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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1895-02-19
Page Number4
Word Count377
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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Sworn to Avenge.]

By & Nei6~ Author.


'I am not- afraid to tell you, then. You are pure and noble enough to take my 'words -without offence or miacon Btruction. If you should dismiss the rognlaiij attending physician of your father'a family, and old inhabitant, and a man' of advanced vears and establish

ed character, to employ a voting man, and a stranger, -whose antecedents and personal -worth are yet unknown, only think what might be said of you.' Katharine's face _ad turned scarlet, Taut her glance remained steadfast, though her Iids auivered as she said, softly- * * ' A thonsand thanks. I should hare thought of that— I was Tery stupid not to— but I only remembered that you area stranger and unfortunately placed here .and more than all, that you hare, been so earnestly kind and attentive to us during this great trouble, and ? ?' ' Say no more; I need no explanation of your thoughts, and you shall surely know, some day, that they, have not been more flattering than I 'vrill deserve from you. I cannot be your physician, and I trust you Trill seldom need' me, but I can bo, and am, your- faithful

friend, and ever your most humble and obedient servant.' He was smiling again now, and all his strong1, nobl9 face 'was alight and glorified as by '' ' The splendour of a spirit without blame. ' There were tears ? unshed -in Katherino's lovely eyes xhat he wished - ' to keep from falling; therefore, he add : ed, holding out hi3 hand to her— 'Nay, never look so sad about it, or I shall think my friendship, is a cross and a grief to you. Aly time is up, quite. Good-bye for to-day. Remem ber that I am yours to command Avhcn ever you have need of a tolerably steady head and a healthy heart/' In silence Eatherine laid her hand Trithin the close and quiet clasp of her new friend's hand ; her lips wers smiling gratefully, but the rain -was falling gently from the soft darklashe3 that curled against the pearly luster of her lids. And so they parted, but strangers ? no longer.