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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1895-02-16
Page Number8
Word Count696
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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The young doctor looked long .and, earnestly into Katherino's lovely face1 . as the last impassioned words fells froaij her lips. '^] ' ' Calm yoursolf, dear madam,' ' he Baid, for her eyeB were full of a mouxa J'ul pain, and her iips were quivering and pallid. ' Thei-e is, after all, littlo for you to dread from the trustee, whose imputation forbids the idea that he could- defraud you, or misn,r-r-rV ? '

? ; ?' Heavens, do you imagine that it is. the miserable property of which I am. thinking ?' interrupted Katharine, with ft' lookof horror. ' ' ' Forgive me if I have unwittingly . offended by my words. No. I do *nbt think you have ever given a thought to, ;thatpoint. Naturally, your womanhoodV ?rebels against the lack, of confidence ?implied in the idea of a. check like those 'traditions being imposed upon your ?ftitore conduct in regard to another ?oarriage.' . ?'''?? 'Oh, how you misjudge me! As heaven heirs me, I have not giveoftfcat/ idea a thought -till now.' ' . Xbere was no chance to dottbt^the fconest:. truth of ^that suffenng-' Tace ? ttipse sad, clear eyes, and PAil^Sester «ould have bitten off a piece 'of his tfeis tongue for tha wordsthatba/l called such a woeful look to that lovely face. 'Pardon again! lam unifcrfcunate Jn my expression-r^— ' ' Cannot you undarst&n-?yt&atit is al together and only the pWnjto whom S6!^^ ™nfided' ^4 W*/the trust Itself, that fills me wiPA /horror and inl credulity?' , * ' Erom a general T^andjKrinfeit.ia iva posableto conceive of anyone -more . iikely to have beeu selected by thdtesta , tor, or better iyUed ro discharge the ' ofhee confided toAim.' Despite th«v cold- practicaJ/ly/of the Words empWd, there was.' rfu /under tone ofsympaihy and stroaa /manlike Bompaasian in Philip LeateX/counten linee and tones that seen-/&a to , soothe andinspire. Katherine yjdih. confidence , wa^he;devined'hertrc/ubie-better.than, ? bis speech implied. ., -? ..? ' ? ?J?r6m a general^fstandpoint'. what ; ypn-ttiy may bo tru& but you .-f«el that

' my^abhorrence.oFthis thing isjneitherj ounaturalnor xtijfounded;' '.....': : ''/Lfeel thaiit is'/nxost provable vou Baveu private audfausonal ''reasoirf or your opposition to-M. Xeaiack as yoiir ta-ustee, ,but it nxWcbe'a- j/bwerf a\ and just reason th^t/he- law /would deenj sufficient to iitfupacitatt hdinfor thej aischixge- of/Ma functions in juurv tregard;' ? ' ?-. . . , ^-''Afoe.kgi^a! Teahnofe eveniassi^n a (Eiigle s?(iiksf-n, oi- ? 'bring forth/ii ainq-le «bia:ge-('ag«rra3tit. TetA'whatp. taow.L ?-. ? knoTfc arK^jiy soul assui-ea mehibere'h&s'J been^foul^Jay in all this. 2^'groimdi-i $ or iihe Cifeprbotod aVe'rsion/t^at I liay^ 'to Mfl;-Sfeorick must for e\se7-amair- uuf : r pok€n-«inhuy- heart;- Be-^ven forgive, . me ifyj do ? him.. vrrong, buij— no, T-dare: .'?sfet'say^iti' ? '??-.* ? : -: .--.-;'? 'Dp .not, I pray you^' And let me

your vliyaician, to dismiss all these -!is- traetifig' thoughts for the present tint /I your disturbed . and sorely strained nerves have time to re-act fvoni' their prcaent high tension, othcrwiseyon will have no strength either oi' luind or body fpr an ijl king in the fu! :irc.' The si^iii'iicent stress; lnid on the clos ing aenteaca pointly indicated Ihat the doctor's thoughts had reverted to l\athe: rine Iredalo's Eolemn obligation to ex pose and avengetlie dark criutc-so wvap pirb in mvstery. She smiled sadly, and answered, wear ily — ' Ah, yc3. You are right. T must gather strength into all my forces and faculties lor the task I have set mysplf .' '? Do not speak or think 'of that now ! Allow me !'' And the doctor placed his cool, shape ly fingers upon the raijid, fluctuating pulse of the pale and languid girl, who Jet her sniull, slendur hand lie like a noivelees thing beneath thp professional touch. Philip Lester was a man as well as a doctor, aud the man was as sentient to all beautiful effects as the doctor was alive and alert to all physical ones, and therefore his eyes as well as his fingers lingered on the svoet, pale lily hund with something of warmer interest than merely, a professional investigation. (To be continued.)