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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1889-12-28
Page Number9
Word Count1298
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Newspaper TitleWindsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 - 1954)
Trove TitleA Bush Comedy
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I^1tadun!siaira;waB one of the beat inijto

" It W»» ribWW^Bttifckfen'Helefitton



,,. hri&

,rj» no gobir'that ifc' lsepV. fcmpte thaii a sheep totheacrethewhole ywriflOond.

? lew days subsequent to the opening ol oar story, Mrs. Mskinand her daughter were in the dairy, occupied with the femininetaek of batter-miking.

"Here, Ifttry," Add tier miothbr, "skim this aiah of milk for md, will yba t I mast see after the Booties for tapper. They'll be getting overbaked."

" Very well, tf either," said her daughter dutifully.

». By-the-way," interjected Mrs. Makin, stopping as ene went out, " I haven't seen Robin lately. Ton haven't quarrelled, have you?"

.f Ob, no ; what makes you think that ? "

" Well, his. keeping away so of late. I don't think you're treating him well, Mary."

"Not treating him well. How can you say that, mother ? "

. Sirs. Makin was a hale, active-looking woman well in the prime of life, and looked exactly what she was-a sensible, | thrifty body, » good housewife, and an affectionate


" I know what young mm are," she said, regarding he? dau ghter somewhat reprovingly. "They.d^'t $ke jto be enoouraged one

minute and held oS the next." . ;

"I'm sure I'm not.. holdingEobin ;off," answered Macy, impatiently.

V Perhaps nojt. But 1 don't suppose he likes Mr. Enderby ooming here so often. It isn't right', either. It can't lead to anything, and you'll have jRobin get that jealous, he'll be keeping away altogether."

The young girl smiled to herself in a way that argued a considerable amount of yanity

in her disposition, Abrighltin dish hanging . pn the wall opposite to berrafleoted;ijer ;i

.^"OVw, ®oth&,: iw .FOnJt iwp ftway,'1 Aa said. " Hq'ji hesre ptan ep^h,}goodneaa : know*. ?: i r-:,;I

Her mother interoepted.the look, and #nswe«a yitiynore «pro«f in her toioe than ,Jhnu&lbtoM,....-,"...

"i J®"*' *«isai iitia o# ol -tr

Las ; vjJjttniw risntu yjw tn'co^ ,ob inirti .<

of this sudden friendship. Robin's a good,

hpqest^joang fellow^ and one that'd make a

SirltoJtaepa manop andoffthaway.joamm

oing. They didn't use to do »t in my#^ ;

and II don't like to: bee;fc idanghtear)<tA:

acting inithatway.< A ants husband'abettar

than <an ^msafe friend; tbat'fJity^BOtttfcf'aaii.? yon oughtto have enoagh jsenee<*p. ajab.. ito> Taka my advice, Mary, ip* rvinhaddBoreta**

perianoeStttbeae things than foaj imd'wfcen ? Bobin comes again, mee$,him halt iway* ma.,' take him when he offers;" and with Iheae^ parting words of advioe, SO-s.: Makiir shook

herhsad reprovingly at her pretty daughter, j and trotted oatintothekitahen. i

That her. mother'a injapotions wgre not '1 over and above palatableto MiatrassMary : WM-pretty evidentjfor'wben she waa left alone, a look of impatience cameinto her faoe,and'«he!to8sed her head angrily.

."Bother Robin'I" sheexclaimed. 441 hear so tnnch aboat him I get quite sickof it. Am

if there was any harm in having a'ftiend like < Air. Enderby. He's ever ao muchmoerthan Bobin, and talks beautifully. Beside*; he lends me books. I suppose I shall have to many Bobin some day, bat I'mnot going to be tied down yet," shecontinaedrin the same wilful way, " What'e the use q! being pretty if you've got to close your eyeB to every young man who pays you a little attention. I'm not going to be rode to Mr. Enderby lor any* one," and the yopng girl, having finishedhet task of skimming, tidied the place up with greater signs of impatienoe than ever, glanoed at herself onoe again in the bright tin dish, and finally made her way out. -

Perhaps she knew that the young squatter was likely to be in ^he neighbourhood; per haps it was even a regular appointment jbnt whatever way it was, she put on herhat and tripped straight .oat on to the track that led by the river.

She was walking slowly along, when the sound of hoofs in the distance oaueed her to

look up. It was yoang Enderby, surrounded', by a whole army, of kangaroo' houndeiuid station dogs. ( * " ,;1. "J1'

' He was rather a good-looking ybungf^ow,. Wffl this yopnc squatter; good-loaking fdttefci a ebmewhat effeminate fashion.; B e'Waii' tall and thin, and n<jt particularly gracefdii; Hla face was pule, and to fini one le&BunsdjitiiatJ-; oated than the fAroaer's daughter, Wqtflditfcve' plainly demonstrated the faot thctt iW oflrne^ waarecoyeriDg ftppx the effects of recent, diBjji> nation. However,. ,hr herode tip with" wink

rag bit and len^h/s$ittup-leatheira; frB' jper. tamly lookedhandBome' iopugh,' fcr'hisfactr wm, flashed Tbythe exercise; and

a pleasant SmUeDf

ular parajsta 01

i girl's cheeks.

jnaking. ,woi

on- Ybirrenot so ohi

FOB oan awfluuwjp §.

other tnitaJMepqi* >!'

?>fjJ"iiy OS * :V2

> '^Ishoutu vyiWft uuf, 1UU9W! .. ,,'rr.,

" Then opme along, And I'll she* yoawMt

a woe book I've^rought you." ' £^., s

" Do yon know/' he the aam» light way that hehaduBeg in apeaki§gto tb* girl before Do yoajmow, Mary, I ajbget ting awfuUyfcnd of yon? ; The njpralaeeol1

So, the more I'msarathat I'm very intjcb

love with you-" ^ i

" Now, Mr.Enderby, I won'tliBtenif ypu talk like that," she answered; with 41 .bright blush. M Ton don't mean jit, .find 1 doi^'t be

lieve it."

"By Jove, bat don't 11" he exelaimecL '

" Well; if yon do or do not; it ian't right, and bo you mustn'tshe retained. ^.Hvou, go on* I shall tun straight back, and g04n," she oontinaed, seeing he wau about to pro test farther.

" All right, Mary. don'fc be offended. And above all, don't depriveme of theiightof your pretty faoe. Here's this book. I'vp brdught yon. 4 His Natural Life,' by Ma^piis Clarke. I'm sate you'll like it, It'e the .finest book of its kind fever read." . .

From . what passed between. ,thesa two

foolish young people, it will bfr sth^t the

love-sick Bobin might have haji (v$ty just groands lor jealonsy, but flertaipl^^pa^^t Bll for 8U8pioion or nuatrustv . Miw w^, a

sensible #rl ^aough in one way* . va^ «Q&

fond of admiration^abe.. w&a ^n^oubte^ly; bnt ahe took good oare that her love of .$ogpr< ktion sbodld not barry. her tpo .far>, .

' It was . radk -4 vary fiatteripg thiqig, ior a. mere- iarzmjr's: daughkr: as ahe .^as',tj) be songht after by uone- Inc yootiyg Enaerby'a position, that ahe could not if^st . the temptation of aooepting his attenttop"! bat so nr they had been harmle^ a^entions etioughr Mod to girl's nnsophistjoated mind bore noVother appUoatic^< ;,^he

adtnlred > bim,» and liked his . hfU-puy^al^ half-aitiifloal man hntm uoh mprethanffo.oin'a ' anedmpnunbdng straight{orwa7doe?a> 3be waa

too aimple to find it out fa^rself , bot the real oasew*8,tbatthe young anan,wis«jnetliing quite difterant from (what. ehpj h^d Mine in oontari with amongst her otberjfriehdg, and

the novalt^ of bis oonveraation and manner

. VW- ? .

tcaos b^zze-i

is buve s»H

*v ' t' i;if r 1 ?'!

Awjuat Bjrfi (is,

-f ! ^ ^^-i

teadsd lo oBNiM a temporary foeoiuacion fraMMK':'- ?: »i» u : u j us .,

ShBdifehtnott aid ^familiarity irith whioh . hetrtatedheridid not afleotiwr irith u» eehatof inferiority, as might 5 bt mippoeeo. Shfc mi rgo nsad io ibe good-natured fa miMarttj (that exist* generally amongst fiaah people, that hia manneriovrarda her . did not strika jMr in vny wiav «a peonliar or off-; handed.'. .

SooiiBbMa^ytjlshehkd beeBBStteQidblB

aa.'she jraaipijatty* ^rafnhtst tutreckqoirii that a this idle philanderihgdouldlauL'Ao noresalv., Ydaag Bqaattere,n0(7-»- days,: Bra not aocns to^ad'toitinnvf ^haiaalsee avay oo farmers' daughters, even thoaghiheymay be (pretty

Foolish.. young ra^io fcbantyi ifsome ?ague thoughts,; did- now 'apd ; again p^se through her >mind *s to. how plet^wafjt

would tbe to jpeiga »s,puBtreep < at " EUerlie I" , they «u<jh#illy> iQoonBeqg«nt|althoagjbtts that eyea.i*s?he aq^tftipbd th«B» >be oopld

only bertoo oonBoiouflv-heraelf ,<jf how little ? ohauoe there ol their realization.