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Chapter NumberVI
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Full Date1895-02-19
Page Number4
Word Count622
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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. , ; Now, doubtless, Mra. Grnndy -would count it a most disreputable proceeding that -Catherine Iredale, in the first days of her tragic widowhood— -even though ?unbereaved, because unloving — should have been thus beguiled into any, inter

est, tar less any discussion about sub jects alien to her melancholy situation, ? As to Philip Lester's heartless and and indecorous disregard of the eti quette of grief in proposing- any. topic not in strict harmony -with tho. dismal crape draperies of his fair patient — well, there's no telling what severity of criticism that did not merit. Mrs. Grnndy is far too proper a person to 'make allowance of expense i'or the 1 ' ncediof light, and warmth, and fresh -- ness that the poort pale prisoner within ' the double walls of gloom and horror nvnsfi have had, or for tho eager thirst with which the sad lips, wearied of their draughts of gall, must have (Juaffed the cup of reviving sympathy and pleasantry that youth held to youth. But we, dear reader, are not created ?with Dame Grundy's cup of prqpriety, and can understand poor Eatherine.s enjoyment of brave, true, honest-souled Philip Lester's incidental and diverting . talk. 'We can feel the waves of gentler fool ing well gratefully np from her long re pressed heart to meet the nobln ojFeriag'

, of a good man's friendship, and, like her, we can forget he waa a stranger whom she had no social right -whatever to admit to her confidence. , 3t is one of youth's divine prerogatives to forget the conventionalities sometimes— and ,to be natural. -Catherine Iredale sat quite alone i a a Hmn.n sitting-room appointed to her Bpecial use, and exquisitely adorned fcr 'uho reception of his bride by the lavish sxpenditure of him who was called to his account before reaping the harvest he had sown in Eatherine Gordon life. It is an hour past noon, and tho time fixed for Mr. Kenrict to make an official record of tho dead man's will, and Eatherine listened restively for tho arrival of the lawyer and the notary, for there was a purpose in her mind that -_ept her unquiet. ? *r_ VJThe_ moment that Mr. Kenrick has ? finished his business in the library, ' Manton, show Win into my room,' she -.. ^rhad said to tlie footman v/hosoi diity^it 1 ? ''-was to admit visilqrs. ' ?' ! J , '*»' Mr. and Mrs. Gordon had both io . - - -turned to their own hon.e a few miles *' -distant from Ashbourne,- promising to revisit their daughter 'as frequently , a3 their duties and the caro of a young family -would allotr, so that with th'e'ex ' ception of tho old housekeeper Mrs. - ' -Howe, and the retinue of servants, tlio ' young1 lnisirpispi' Ash,fcour_»-w_3 done i winter, magnificent new ho:r.e. ' '' Tha gloom and terror of tLnt aw£ul _ bridal seemed still to nil the lofty ?? ;i, cha:nber.-«. forcvt'.yono6poke'ivALhiiu:m- '_ cd accjn'.a, and atsppui alov/jy v.ud ' cn~mkn:siy, us if ai'vaid oi1 disturbing tho ghost ol the dark-visaed usafctu^ whose fierce, _r-pcrioi\$ ir_e ovvr hi; household ii.:d to lately been stiiitL-licd fro7u his gra-Ju s_d tia~ai\ to tho ck-!ic?.to ohd ««ntl«- hands of the 'stiil-i^ctd chftUjlai_, who was al ready touch iuQi» chsm hi:!/ adored by ' ' tho Ashbouriic s&iTj.ut3 as 8oinothii:n moro than mortal siwo aho never spoVe 1 to the least arao:ij: then 'saro v.-ith the soft and to_-i thai: made the music of her voice. * At lost the roll of wheels npoJi'llic drive announced ;he arrival' vz l&r. Ecai-Ick raid i_e notary/ _v.e_^i.d Ly Mr. Gordon. (To be continued). r