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Chapter NumberXLIII
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Full Date1894-02-06
Page Number4
Word Count973
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleA Terrible Wrong
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BrM!W.HAmnBTLsm ; Author of 'Tht Doubk Ufa' « Lord

DarfywQ#8.0nme,' $?--?


' My stolon visit is over,' said her ladyBhip, with ft heavy sigh. ' I could not havo remained so long, ? Dolores, but that Lord GHonmorris rundown into Sussex to-day. Ab soon as ho left tho house on his way to the station I hurried out upon my visit to you. Tho marquis will not 1)0 homo before seven o'olook, and it is now nearly fivo. I flhall havo time

How glad I shall bo when all this BGorocy and subterfuge will be no longer necessary .' ElspefcU had summoned a cab and Lady Glonmorris descended and entered it, giving as her point of des tination tho corner of Oxford and North Audloy streets. Hero she dis charged tho volriole, completing her journoy on foot. She mounted tho marble steps of her homo and knocked sharply, A liveried servant gave her admit tance, and sho ran lightly up tho stairs to hot* boudoir. Tho luxurious room was fragrant with tho scont of hothouso blooms, and warm with the genial glow of the rod fire in tho silvored grate. The oandlos had not, been lightod, and the soft ? shadows of tho darkening day began to fill tho corners of tho great chamber, But Lady Glenmoms noted neither warmth nor luxury. -. As sho orosBod tho threshold her gaze became rivoted upon tho figure

of hoi* husband, who eat near tho hearth, hia countoimnoo wearing an expression of gravity and sternnosfl which sho had ofton seon upon it of late, and whioh struck terror to her floul. His presence in her room alarmed her,' Sinoo that night at King's Holm, months before, when ho had asked in vain for hor confidence, ' ho had never ontored hor privato apart ment, and had scarcely spoken to hor, Sdvo in the presence or others. The oxifjtonco of her fatal sooret had been as torriblo for him as for her. Oould his visit now bo a token of his roviving confidence in her P Had the marquis found himself un able longer to bear this horriblo estrangement P Tho wifo's heart gave a great, wild bound in sudden excitement and hope fulness. ' You avo homo early, Hugh,' eho said, tosBing asido her hat and shawl. ' I did not expect you until a later train, Havo you boon baok long P' ' I havo not loft town to-day.'

Tuo taint colour slowly drifted out' of tho lovely blonde face of Lady Glonmorris. II You havo not boon out of town P' Bho aaid. ' I missod the train,' replied Lord Glenmorris, brioflv.' Lady Glonmorris sat down in tho noarost chair. ' I returned h«mo to find that you hadgono out,' continued the marquis. ' I mado somo calls, and lunohed at my club. I returned an hour ' ago to find that you woro still absent. You havo boon gone all day, it seems. Whore havo you boon P' Tho wife quailed before the stern ovob of her husband, thoso eyes with their koen acousing. What could she answor P SIiq had not made tho faintest protonoe of shopping that day. Sho had boon nowhoro but to Rollingham-row, A partial confession of the truth was unavoidable, II 1 havo boon to spend tho day with a young lady—a friend of mine, the marchioness said, trying to speak carelessly. ' What young lady P' That was a question whioh Lady Glenmorris darod not anBwor. To ro

. vow ijuivivn a uuuiu wuuiu opun ino way to a scoro of now perplexities and dangers. 'It Ib no ono whom you know, Hugh,' sho said, and in spite of hov efforts her voice tromblod. ' The young lady is a protcga of mine in whom I am dooply iutoreetod, but you have novor Boon hor.' 'Sho has a nnmo, I suppose P Why do you not mention it P' ' Bocauso I doolino to bo cross questioned, as if I woro a prisonor at the bar,' cried, tbo marchionoas, with a sudden spirit. ' You doubt me, TT 1 IT Ml ii i n n *i

raysoli* I will givo you no further explanations. No doubt you would refuse to beliovo them if I did,' Tho marquis had riseu at hor on trance, Ho regarded her now with a searching gaze, his keen black eyes piercing through her blue ones down to hor very soul. Ho saw all her agitation and troublo ; lie saw that her day's absenoo covored a secret, whioh was probably a part of tho terriblo ? mystery that had so long stood be tween them as a mighty barrier. *' You speak truly, Valeria, wlion you say that I distrust you,' he de clared, after a pause. (l Our happi ness was long ago destroyed, but 1 be lioved that you would scarcoly dare to ? ' bring dishonour upon the name I bo fltowed upon you, Be warned, beforo you go further. I cannot livo longer in this way. I am torn with jealous ies and distrusts. Unless you choose to givo mo a wifo's confidence—the ? confidence 1 havo a right to domand —1 shall send you back to King's Holm, and loavo England, A crisis in our lives lias arrived, I demand cither your confidenca or our sep aration.' , Lady Glenmorris could not answer, Her husband waited for some minutes in a doad silence, and still sho did not spoak. Then, with a face as white as hor own, and with lips compressed, and storn and rigid f ca turos, ho slowly strode from the room, his words continuing to ring in tho ears of his unhappy wifo long after tho echo o£ his tread had ceased.