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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1893-11-16
Page Number4
Word Count332
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleA Terrible Wrong
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The cab containing Mrs. Redburn and her son drew up before the' dingy lodging house of Mrs. Brown, upon the Surrey side of the river, in the early erenmg. The street lamps

- were ugnteci, and the windows of Mrs. Brown's dwelling were outlined by household lamp and candle. John Redburn sprang hurriedly out of the vehicle, and ran up the steps. As hp rang the brass knocker lustily, his toother stood, beside him, silent as death, stony of visage, but tremblino strangely as with a palsy. °

The summons was not immediately answered. Both mother and son hail time to contrast this humble neigh bourhood with aristocratic Throck morton House, and Avith their own breezy, sunny farm, and to grow impatient and sick with apprehension ? and wonder that their darling should have taken refuge in a place like this before the door opened, and .Mrs Brown, portly of figure and perturbed . of countenance, stood before them iu the doorway.

'We wish to see your lodger,' said John Redburn, hesitatingly ' My lodger,' repeated Mrs. Brown. ?I have got five of 'em, sir. The tinners young man and the grocer's clerk, m the third pair back, the two young men from the brewery whero my husband works, and ? -' _ 'We wish to see Miss Redburn' interrupted the mother, impatiently. m Go in, John. I can't wait outside in this suspense.'

Mrs. Brown made way, and the two visitors stepped into thedim and dingy little entry. . 'I don't know any Miss Redburn,' exclaimed the lodging house keeper . 'I never heard the name before.' ? Mrs. Redbixrn ? caught her breath sharply. 'Perhaps she's nmrrieaj' said

John, huskily. 'She was Miss (^ueonie Redburn — — ' '; Oh, Miss Quoenie !' cried Mrs. Brown, m tones of relief.- 'And you have come to see her ? Are you her people ?' Mrs. Redburn. bowed her gray head in assent. (To be continued.)