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Chapter NumberXII, (Continued.)
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Full Date1881-10-29
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Newspaper TitleBorder Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861 - 1954)
Trove TitlePartners: A True Story
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CflAPTJJl XII. -{C.riituiutJ.)

" Hnm !" thoo^bt "I'aify ; "this ia vfry pelito; I*'.'' iufcrii.illy pdilr, altogether'; aha tnnat an*pc-ct ; at ill event*,"it ii elHt tho i* up with iitr.'1 Mr. PnSy vij Hu g.ii up aad cinminod hia Icdtri.r, bat, iipparciiUy, fo-.nid nothing SSlUfs.-i -ry iii tho »L »f>o of « sohiii.jn <</ bU ditil'.uft}', x<--r h.? ,;,hut. thfc h.wkjwith o

ftl&m acfi a ir.ui ;< ,-t .i r.arpe.

.' Thit i-uiic.i of iironTi'fi ratmt be aqnared k<;.^ h.ho mattered; " bsit bow to do it i dun'i knot?. The ra in not ona ol tbo athi-.? tui-U.ut,t::n ui tba back tint will look at t»r»wh a rotten invr»!rnviit. My only bope was in M»n. Hariri* iv, &ad Alio hft.« failed ac. Hi; too bid. Thrro miut bo .oma curbed trh ui or anotbfr who has ad risod be? fejjikinst it. IIm..; htr ! I tbongbt r-hc- u<;old havn tru^ud] mo, and lO gO SU-i J-.kt", forao Kit-iking outMikr'* tdrbo atK.ut it! Well, ens can spou ibiW infernal K.-.mca ; " and Mr, i'ufty atAoaptd his foci, oa.l c.u.-£!\i *[r^. Hard grave, «a if Lu n-Ally had ko.,1 grounds tY.r thinking thithc- bad msfacaapun ..nal v. roi<£, beoaaso thnt hily vvw'.dd riot allow ho .ell to ba awindh-d by WITH. Mr. Puffy *&t: ua questionably, m a tit. ILi r< .j'.ur«.'.l i.iwoo ta Bqn&io P»row;/» ; *.'.«d h« bnd about Xiss i,) iti <,i, <.*." to .1.) it with.

amount *»i us uiae.'t, »a iin cossid; by itraiiiin*-, ta th<> utnv.-t, his r«-?.;iura..i «f u Ugitiaiai * nstarj*. 'i.'hn r.V'*I of tbo Jit-a..:}' ha bad rr.-ido wis invited in loruly ri.-h <-ju.>n;r reef, whioh had to.t, i»;i yet, dono .toy ; .vol tbo ftlurt--» of .whioli v..- , iit pn-cnt, alI \uliii:lr.\',

from a v^n>.ly *>f iaciduatal l;> fj.iiirti


"To bo gT,v»f,.r - f.altiy iloou,"

ba groiun ,1; u it. is to maku a jiian


Mr. Vuiiy was ufu-r,;j^-.i.nis t.f any- j iting funny bor:. Iit: really it. lh- v. <.«. in sacb ir. AiWal {link, thatbi: r.' illy thi»;iK-lit that hi»nc»ty and bis u«-a ealv.itic,a, cut »»C tti» this part:- '.iUr didicuity w^r.i Kyrnir.yinor.s tarms. This i.s oiu^i the Wiiy with inon

iaton»Q prii.'tic.ilncj!*. They tbir.k ihflir.sf.lvi-* tha hub wf it;..n, rvu.l hxvo n.>t ( i.t iataginattr.n to p.iilnit-o tbo r«.»ult <.! any fcGtiOn Cl.cpt i:i the iij,'bt ol their own

interxjjlA i5al tha s.inihr.i

Of tho uuha.-ijy b^ukiir, a r.\j oi lirftit rcc;T>f-il at length S.> eir.iifgUi^h tlin mental <U*kae&a. An idrabadcvidc-ntl; ftrur.U biro, tar bo )../! the b*iik,"ftnd, p.iiluig uU hia most Hrair, i',;r>illud inU Uio

OoinnKiY.wd Hr,;d.

Aft«r hivii;^ a drink!, tho kn.Uord, Mr. Sl0f(0-irii, uud diACUStdtiH- thvi \VO:kth<-f, (ba r.ri c-3 c,{ till th<i in.-ri^a <?< ihfj rabbit pUgttd, &r.., Ac., hrt 54id, cassuliy:

11 By tho v< ay, hlo^^iiia, do y.'iu roraoiribir my tn6r.lirtnir.g to you abruit having nudo r. .ort of pr.itlo t>n a bit o' papr-r in Hooky's

offiaa thu ciho.r iiay

"Oh ! ye*, di.uinrtly," p^id dUisrgta*.

'TUbit you ib r.'t. ro:ne.ralv.r it vsJ,

and -what it dons na."

" Bst yon dtinkft I d^i-^i)sr.u 1" "We'll, what was ii f *

" la It ft hot f" 14 Oh, jzx,"

" Yon juarki-'d," faid Sl.^'gias, ilowly, as ba proceed'd to iiUulr.\ta tlto matter veith a bit of pcncil c.r. tho margin ol tha Shrmn jtdvtrSit,;-, '. y.i.n mirked on ono of Hooky's

prasutuorj forms th<i dat<i, thus:

X. VI. r,xxix.M

" Well, by Jotc F.aid Pufty, " I thought yon wouldn't bu?i* tciu&mh^id it,"

TliO dricks U'c;o broagbt ia, ar»d, aftrr a

litUd Biura d AiiiToraation, Mr. I'ntfy


Ho rciuratr.i to :ho brink srith » fatisficd air, «id ab.n-.i io o'clock vhav x-.i^ht ba

rtralltd di>wn in tho di'o.liciu of Hooky'»


What took place betsrorn thoea two wnrUiicj will Appsir further on.


Whsk Jir.i Walker bade adieu to Mn. Hardgrove; or rather, as he *aid himself (when he galhntly kiuad her hand in part ing) rtu rr'r.ii r, it vr»* his intention to return

i* a very short time, to once more but in the i

smiles of hii mistress.

In the jr.rsn time he requested hi* friend rarrhmeat, to xrrmge game of his paper*, and pay all his aivonnts, and generally make preparations far his approaching departure. Thus it happened that- Parchment was in Walker's oSloe on tho night, that Mr. Puffy was in se-arch of Hookj. He had just finished hi« work when the clock struck eleven. When ho put the lii»ht out ho made for the door, at the samo time feeling in his rocket for the key. Aa tho ley was not in nis pocket, it is needless to say that he searched in Tain. He then sought for a match, bat found to his disgust that he had not got one. Then commenced a painful quest, in tho dark, for the key which he had a sort of impression waa on the table among some papers. Taming round, ho nude a bee line for the chair he had just vacated, with a step aa confident and assured aa if he were strol ling round tho Eastern Market, under the six ekvtric lights which illuminate that paradise of cheap Johns.

Il i« worthy of remark that, under inch tXFCQTast&ncm, one inrarably goee in a direo lion diametrically opposite to that which one intends to go. Mr, Parchment fti ooimnced that the table, with tho key on it, lay about

north-east by north, i

JL» a matter of oonne, he inarched boldly son-sou-wect by half Math; and coming plnmp on to the itand which held the copy ing pr&*s, knocked it and the wafer bottle <mr, with a crnh that, made Mrs. Brown, who wa« sleeping Mundly next door, iranp op in bed with her hair standing on end, under the imprasoa that the Kcllyi were abont, Hr. Parchment wu not much given to pro* lwa$y,trothaielv n Rmutibk topulso |o

?wear. It' is due to hijn, howerer, to My that ha compromised tho matter by simply ejaculating: "thunder!" Parchment itood f<* a moment to colioct his thoughts, while bs rubbed his bump of locality, to obtain aa in*pir»Uon a* to hU whereabout*. He had a ragae idea that when he waa fitting «t the table the window waa in front of him, aui the oopyiag press to his right. He was uot quite sure about this, bat being of a buoyant and impulsive nature, he actoaupon his impreuiion as if it were a certainty. "It is very dear," said he, " that if the oopying pte*s is hero, the table most be oyer there." This was, no doubt, a perfectly correct infronce to make, and if the premises h.wl been faultless, the deduction would hsT* had the logical appoiiteness of a true syllogism, " I am here," said Mr. Parch ment " therefore the table most be orer there.1' The major premise was correct, but the minor was evidently imperfect, for the couchuion of the syllogism landed Mr. P&rchmcnt's head through one of the window panes. For the first time daring this trjing scene Tom Parchment used a vfry biff D, bat under the ciroanutsnoes, he may plead justification. While his head was outside, and be felt the invigosating etfocU of tbe cool Sloroiaian night air. Tom had Mricma thoughts of endioghui difficulties

br shoatioir. on rotunda-.-"Bin* the

aiarwbell. Murder and traaaon I flaoquo and Donalbainl" bat refloating that the room was only aboat fifteen feet square, ho dotcrminod to make another effort to find that koy-or, at leact, the table, To guard against any farther mishaps, ha determined to circumnavigate the room, in order to fix tho poaitioua of the door and window and anj other laud mark that would be awful. Aocprdingly he pat hi» band carefully along tho wall, and foil hia way round to Use left, knocking orer ft dock and an ink-bottle in hia progress. Thai oaaUdasly ad vanning, ho had nearlj oompletcd the oinmitof the room when a fresh catastrophe happened. He had forgotten all about tho copying press until ho wm forcibly reminded of its exist* raw by (ambling over it a second time where tho floor had been rendered slippery by the upsetting of the water-bottle. As he fell this timo, ho beg*n a Mrios of forcible remarks, and making a wild grab at tho wall to sato himwlf, he succeeded in lrin^in;j down on the top of hia head a inhp of tho world whi>;h adorned tha otlir.i). it luuflt ha so In ta a very rotten map, for Tula's l.i rl.i .?;< ;.t tij/ht tl.rough it, and mine <-..t b|. ,;it it.i: h.ugaa*A Sua, in tha North Ati-iil i < Da .Hi, fi'iiDO whnro between tic- tiiiii ,-.f '.r-ii .1 tha .Htraita of Gib

lult^r. Iu tl.v, (.( truth wo must jij-w .v. ia."" ihai T»in'a aversion to

sir*l-»ii.-.i..f .iriy jhrxko j'down. He fwur.'i ai { Fs--;;r.h pay, long and large. Wiiil.i Kit L ...i ;;:ill through tho map oo r, I,, i nit l.ii 1, i; h.wul, tiud blasphemed ri.sht (1.-.i!).; Aii.i ii,-Wi e&nUnoat from

Ki ii.:: ??»',,to Horn in tha s.iwih ; I.! rct«'hi:iff out his right hand he

.1 .» clr -ir.i o{ mild profanity. fr«.;r, rir<K; through tho Dosort of ti.'t.i, r.-si t't.iii??-h Tartary, over tho {'i.iilipinfi I Mauds, N«w Guinea, QnattniUnd, ri .uiU Waloa t»ndua ho finished at Mel* 1.. hi.i h.-itsd ninick-tho key ha wm I.i i. r, was in tha door all tha

2w,» thU (i.lVtii!iiiti of Tom Parchment, iilthaugh it wua uy fumayiug at tha Mow, i.uord i.ut, «s it ht>[.puiiad, a vary fortu**te

dtv-uaiAi^Ui:?. I' it b*-.l not bee a for tha (Iul.iy tha* «. »u->id 1. ) w.-mld hava been out of

ijark-r of an hour bo/or*. AN U Wa« ho v;.Ui j.:^L ii^purin# la go out wL>..» ho bi_ ;iii Ii.l! iiiKuliar voicfl of Puffy out"i,lo 5;»iku»h' t.i k..:ui-.-»s.u, who it turoea i.ut «ii tio.,ky. 'ii.«_y voro going into's ..sii.v. a kind of insUnot told 1'at, ha.^at that thu ;ayaUsriuu» conjunction of two bii.-h bright particular (t&ra billed <.. ii t.» f.a....body. ilo tharafora r.aaai.u.1 IV.-III.C.IIY .j.iul, and prtMmtly ha h. .»rd the cUikia^ UI a ;a..uh, while * itrowa uj i.r.jk.i tb.«.> vo.-iuiutnr in tha wall tt»u tv.ii u.'.t.xv., whioh h«4 huhi fl-i b.-ou r- :.» ,. iil. d by tha map, tha

downfall <>f whi.-h b-ca thn cauao of so va«r.h cur.-iiiii,-. b""i lNinihmaat wm the of i.oau.u, bai i.u c.i.-isidonid himi«lf .iuilo jij-.i-.ib-d la 4-«di'uVoutiug to find out what tl.ii t^.i I-N.? j.i.-ui.irji wcra about; ha tin.ui.»-d tho La.>wLd*;o of loaaJity u»,| by h in Lto iuvi.itRation* to pat hi* b...-.k and;." th.i t.-kbiu, and, nftar tha cxp.-a iuar.j of ni. iafiaiui of pititnca, ho j.l.i.'i.i it, *Miiu.idcsnly, againat tho v;,-.U, tha ventilator; ud, raouutir.^ up.-a is, he could look into tha next, aud BOO and hear *11 that WM going on.