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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1889-12-28
Page Number10
Word Count1236
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleWindsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 - 1954)
Trove TitleA Bush Comedy
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Cfi&PTEft IV.

'J n . . 'sr.

After tfeatr^ontite MtWeseto'fche then, things could hardly be said to toSoni

basis «tW Wncfthfe ifc^fcs' tiM&'he %?iished to reptff-Ilobiti lA kind ldV ihe ftljaMJ Wb*d

oboakioiied ^rvi-fafc'thfcr'it tfaisfrd/ta'tfttoer

feeling thfcii HlM¥j ®Eo<ie¥by pursued Mary Makiu wim more ard&tfi-'ifiiAn evfer.' He dareAo keep tout of the' yotito'g $tid ititolto'*bteSfcg

constantly 'i^^ld^edythifl tfas iSdi'a'^i^b'dlt

It'carae that hfc 'hMl complained to Mary hetBeU Sttey -Robin l&d trifcd t6l intfmMare Hm. -©bubtfefea $b' gave his' oWnVejr'sWh til tbieafMr, ?ot tlie imri&e difctd ofeiriieqdBb&e'df h|s tellia'i; hei^4jiJtHat 8he-mm, jft&ag fttafie* tfithfitfjre coldness than jbtSt/ 3if' ".iV'r ? '?' v ' 1

' So ttattSttMitel,'¥fa&&:Rb'H&'?-tasrefit her

ttith f '

" Wdl ' MkyMVLAorTS ftf" WHfflefta Wck the tobtiiffi &A flftlof-lt'a mAnly «6 ifo§'V ^lksrifttt'


his horse?" .v^oEv wumI

.'I dill^t'ter^ H6Si*'«kid'fcor#<4tobin; « atod 1 fchfy Hffi ttf fcpeak-piiifit.*1

"And what .business have,you ttrWlS it vpoh yorftfc&f 'jto itSMflbout &¥? " Ported Miry.' Mvm >m? bbfifta'rto 'tet> mind that. And do yowtt8i&;%Mmm Itolvo a friend who pays me a little attention, that you are to go and insult him openly ? If yon think so, you're Tery maoh mwtaksn; and I

»'Th«B bwowblfliiig'toybti, hashe?"

asked Robin, disdainfully. ' h " '

""IHtfgr niifi&tf beiltesarbasbt. That ddestiHeofcWrk yon.1 L^ntl»*e*bii letting dp astf yon <*&«'tbe "only nfcnliwwB '* right

few «ttMid'*(j ^oar o#ttv msm*, Sn&teMreMhML alScriie.'^?' ? :

The girl was thoroughly angry, thatwaf'

<Bidi<tatcmay4«r'love tod^ed'ifc«^e%*y to-Won:

haW iw^llarilft.'

RWibom^tOlikvi ihM aofrtttaiy^ooog; Enderby throBt into his teeth'la'^ihstswsy;' he coulaftVrtatkillia#.' ?< "> .»»-<*.& .x" '"

« Very well, MaiyrM «dihe,iiatMtoiInedlj. '* Ifthat'aths fcray^nBtaHfjiOiin^iteVdhitter part, i'jn oflly; making myself a fernfe,; Md ll'splain-ycra don'tlovs meftwyilOnger, - B you're «oiaken with your &ew fne^d. jaJatbe-. oamwlie'fift^q&tter.rthat .70a' aaa jpl^yvfasi and loose wathamjmiwborhaatartiyoa a?er since yon were a slip of a girl, I'venothing more io riay.- I woa'ttfcoubie yon any more, my girt iXJooil ittisrntooh^.';. en-o i r ,

Ituww aonovdiorikhayaungmflfttoialk in tiibt dstcrmineSj ipelf-ooatsia&d 6?ay, that the girl JboMednat him wjtb:.tu*pripe.. She didn't want himio go; o^ tio. 'After all, howevbr &illyfce< was', sib was tiwvBobio she had known-and Jplayed with afcdiiked fbtiUL

many years.

/« MiftWriffikl'/"Jflte' ^dtfioaiii, faastHy^s hetbrriell.iWaj^ ^Toti're'idi b&GIII# Wtd b^oftenfleA, ariVbtr?' YtSu lctio# I'likfe ^on yferf'Woh.' ® Vtffi 'go i'likeifcaVl shaft think it's you tffto wafti tb qnattel.'! $r.i

Bl^tiewnerjpbtaerbV6r Him." H&ocJflldtft rfeaiet E& jtffo&nglb&kB, Mr [ft*tty>£fcoe, her

outstretched fcaba. Right 'tos heknew-htab''fojfie was?a edft-heaitefi young farxacr'; verV mttph' ins!b arhd vtfry fielding in e^'tfiing. -He'&'d go backvand^sry readily, too; ftutty:fethermare, he (sloped hiB Htm round her waiat,at>d even IriHsedller fu&,-ttfclipe; -..» /l.'-M -Jirf otam hi:, odf

" Yoa tolk febont Mr.vEnderby,": she sftidj torebty; "batiyoaUr® fair vpim.<:=>Hfriioxet Venturas to <put hit arm rbund any H^aaistiand titttar kissittg^met benvrer drieaiadi pfitiVc.^ia .v .' l 8hoalB 'tbin^ JQot,': inde4A,f{{ responded Robinjin jtheeevKijtt) hoftWpnro^dftMghto " I «hoB&&ffi tocatoh J^atdt, aM £

tfjfhettjrlt.dt fl®toff"f©a

oaght toitoowihaw to ftprooiat^^i.. l}ill

. I'M do// hfl:ftn8ff9r^»(#e^rmg

dol tisus twfle^&ti^ ip^ftfb^^atf/<p!oi by kiwiogb*agaSo,^ a

" No, ywtafeti.


j<?3 wBimteM




tem btoimbWMi# WMiMW

'iUmSitiai^ aoi pas ci.Btsrf

BattbiBgood anderetanding, nnf ortoi




i<fs *i\i *i+.


.700^ of

proseouted his attentions in v

r imoMMgUqoo^^B9 W5j*i I mdstlbwiqrpeiMi.jtyfi <

More «04oteoij^®i#jy


itratioaTdl^a^flB^j^ pppr. _ h to ionther!> jliB^gr^mwti,


, iarawM.-irow

oharaoter'and, obaw»®

gave Mary^iffaSier , v

opt at all approve 0! bis aoh'k IsoUetaiiV ^Ata

coto^ace.'anamcetlngBwJthhlBj^kio'B) ^T^^aifc bl upid Harry's ^-led Jto very dis

agreeable results, lor thep&teAial Makin, who

ab inflto^Meiat old boy feit»4iii kind, tooknid. daoght^ Boabol/ totasVfo^her love of wbat he oaU^d 'ffcndanderin/ ami pointed the lmabn «o strongly as to oaoseitbe'young lady lo shed quite an abondanoe ttf tears. -

Robin «ot the benefit oTit ttltimately, lor-Miify oame to UiexMnolaaion that lie had been the one who had apprised Harry'* father of thevtat& df kfllSn, and so Inthout jUow ing Mm in any way to plead In jkus osra de




no other person than Harry End&b^lunueU Wbb"flrtt'p%tfliB thooght thatit Wttobin ihWhtic faetrih fcdd it^ waa jsiilxaly, mnther ^bM bf togiri^foSlishiissk indr^mptieity

she believed him. " - ca

l%&$ti 'irQte in this tmpleanat «onSition,

. when a niffly rtr«bliNtiiou8 oMdftraM did ofor p0bf Bobin m hiniadf wa| |ttoapable of acMeWfi^'" ?? '-**. r^T- ..iUs=-v

Itoodokedfn thbway.i

One afternoon he lnld^etarned iiibme after « «Un»wbM frtbtfnjyJnterjflffr, ^t^Ajs.fiokle lady-love, when liif! f

gating in % HQ moonifal way at Marys pot

. .'TiJkCjj

Rnhin.U-In ib*4umpa,JBh*"»id he. " What'B up?". , . T

"Nothing, Jack.1**" V ^

" Oh, nonsense. Thara is something the matter. Tell me what it ii."

3Sow this brother ofJtobia'aiwaaHdIi ?hart ^/WBg faUow» np i(ilo «Te*y t&itd of dodge, and very fond of: ,hi« elder brother. There w*e i>to; xdaah jreal vA^MH tion between. th$i twa, thatthey bai.jGW seorets from one another; andiMfistor- Jack, pressing him as to the cause of hia melan choly, soon learnt tha whole tale of despairing, love. . . ir: . «?,. ; ;j

"Ii.teU ypa what; it .is,? said ^.pntei young. fellow, " Tpji're -top soft, that'a it. Stand off a bit and assert yourself, that'll Boon bring her to iler , befringe, ;I telly] wJt*at, if y$u didn't pwik BO md

and weren't so humble, ahe'd soon. boL. ro^pdrj ,Wpi»en are lik? {dogs ipspme things. Shjqw. Jbein th^t yon are their master,'ahd you, can get ptiem to do what you w^t;but

give way and there's no doing anything with them. That's-philosophy, that's it, and darned good philosophy too."

The yooag ;map %8poke ia, an extremely knowing -tfay, and~*^kfed -ahdnodded his head with bo much aonyiotion of knowing all about it, that Robin oould not help being eomewhat.Si^isedi .cr> V/.a v<I

" 1 do believe you're right m a way, Jack,

saidAe mournfully. " ButI oan'tdo ,i$," >v;

" Can't do it... Rubbish! ,Ypu mast do it. Try it, it's the 'easiest thing'iti the world."

" I'm blowed if I-donV' exclaimed Robin, ungrammatically but with great determina tion. .! *. >**&! avo,i

do." . .. . ..., ....... .. ..

Under hiafcifcther'a prppjpfcings.tbe iQHflg farmex beoame quite'an, altered man. i He op longereighed aod.; moaned and.'went *bowi lDokinginuBerableianddonhappgri.

quite an altered saw; and not. o$y

noTerwfintnear thatfasoioating ayrec,^#*^ far-days*''.3 ff '.ibei jurat* hey, bflihatAiy stopped a<mnment,bnt jiwtb&id her i 'hemh day^And f»Bsed:.p% It.w)»fl * 0*rdit#ffc» andbneha nottid paver fcave fwopepjy.flarri^ out but jfoiiibie brothar'8 ewJi»Bt«ig«

whatr^itb ibatandhisown «*ea<iUi4itoBBi^q$ obaraotMvtoBmanaged somehow togo through

with the-J

you're eure. to euposed if you

j«ndett(ftkinlg-. .=. . ...-.4 JTOwwhejipet M«iy%itj*asxflimply^ * o : ttOM*dayL Maty/A xflii-iuv, Jv,

VWhji Bob^n vn^ere mqjovpn toin euoh ftjuttySB? h-ss :rd:-.':ij-.tit. >- yi'i r'.ji-,' vwA*

" Oanlt atop (for a jnomen*. . i How, <£»

now«l ^ lii.i i: */;-«

?U «.] !;l


.fcdbecfseptet*. IT.

!>!. iTUs.i^afr »olbr-aw^e *


fflrtt iBl»ui«a8! »swrprised« fthaau finally oame to the oonolnsion ti


it madfe*

how Robin1 couldn'

duotji^i* b^an ao

for(«uo^ a longjame^iiiat it ydfa^her

<lbv^ fiowu en. piy ier ba^ 4tf nything buj i|at"

*e in this oon^

fellc heart ieo6mi

I own. aolh, wa

wheia one kay *hat

Jaok, burstlntp l^e bro stat^ ofjBxtiitemBBt. '

Bobin?" he ei

beehit i .A?1 iKoin

everybody On the road.*' . « v ^ ^

'^%o i I;

brother* , s

Malrfn'fc kn

h tgii

»ty and expostulation. HO^ OVM| WUMIOflNE it was they were disouBtingi in the end they seemed to oome to aome/ Under. Btanding togethejr,for they oontinuedtotalk over the matter lor a long time, anfl with more seoreoy than ever.