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Chapter NumberXLIX
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Full Date1894-02-16
Page Number4
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleA Terrible Wrong
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By Mrs.Hariubt Lewis. n l AUto of '27* Ihuhh Uffe' ' Tjord Darhvo^s Crime' -$?--,


1 Ho(hissecl a malediction up»n this lJl-Uick', He breathed ft oiu'bo upon all -within the room, and then depart ed like a shadow of some evil thing —dopnrted to cross their naths novnv

ngain. Tho next day Lady Viofcoria Ellos more was iuformod of tho existence of Lord Oswald Lennox's flrsfc wifo, and that pIio was not the Lady Victoria Lennox. Thofiowjo nngov, and hat rod, and bitterness she exhibited upon ; learning the truth robbed Lord St. Maur of half his pity for her, ' Slio i-ftfifod liko a tigress, donoune iiig him, and Lady G-leimiorvis, and ?Dolores, and finally, in hop rago and despair, departed abruptly for tho Continent,

j. no newspapers blazoned to the world tho early romanoo of Lady Qlonmorris. She had beenjtho bollo of the season ; now she found horsolf tho heroine of popular fancy—a so eioty liouoss. Her fume wnu with. out blur or shadow. Tho memory of Lord Oswald Lonnox was spared, It waf| aid that ho married a second time believing his first wife to be dead—'whioh was two- and it was said that the first wifo had wandered from her homo before tho birth of her ohild in ant of delirium, and waa also supposed to bo dead. Molcombe quitted England, whore no had no longor friends. Ho engag .? «d in the Russo-Turkish War, and perished in a wild, skirmish with Bulgarians. His body, it was report ed, yci treated with tho greatest bar barity, and ha was buried by his own troop— for ho .was an ofllcor— upon thaspot whore ho was found. So he perished, and there wore none to weep

lur mm. To the marquis and marchioness of Glonmorris came a perfeot happiness, a fulness 'of ..content, a joy without stint. They havo an absolute trust and confidonco in each other, a love nothing can mar, the gratification of ambition— all either could liavedesir ed in their wildest dreams. To Lord St. Maur came also happi ness and' content in fullest measure. .Tho Lady Dolores became liiB idol. She was recently married to her faithful loyor, Sir Basil Nugont, and her splendid beauty, her sweetness, and lovelinoss, mado her seem a very All r*l\\ 111 Ia/M* li«i ftlin«ij-1 '« n»nn /Mil

Elspeth is hor speoial attonaant, and is a person of dignity among the servants. At .Rodburn Farm all is bright . ness and poaeo. John Rodburn is one of the proudost men in Kent, His wife talks oontinually of ' my si&tor in law, tho March iouosfl of Glen morria,' and oxpati&tos to horfrionds upontho grandeurs of Lady GUn morris and tho Lady Dolores Nugent, but it is noticoablo that aho never ao companiod Jolm ltodbnrn upon his froquont visits to King's Holm, or to St. Maw's Park. As to old Mrs. Rodburn, slid is completely and wonderfully ohangod. Tho grim old woman hau become genial and kindly. Sho is loss author ltativo, but not loss 'stately in her manners and appearanco, Tho most surprising chango in hor is, perhaps, tho fact sho no longer prosidos over the destinies of Rodburn Farm, but King's Holm, whore n mag nificent suite of roomo has boon , assigned to hor ospooial use, and whore flho is lovod and honoured as becomes her many Htorling virtues and her worshmmiia1 lovo for Ladv

Glonmorris and hor children, For the rest, thoso wlio had beon kind to Doloros Bodbnrn or to ' Dolly Wynn ' woro not forgotton by the Lady Doloros Nugont, Tho girl who was so bravo and steadfast in her do votion to what sh« boliovod to bo her duty is not loss noblo and unspoiled by her inarvollous prosperity. And «o tho terrible wrong that had dark enod and blighted so many lives is - righted at last. THE BN1-.