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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1895-02-18
Page Number4
Word Count885
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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Sworn to Avqnge.:.

By a New Author.


: TLe starry djamondj and the broad, sdeh circlet, of the wedding ring, seenied sather to iinpare than add luflter to the delicate lovelinea* of that expressive hand.

' Have you faith in. chiromancy/, Sady li'edale ?' said the doctor, as. he xoseand reached a, phial and. a glass from ii table by him , and began, to drop some bright flued as a sedative potion for the patient. Perhaps his question wa3 only a f .ladom. one., meant to divert Kathenne's $sind. from the darker thoughts that. ferocded thera. ' I have know knowledge whatever about it. Have you?' ' None of a cabalistic or occult nature. Yet I fancy there is no point or feature of the human frame more vitally ex pressive than the hand;' ' 'Yours ara very handsome. Perhaps that accounts for the reflection, you've bestowed on the subject,' said Katiie rine, with a. wholly unintentional and charmingly natural coquetry, which at once betrayed the innocent freshness of an unsullied character, that iras as yet under the ban of no Pharsaism. ' If the T-osse3sion of a beautiful hand ?were enough to induce one to study its indications scientifically, you, madam, Bhould he an adept.' .v j ' Ah, you have turned my own blade against me. That is not fair.' ' True, it is not. A man should al ways stand and take a lady's thrusts, content to maintain the defensive, and happy if he have tho good fortune al ways to parry them. Drink this, plesee,' and he handed the glass to Katherine, which she promptly emptied. ' Ah, you can afford to take my thrusts quietly, having such bitter re ? venge ready to inflict/'' said Katherine, ?with a pretty grimace, as she handed back the glass, ^.whose tonic contents tyere by no means of a nectarine flavour. ' But go on, and tell me your theory about hands.'' ' One point- is, never trust either man or woman with handB that have no special characteristiCj but are merely a mass of flesh, and bone, and muscle j made into shape for use, not; one whose ' ViftTV«Tg cannot give yours a. firm and S . steadfast clasp. The hand that has a loose and shuffling manner of salutation ? is like the eye that has a shifting, fur tive, and uneasy glance — both -are treacherous.' , , ' ' ', ' ' Are you describing any. special hand' and eye. just now, ?' ' No; there was no, particular in dividual in my thought.. Why 'i' ' Because I Isbotc one.vdio answers to your portraiture precisely* and. I both mistrust and hate him, and I knoTT, that' he is treachery incarnate. Yes, now- 1 believ.a in chiromancy. Go on.' ' Butw:hen;youfind.'acleanly.mould sd, tiinrtextured:hand, with well-defin-. 3d veinsi cool palms, delicate nails, and-' quiet grasp, that can b& light or chill, or warm, and close, and'passidnate at its ; owner's will; then you' have the hand that belongs to an honest, faithworthy. heart, whether it. beat; under tha lace of 's. duchess ortheragnofa beggar, tho, rbbo of a ting or the shirt; of a yeoman, L'v.t wL'i'il mote's. you smile at that ?'' .- Katharine's eyes had sought and vera resung, on the wiiit.ei, nervous,; sensitive ^..iand thai; hung £, Philip- Lestei-'s wrist over the black inarble of the aiintel, %v her 3- he- waa leaning his arm, ii« saw, and adde&W. ''? ' ??' Do beiiove me that I was not-.thinkr iu'g -of my own,though- it might possibly 1«; classified among, those, I; have jugt di.-jict'ibtid, as mighh yours ; but, truly, neither were my models- of-that picture;. 1 spoke generally.!' '' I think I ahall explore the science of-hands. Your lore about them, must bo invaluable to. you as a mm of the. world in helping you to avoid, mistakes about character. Must you go now ?' asked Katherino, regretfully, as the doctor looked at his watch and prepared , to depart. ' Yes ; I have an engagement at two o'clock. Itia now almost that. Yon ,trill send, forme when you have need! of furffisr attention until your family Dhvsician. retains.'

' I have no physician, doctor ami-IE you TOEcQnHjdei yourself permsEenfiy engaged a±-iahBauinfi, ycnfisiH confexa Sindrress to' meV ;.V.--c^Jbtt'ararsery-'grx-^'fart consider; ^gitafeyftur j^pnf^ fhsTrodd o£Aah pouzne- soeieiy' in. geceraL, and Doctor meSgime' in -paifextJarwoTtM thmkof i^ucltai proceeding/* BaM.LesterJ1,TOfira ^br^b^ bold, smile cxa-lmg-JlnB foonze, saoaBtexhO). and B&Kdng hia strong;: gEtteringj teaQi. ' j ''SshdlmalaiioiBiKt-oE diffiBrence ,tonjer-wih^ anjtme ?fiwrfr^.jgycin. iriff ',ComeTvhen- ^oa ara-ssaife foftoanyone ,'*riKnna56S63r at Ashbotanfiif . ,| g&^tmgfaing faae+gresr. grsro- and .-i^QiswoBao, 'wifivgHnwiEf darasweness-- - J 'cBorghr&mfli 65esrrmadajn^ if- 1 say |* Hbv$^ai:iw&aHnei- Heither fctcths' ''reason Hat S-nngMjfcj thetpsOgosbb to r'four MeiH^iHirthafri ns^ci?sl, ^scnla ginsiriigfa^aiKipi»hablyvrtrnld»siigBxat-i TifeaitasuiiprofesaEaiaL ThcMCQEsidera-' itons TrouldimtLiei1' very liSSs ttMne.' j- ' W&y, then, do you refect my patroBage, Doctor Easter?' asked. ^1^ nfftpT^T^ffj Trcjttt ser£0U3. anobhaiip-o£c6nd— eddignity, as shefized her clear eyes on I ' Csn you think of no other and worthierreason for my refusal to serve my own personal interest as well as 1 Bhould m excepting it ?' In his turn, the doctor let his broad luminous, and now almost benignant tabard settle on Katherine'B. ' Eeally, no — I cannot.'*