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Chapter NumberVII
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Full Date1895-02-21
Page Number4
Word Count693
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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CHAPTEB Til-' - THE ALTERNATIVE. There was true Spartan courage in Katherino's delicate and softly moulded 'womanliness. She rallied fvom the shock of hia brutal words frith amazing quickness, and though almost too faint to speak, she forced p. mocking laugh to her ]ip3 »3 sh9 set her bright, glittering glance, that pierced like fine Damascus steel, upon the dark accuser's eye, and lowly, i, ut with clear firmness, she said — ' 'Will you do me the favour to come at once to the point for which you are preparing me by this tragic farce, Mr. Ilenriek H' ' Great heaven ! 'Woman, dare yoxi term that a farce which is of such ghast ly import to you and to every creature « you?' ' innocence can well afford to fear less; and 3ince no consciousness of guilt —not even thought of it towards say creature, alive or dead,, even had a moment's ezistence in. mj mind, there

s nothing thatl shall not dare in the strange and terrible contest- that I feel 3 opening before me. You have im piously declared that between your hand md heaven's He3 my alternative for rescue. Ten thousand finies let. me i perish rather than owe one instant's j 3afety to you. Sly being— as my life on Barth and hope in — rest ever in that i holy hand that your lips have . so pro faned.' She was fairly roused now ; the azure Same was flashing rs.her eyo3; the noble fiu3h of womanly indigr.ation glow upon her check ; all th& strength and all ti-o weakness of her aa:c eauio out upon her J beauty as the bloom upon a rose, and the light of sovereign passions, newly j kindled, flickered over her as firelight on a gem. Dazzled by the sight of her thus, the wild surge of sen Jong pent up in G ilbc-rfc j Kenrick's breast burst the str-iig dykes of his iron will, and rushed _ nuothiug . through 'his' veins v.-ith invincible | swells of fierce and torrid emotion, j that the fire in his volcatic nature had j heated till ihay boiled within wfaiii he was pleased to call his he-r-rt. Ho had risen to his i'cot, but his body awayed as if swept by a wind.- One hand was thrust itito the breast of his coat., t-ha other hunjj cold and clenched at his sida. He ssoke with bateu breath, as if afraid to trust his tones, and spctiking, he bent towarUa Kathcrine. '?' I kid not wislv.'d or weant to tell it now. I know no t if I ' ever should have told, yon had not you lashed the truth iiciii iao by '.iu- merciless throngs cf 3 our sui-easiii bitter eeniesipt. Eiict; ihis.Kathorina- Iryinle. I have loved you uiu-lu'r Uii-ee s-::ubiHiy yours, that have geared isto my soul as heat ed iroii into quivering iiesh. I have iovidveu with ttio \:ie wssicn of a wholu'piiasiunat'e life, and craved you with tLo bunglrcfaliou that starves in night of the^iood which iies inacces eibkT to him just beyond the iron of his cage. You knew it— yen must have known it \or.g ago. Yet you raised and iivoidi-d me wiili the cold s-joru thnt Olio would iiir.;; at a lapc-r crawling by, ml huslihig a tiK-imnct times with youv withering gitace the wild cori'cs- ? sioa I v.-cuU! f-.iia have nude, if only to caso tiio intolerable, fiery pain ut my vit-.l.-. 1-utv-hy do I speuS of isgonieg tliai can never fce felt or understood by by you, '»vjt moro than by yendsr pale, 'oesrutiful status cf stouo? Sneli was my itfaU; whai V/'estccr.:bo rang with the ::nuouricei2:oni of ycur betrothal to Sir 'Godfrey Iredalc-^-a uiere Lo;y in ail the powers of intellect and feeling com- , paved with myself. I knew i.o-,v worse than vain it waa to make any pvotcst, or put i'oith any eGort to win you from him. ' With a sculruoro tortured thnn oho utterly lest I submitted to my fate —even witnessed your marriage. And there, Eatherlxie Iredale, mytOTiaent, I had my revengo.' (To b& continued). ,