white, tiu'd grasped painfully for breath.