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Chapter NumberIV
Chapter TitleA STUDY OF HANDS.
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Full Date1895-02-15
Page Number4
Word Count812
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleSworn to Avenge
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Sworn to Avenge.

By a Nev; Author.


A? the pale yor.ny Tvidov uttered the last 3enler.ce of h-v singular p.nd most sij;iiiilsa::t havar.^uc, she rose irom her T)li'.co iu Th'j'*.vi^do— reccs3, and swiftly left the roam bv adjacent door.

Tka various members of tile silent Co:iro.'2j cast glances froin ono to' another, and all towards the imporrurb nbio faes of ifr. ' Kenrieb. -who alone ceamed cot to hrre observed that the' lady's leiaarns vore poiniedly dhected to hi:nse:.f . Dr. Lector Elena exchanged r*o 3-oV »ri:li anyone, but ;r trained lernir.g v.puii fche hand which rtill shaded his -^es. The lawyer broke ther.Trkvu:-d si'ercc, BayJEg-, iu a cold, but emphatic voice. Trliile Hs vultuio-Hke eyes 3wo,pt ttic audience; before him — ' ' It is bu£ natai-U ihat Lady Iredalb, the sad Biiferer bv 'this calairiitioxis disaster, should feel i»atl cxpuzz the exaggerated ideas to which -we bxre listsned. It becomes our ducy, micj , most of nil, so aid uzl£\. assist her in the first of her jelf-arsigned duties, ever and above tho elicits of lawful iijc-ntsi that will be employed, to trace the doer of tbU frightrnl\'.ct'rL Ad to the second of hih-c propositions, namely, to dispron the/valinitj.of her husband's will there csS' be but one opinion among iw vA\— tr^re are-literally r.o groiinds for mien

a procedure. ? As the attorney wno crew the Tvill, and the trustee loir to esecuu the same, -'tis* duly vitne?sed by tlirct1 reliable witnos'ses, it must as plainly 'become niy duty to sustain the 'legality auu to carry out the behests ot the will. Meantime 1 -would advise that no one agitate these painful questions with the ^nfist unhappy lady, having time anil HH)Ose to make a- clearer atmosphere' ^HBout her disordered faculties. HHWhile uttering the last portion of 'his fflRnarlss, -Mr, iLerrick had deliberately fflrisen from his chair, and gathered up Bths important document, whic}iiie,locJ£ iHed in thejheavy rosewood escritoire how Hfahich he cad taken it. . fit He then hacd'od the toy to 3£r Gordon, ??requesting that it bo given 'into .Lady Hplre&ilij'a keeping, and stated that he ?.~0'ald come thu iollowing day, to have H the vill recorded in due fot-in of Jgv,' W after -which he look his leave, but 'on hi^ 8 'ray to the dpp: he encountered a ser m rant. who called out in breathless h?,sts iwfor Dr. L-estar. btatiiig 'that Lady Ire Hd&lc hr.d fainted. mm Turning to Jslv. Gordon, as the doctor SKpassod hastily ur- ihe broad stair&ase,' HfKenrLck said, in t.n undertone? — WT '_ I would call in Doctor Scdgrave Sft^£|ibn ai he letnins, Mr.' Gordon, tv. gjftife'fctre^ioly censitive :xnd critical con BBcEjjapB of your doughtc-r's nervous aid Bgfflg^y.1 --y?ioni, so ycvjsg, and, ci'couise, Bl)pa:(.n'.c(i a practitioner ri Lester ^ffiefiiarujy the proper person to havo her ?HSHSi&ii] h.'.Lc'... Dasidec, what do we jpSa&c; him -'? / ' - ?' ? Bffi'r^H^ r':- J'^l-rfssion -which implied |n$c£t&Lc£ o- sujplLiouis possibilities, the ^,%%^i:- r.'.c.Titn^ud the final qtiGJtzoc.' Hk.^'S-%v- ''-nl- you are quite rigUt. J HsanJf 'sco to ?: ih::t Eedgrave is sent £oi; RK^fSp-'i-^he'nretcliaok':' j Ki;'-'^t1! i.n''' fit proved 'to be Bref/ffEre-^ u l ';-. Har organiGjn, a.t all m- VrJH?-''- ^ - ' 7 -'nijij, hi,d . suiierid ao f?!-jKnyOTE :.i' r.t siry from prsvtyacted strain \ ^-ftts^ds- 'tj y: jvoui s to aormartiage, uiid ?s-sftKe^cr.ivl :hcck -rhicii' sacceeded it, *'v lTv'i any lav.-ont'.'d tax on her oeu'jibili t.Oo v.a_ Tor the present insv.irboitabie to

% her. An hour later tho seemed entirely, re- eovi.Tod from '-1.2 -irealinecs that had ovc-rcorro hei: . ai'tor the scene 'in thq library, and sat quietly, half reclined,' in a deep chair by her bedroom ' fire, while tho doctor conversed near by, with her mother. ' Can I see you out here for a mom ent, Mrs. Gordon?' asked Mrs. Howe, tho housekeeper, who put her head in at the door. ' ; j Excuse ine, doctor.' ' ' \ And the little woman tripped cut,' and closed the dot-r to keep out the sounds of the domestic confab' to vhich; , she was summoned. 1 Up to that moment Catherine had taken no part nor interest in the conver sation, seeming scarcely awtfre of 'tho pTasence oJ her compa,nion3. 'Now she . toined with an eager motion, and, fii-1 ing' her starry gaze full' on Philip Xesfcer's eyes she said — ' Wouid you recogniza the general appearance of, or any- single feature in , that document you signed as a witness

'three daya ago, Doctor Lester?' ' ' i \ ' I think there is no doubt at all, but ._ ,T should recognize it from one peculiar (feature on that j-age which was exposed . during tho Bigning,' answered the j? i'doctor, with quiet and prompt decision. £??. ? ?? (To be continued.)