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Chapter NumberVIII
Chapter TitleDRIFTING
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Full Date1895-02-23
Page Number8
Word Count499
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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i'3.:t .- CHAPTER. VIII.


/.'-With the thoughtless, glad cry of a , child who sees a face that it knows and -?trusts suddenly presented to its view in a;monient , of danger, or a situation of : loneliness, Katherine sprang forward .with the words — . ..'.'. Ah, I am so glad ! So glad yuo have ' conte to me.' 1 . .? So , am I, then ; but why do you shake and quiver so? Whv. are v'our

. hands so cold, your cheeks go blanched ? . Come, sit down again and tell me about - ' it ; or, rather, . get calm first, and then . tellma'. ... .. 'Speaking thus in Ihe bright, en ? couraging way one would enploy to , . BOpthe and quiet a frightened or ner.vo its , child, Dr. Lestsr. led Katherine across . . the; chamber to a divan, where he placed . . himself beside her, while carefully avoiding any scrutiny of her troubled face. Yet to his observing and divining ? was clearly apparent that some ? most unusual occurrence had transpir : , ed to make such painful disturbance in Katherine's self-controlled manner, aud to .excite her nerves so violently ; and -. hayjng met the lawyer just beyond the Aahbourne Avenue, the doctor was not alow to connect Katherine's tremulous condition with the visit of the man for .whom she entertained so passionate a . ' detestation that the mere mention of . hisjiauie seemed to rouse her strongest feelings. -.-Eatherine was all unnerved now that these was 'no longer any need for her to stand erect behind the mail breastplate of- her woman's pride and courage. The touch' and tone of gentle, protective

kindnesB seemed to steal all strength from her, and she sat quite still, unable ' to speak because of the swift reaction from pain and fear to faith and rest. ' Dr. Lester seemed to understand just bow it was with her, for. he waited for her. to collect' herself before pressing further notice upon her agitation, and while seeming not to observe her effort to, grow cakn, he took from the pocket of his coat a package which he quickly unfolded, and disclosed a variety of pictures. Katherine watched the deliberate movements of his slim shapely hands at their task. ? There was something reassuring to her sensitive and now irritable fancy in the 'mere' motion bf those supple fingers. They, seemed capable of ' so much. In the- whole aspect, ? and . the reposeful . presence of the man, was a conscious ,, nes3,of a vast reserve of moral and in tellectual power, that would make him equal to any emergency. In a word, that look of intense sells ?'ifficienc^ which cjhara r.tflrisflgjp-e& who.

lave fought single-handed with life and its misfortunes, and learned to look for . no certain aid outside of their own ^ personal resources. \ To be continued.