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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1889-12-28
Page Number10
Word Count848
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleWindsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 - 1954)
Trove TitleA Bush Comedy
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, . <JH4PTE3 III.

TI|e interview, span aait waa, was over, andj yoypg -squatter was ridipg slowly boQl^^d^suno^n^&jil by fcW tgllowing of d^j^fen J^pin .'Md&jjd appeared' end den ly iujthe 4|l^e °M»fc,w6°k'.aud 6&lle3 him bx/io^lt^~ate$fe weifc sdm'e' signs' 6f. dieoom posure about me youp^1 ioin; batriot epfli ciMt^to, atyr^et .'attention, BP that Harry ^Mipy ^tpjpjped bis torse wijfrbwifc: farther TA^y^^fl weU lindWn tb pneanother, and

1' iM, their' different poBitioDB made neoesaairy-£ven friends. /It tbe^ouog squatter, afresh from bis interview

ktoflisr Vrfcs as good as prpayuje^ t^'Bpbin.' felt any Jsoirij^iiation, Jae cwtaipjyaid not &ow It in buy way, bat held out ms'hand and shook the others loor

p,«B be said; "HaUo, Robin I Is ihkt

Mn Enderby. ft vWre riot in ariy

' ' "Tiketbsrifcfck to yob

Vttury's lover. k jMBii,. rcturnfid. ths

0hall/|b4 late f6r din

oyer; tl^e neck lot his horse, Ibtik irigjlQiraat fcjs oompMubii; and Ecibiti, pull-:


Ml"?" jSl^SS

' ttHSposfed the wWtfcmm

-"" *f no


r, «ti. jjuuuut. rJjfiver bri tfra; 14ira&t $^ttjraf{iry'8 been quite oh&nge&. 'I'mhbi fcSyffajj tih^

tfydh don't kttttw, br%ftyfchii}gi'ih&t'B ii6t ^pretty Well knofyhirfton'gsV aUthbifai ib^hereijfoOQts. Ofooutas; l&Vonng manic iny fabritiori ain't to bebompartM Co one like yobmthfc #iy of plefesinc^diniah-lik&;bot I will say tjiis, I don't think in fair to aome bfetwbentwb pboplewhb^ite aiegtrbdas given to oiiefmoPer.whateverthtey.tnay be.'? r

* Idon't Understand' you,'' rtturned the young squatter, haughtily. 'V:

"WfeB, I don't want to eayanything that l mty be eorrr lor afterwards,' '. said |<obi n, with less and less sign of Hembarrassment; " but Mary andl are as good as promised 40 oneatidther, andl -won't stared by and see an other man oome in and try to separate. PS."

*' Well, what's that to me?"

"It ain't inaoh, 1 know Iiookhere,Sir. Underby, B I thought you meant anything

^6^';t6wkr^s^ary, X wouldn't say a word W'akiyttS"^-leia&t ot all to yoa.; If I thought this intimacy with one so fair fibbve her in poBifibii Vbuia lead 'to her happiness t well theft;!'Abe cohtent to staid aride, and let hkntWh k* eould. But X know you're only aflitisibg^ourftelf and'mean nothing; ;»nd I «syit& )oo bad to tnake trouble by leading a ^riihoughts afctraythat wny. . It'caothing id ytm1; bat it ift a great deal tb me and to

The yoting man ww|uamestiin what he said,-however iabptly Be pot it; that was plain enbugh. ' It wtts cot the pleaatntest of tiiU 'tb have'to asi the clanienoy of ft rival, all this time aakhbwledgiiig hiB BUooeess and Bobih tbewdd by his tttanner Shat it was un palatable «ntm^i; JBoq he, got tonxogh the tftrtc M i&ib&ly; «traighif orwiAiaj^ion (that ^did net stoop to the elightest evasidn./

1 ;8iirai «6 it Was; it ifai tod a laeling ft&ger b& the parf M yoting Bnderby. !Pb|>e token ito tuk l& that way'by one so&xfaeoeathliini, tiy * obWmt>n yotifig fallo* he idespised, it -was -hot kt all oottfonuit with his dignity.

" My gottd fellow," lie answered haughtily; 41 yoa ftrft'talking to me in a way I don't like at all. I don't ohooseioexplain my motions to anyone-least of all to yoo. Let me pass."

Bat Bobin shewed no sign of complying -with this request. His eyes gleamed soma*


« ? TM'* W)%

PQt ft *LSW w_

wantto tfww jota

ipC -

\>Mf BD."^ "

«l, wUD BQltipy 9Q6U


your corse,. j

Thoroqghly »e"'.'

sides, m<Lt

Bat Bobui B in b jBrm



rear' andtfriKe feet. But (he

like iron, and a!t bone and rider standing. ,'


"and flta^q] girl fromjinp.

Now,. it ,w££

out the distrW

gifted with any very



xwhed jttie bridle-reing


Hke ii

iStNrtth "his lore"

?"B mueoleB were


d,"p&ta Robin, . If yon take my 66 fight for II.« ; Vlfiab&fed %hk»ugh-; rry Ennerhy xrolj ndt

gri&atetiiijter'flaity of

personal ;66tjrfc§e. ? JHe h^d "bedn^knownto turn tail bofiVe fe* pcwtattd^aii fen 00 lan more thanonebcctreion; lahli ^optilarhimbarwent

eveniao far as'to state that ottoe' be had aota

ally ran awayftben itt engaged shearer, «m&rting tinder a sebaeOf unjustifiable diB. Missal, had raised his hand'&ndffgtraok him an open blow. Be th&t.aa ^jaay* Iain's energetic modetff iHXKBflure ^o ^:present instance certainly eeemadtoiw v® J&gHBffgot of frightening him, forjhs turned-quite, pale, and did Bot ^reear.a^jJl wplipad to (aUip wfth thejrthBr^g>i»pofcaL». £q 3W;i« 5;"r

" Look he^MoLeod," Paid. feeijog that his attempt to cmt^l fxwh trated,"! doh't Kwaill to <fightt<ApdX4Wi't Intend to;"i t,(U Irs ar-» bit

" Willyonjpromise what la&k y»Pi *hjep f"

returnedlkfoinifariferily. .-.-i-<?... .

" No; I won't Be*

11 Then, by4hmiderl ill have it outofyon in some way." .vU Hid rsi bw. iv-tu " hen ???-?

"It you 46,1'U |>at(4beiidqKS,iOi?Ttp'j-oa. By -W4l C -wMjWi ecclamwd nEnd^by, now thoroughly alarmed. "Here! Lion! J^ckoi




m of®




$ 'for a bnefep^'Mt ®^J|^W6)raT

stration»pth% jS^ads off /filer toeir qhaoken heartet master.v <« r.'i.Z]" T L1

track like a modern Ajax, viotbr of ^hjB^a^.

as, he^i^pedhi^, Jjiqj^vai$B,

n a . im wima a* jIiha 'm a* <3 «

'r^'-T'^TOr » uu?ifvwV# "v f ffwn!

h,emattered, ,yofi of. ^hd, kmi

{«..>.«! ^ n, -