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Chapter NumberXLVI
Chapter TitleTHE CRISIS
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Full Date1894-02-12
Page Number4
Word Count567
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleA Terrible Wrong
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By Mrs.Haeiuet Lewis.

? Author of «2%e DoulU Info' ?? M Darhwootfs Orimo' fyoK


' You 'will marry Dolores, I «up pose,' she said. 'And my crood »aino will be preserved, My lius. band and son will be spared— my secret will bo safe, but ray peace of mind who can restore P It ia foi» rviw

destroyed ! No ono can give me baok my lmsband'B lovo nnd trust, and you know, and I know, that I havo never f altorod for ono instant in my Ioyo and fidelity to him, tlio only man 1 cvor loved. My life as his wife has been worthy his approbation. If it wflvn nnf, fnr t,lin f.niinhln wvrmi* wnvir.

ed upon me by others — and you woro guilty of a sharo in that wrong, Qif. ford Molcombo !'—and Lady Qlon morris's bluo oycB flushed — ' if it were not for that wrong, I would not bo brokenhoartod to-day. I do not suffer for my own faults so much aH for tho orimoa of othora. I was wil ful, but not wicked. I was sinned against. I did not err wilfully,'

' Wo will not harrow our souls with these painful reminiscences, Quconie,' said Melcorabo, kindly, ' Let the wast die. Wo have done with it, Shall you go to see Dolores to-day P' ' I daro not go to her to-day after spending all of yesterday with her,'

buiu jjuuy vjiujwuwna. jjuu i sunn writo to her to epond this evoning with mo, I shall bo alono, ftnd no one will wondor at hor presence. I shall quostion her, Mr. Melcombo, and if I find that thin mavriago is nttorly repugnant to her, I will bravo the worse to vobouo hor. I will fly with her from England, and you can make tho Bcaadal vou havo throatondd. I

Trill not have h«r sacrificed to an abhorront marriago, not to say© my self—not even,' and her voice faltov od, ' not otou to savo my husband and child.' Molcombo smiled, 'You will not find such fliffht

necessary, Quoenio,' he ' doclarod. ' Doloroa will noh be an unwilling bride. Tho matter is settled, Let Doloro9 spend this evening witli you, and convmoo yoursolf that this mar riage is bost for you and hor. I will not intrudo upon you longer. 1' havo to prepare a nest for my bird, besides a acoro of other things on hand, I will

call this ovoning1, whon Doloroa is with you, for your final approval of our betrothal.' He took up his hat and withdrew. Lady Glonmorris sat with toarloss oyea and woeful faeo, a very picture and misery. As tho houno door fl'hut heavily, tho sound «oom to arouso Lord Glonmorria from tho tranco that had for so manjr minutes onihrallod him,

no arew a kooii, snarp oroatli, Jilco that of a drowning man, and camo slowly and silently, liko a shadow, in to tho morning room. Lady Glenmorrig looked up to behold him standing boforo hor, pale and stern, with haggard eyes, and witli an air of authoritativeness that fyightonod and appalled hor, ' 1 havo ovorhoard most of vcmv

intorview with Gifford Melcombe, Valeria,' ho said, his low tonea stern and terrible. ' I have fathomed much of tin's misiery of your past, Now I demand to know all !'