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Chapter NumberXLVII
Chapter TitleCONFESSION.
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Full Date1894-02-14
Page Number4
Word Count454
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleA Terrible Wrong
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By Mrs. Harriet Lewis, ''X

Author of 'The Double life' « Unl Parhvootfi Grime' fa.


Explanations were gone oyer again for tho benefit of Doloros, Tko con tomplatod sojourn abroad was dis «ufiscd, No one AYOuld havo guessed from Lord Glonmorris's mannov what nam liia nroieetecl exilo from Encr

land caused him. He had derived to bring up his son (it KWs Holm, to embark in politics, to idontify him self with his country, and his ambit ions wero to bo blighted, hid hopes defofttod, yot ho showod no signs of disappointment. s It' ho lovod Dolores at sight, h1io re turned his affection with oqual promptness. Before half an hour had elapsed ho had taught her to call him ' pupa,' and the shyness with which sho uttered tho namo oomploto ly charmed him, Elspefch arrived with tho luggage, and Dolores was shown to her room — the best guost chamber— whoro she drossod for dinner. Elspoth's onrios ity as to tho ohango of residence from Primroso Villa to Glonmorris Houso was satisfied by tho explanation that Lord and Lady Glonmorris had adopt, ed her young mistress afl thoir own 1 child. As tho faithful old servant already know tho marchioness under anothor name, Dolores was obliged to mako further explanations in regard to which old Klspoth pvomiwod the moat absolute eocrcsy. Lord and Lady Glenmorris and Dolores dined togother. Af tor dinner, tho marquis oaeorUd tho ladies to tho * drawing room, 1 ,, ' I will visit Lord St. Mauvthiu evening tvnd ftflsuvo him of Miss Wyun'e safety,' ho observed. ' Ho is veiy fond of you, Dolores, and you may oxpeot him to roturn with mo. Ho hfts boon so troublod about you, «o anxious to find you, that I feel it my duty to hasten to him with tho now a that all is woll with you I'

u He need not know our soorot, Dolores,' said Lady Glonmorris. u His groat affootiau for you «oenm to mo an instinct of uaturo !' Loid Glenmorris hurriod out into tho street, ' What would not the earl givo if this beautiful girl woro his legitimate heiress !' he thought. ' Could Lord Oawald's marriago with Yaloria- havo boon legal P But no— olso he would not havo darod to ranrry Lady Victoria Ellosmero. Ho y/j\s too cowardly to commit/a crimo— oven if ho woro not too hoiiost I No, Valoria muflt bo right. Sho could not havo boon legally Lord Oswald Lennox's wife, Yet I shall subject tho case to tliQ striotost investigation I' And he ?ot his lips togothor firmly. ?? I slmll not lot the mattor rest here !'