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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1889-12-28
Page Number10
Word Count1608
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleWindsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 - 1954)
Trove TitleA Bush Comedy
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The badht&nging ejfisoda at «ab .flieVtabJfcetoI ttrifonii discussion tiitough oat the Wuinon district; lor not 0147 vu it «anent that the wrong-doer* wen men of the wont poanble type, but eomahow ft

itMNN}.: sfdnMpi the ;ndghboiaiHo6a,; <a;''u#

W"aopnit^f. How this report

knewbffltj ba^^etler^ie^Lorruit,«jert*in

it wm thatitgaferise to agood deal of <Hs raay and terror amongst the peaceable io habitantaof fchs IW^tero District Arcadia in wbifife oprlittla;BtoryisIaid., .

ThaWeooentrio young jackanapes, jaott, «PfmedTyO take very great interest in &e mMtoft ftnd was never tired o! disoussing, es pecially vith the Makiaa, the probability of the bushrangers being in the neighborhood. He Beemedalways to he at the Making' farm.; and if,any member of that family had paid more than ordinary attention to him, he or ahe might have noticed Master Jack's eyes seemed always particularly watchful and his «arsi very much on the alert.

One afternoon, after oneof his customary bounded homewards in a great state ot excitement, and buret in upon his brother

like a whirlwind.

" £ve got it, Bobin; " he exclaimed. " It's this very evening."

Now whatever, this mysterious announce ment meant, it surely oould have had np reference to what actually did take place that evening; for it was then that happened that Adventure .already hinted at. It was quite a thrilling adventure in jits way, and ooourred in this fashion.. ,

, ^ea* Makin's farm there wasabelt of scrub ?bl som^twq or,three acres' in extent, wfiich -pjjerhwMfrom the fact that it covered noth ingataB-was known as. "The Covert/' If psplesa ior.,any other purpose, it certainly formed, tan exoellent rendezvous; and at about fleven. o'clock that same evening was taken ad vantage of bytwp foolish young, people asa jplaqe of meeting. These two foolish young people were no other than Mary Makin and Harry )j£nderbyt Alas I for that romantic, vainfop&g girl. Her father's injunctionahad l$d to a worse state of affairs than ever; tor whertas she had been prohibited from meet ing ber admirer openly, in aepirit of feminine ppppSi^pn ahe had taken to meeting him in

is80£8t*r i. .

: Xn jastfoe to theigirl, it must be said that first , meeting of the kind,, and !h*d.qrUy been agreed $o on her part after re peated aolicitetiops by the young squatter. Ifhe knew que ,was doing wrong, but ahe ?quieted, ber conscience with the thought that it would vb« the first and last time ehe would do it; and, also, foolish girl! tried to per suade herself £hat pbq waa^ctinc $hu&flunply

^or^t^e .pnrpoee of puniBnin'gBobihior bis

expire. Jwrself aa, she would, ?& ntw Jt w^a. wrong^ and felt anything bat .comfortable when she thought other hidis

hairtng mora

' XMWjkjdaA girj to «ome#Rdjmwt»e,

auAiW^di tp sl^ Jus;*qm found her waist, Ml love yxm^mcffe 'thin

?filfiumi Si ,'.ns".U

Rqdwbyir'^ike ewlafened<.ir. w .'I dojrsaljy;" hesaid withnweyjamilwr ity. / " ybew'ianft another girlin the <ttst?ipt I'd take the trouble »f coming out fer. Squ are the^weetest girl in the world. iWpjw ypu give meakiss?"

. Ml'm going hprne at once j!' sha Bxcl$imd .somewhatfrightened* :-.ii . u. wtJ)

^JJow^ don't bp, foolish,. Majry;'<ao sWflred.i "Xou came out ; whatfsthe.goodof putting onupru^hjftwp. You're too sensible for that, and far it oo pretty. ^ Are you: frightened of making ilobiBjpalouB ?

?Come, toy little -sweetheart *,' giye me a kiss,*'

, He.held her .half playfully, hrif-ageoHon ately, and took hold of her hangs,in ap en deavour (to kisa hen t But the .girl struggled, andiin a way too thatshewed ihatber .hardy hush {training, if it had left her piind simple, at leasthadgiven her plenty of bodily ptrength «ndaotivity,, {Young End^by couldn't xnan ;8ge to snatoh the kise in ^questiop at all, apd in a half-joking way he was still ,struggling . with ber> wben a, heavy hand w^s laid on his

«hpulder>apd/& aeep vqioe exclaime^. .

"BftUUp}1' , i ; > .1 ^r.

'^qr-oltere^ia tqipfiiend ehxvuc'fii^^g

IJnderby'a )]inoi8iell to his aide, for tber^'iu the dim. «)^'!ows stood two men^masket), armed, and threatening looking. . .

*' Bail up, both pt you 1" .explained the one "who bAdapotpn befpre; ahd^ben turning to ithe jpMg^Mu^. he, ctmiwue^f.vmow .W y/W .shadow of ipeatM'

A menaomg gesture conclude^ tlje,.Bdjura tion meaningly enough, and was suffioient t J make fS^lderhy hold up both arma^atoft hit lieadiB Bigniand tbken ofsurrender.

What do you w*nt>?" he exblaimed with - ^molatefl boNhtees; <'. J ?' -..if.

" E veirjrfchlttg y0U'V8 feot;'' growled fbtok the Btime «rieaWr.. We know yob, Hfrry B«#Brt»y.w,,:'!l, ! .'u- ? ?

",JWbo «re ypfi?" i .n

" Thetn aB Ti arive a hole through'Jtou quick enough, if you give any ofyttUr blarmed nonsense,'V exelaipi^d^tho, other in truder witha savage growl; taaupig ft fewp for warded threatening ^he young <man with

levelled pistol. "So keep ailent,knd take m

the one tnrk. "Wa'ra them m don't stand*ny nonsense."

In their blink make; end sloaehed hats, and with their levelled pistols, the two men 'looked quite<terrible. The dancabadows bt ^the Mnngy*bt^ 4hMi threw a formidable

tfhade over thebv end Ifetfr *«afage thnwts and determined manner nerved to giveithe llntahingtanehfco their fierceness; ?"$ !?'*>

TheyH stood lor -a moment In the dude whiBpeiing together, and then both tamed againto&e yonng eonple. n

"WhatsarByoadoinKheref" askedthe taller of<h»two ina enm Toloe; >

" Nothing {" answered Enderby.

" That's a lie;" he answered .roughly. "I know yon andyonr goings m. What's this gal'«n»mef' uu ? -t- .

" It*# Mary. eirp replied that trembling damsels >' Mary Makin."

" Andwhat have yon come ont here for-f!

Hiavoice assumed a slightly more gentle tone as he turned' to the girl, and so tihe answered hlnrwitk less tear^

"Icame oat to meet Mr. Enderby."

lt I know Farmer Makin,"said the bush ranger; "and I ain't goin' to see hia gal wronged by no one, What did yon want her to1 meet you for?" he continued roaghly, turning to young Enderby.

No answer.

" Speak, orbyHeavena 1 I'll makeyodj" fexoleiiried the b&stfJrarager, in each a threat en.itig' Voicethatttie dthelr started withap prehensiob. ''

" I wanted to see herhe said thoroughly


"What for?"

. > "Nothing." *'?' : .: ; :? .

, ,«<Nothing4 cThaPs . ft lie. You're foolin* this gal; that's what yon're doing.. Now, if yoa don't v?ant<abuUet;in yon, you'll answer true. AreyougOingtomarryher?"

Onee againMr^ finderiy preserved a dis

creet silence..

" If you. aontt fcnswar.vthe Bolemntrnth, blarm yoa," exclaimed the bushranger savagely; "yon can say "your: prayers, for jyon'Je a^dead AmA."! v>->;

i The: Ksbld.battelof*? pistol touohedthe young squatter's forehead; and completely eowed, he mumbledyWNo.?!; i' ><:<?; . . .

:k t'Sfaatfe) itj4htafn,«iyitE". said the bush ranger. You've been aeeeivin' the gal* have yofc ? iXoa'Jwbedtt itaffcb* lovetO her without ttoeiHlhifc'neUiingtr SajMUrivvhaveyon?" >

si c^fieSahilip/T^tofc^efistokibttriM Was still at tihe youug man's head, ana the bushtfengetffi finger fambiled threateningly witb the trigger."

tnirer muttered rfftrifr sftrigbtehid ?affirmaitiwt. .

" Yon're a nice one, aint yon ?" exclaimed his assailant contemptuously. . T

»N6w; go downonyonr kne^Btjfifipolo gibb to the' gal. Tell .harthat^oaaeysrMd

idea ot maifryiri' be*,' and -were nopjy abfrasm' youraelftTellher tbetroth, or by

i-.-q,?.. 4 ,.;r

' w&V the inta'fl naatmeraiadpo ' thtfeateriing ib^ mdveibebt whioh bexqade :' iti*' lied' of' wor<i«,that thG. ohioken-iiear^d l' End6*By tail tight dowb on his kneea in a ' feeHWSt'pSsiirWj^mi of atjedt Jean u Tfcfl. imx " oatri* iktb'Marf'aneyeB^-tfeaw of «kameaqd

'bear beraflK spoken d!»n 'tMt !fcky-L-td tieftT ihor adtairsrif ;ot4v«o,:n4- ?

hi ib m baniblad < aodtbtfMM

' 'BO ihii wteanodgb.'toatCt^rB ,

tKeWbttiarilyf8«JhigfiOfhei: natureiandftiake

'"bfc* tiewttly a^sd thoroughly lashamediof&Br-';

gelf aM i«^ctfrida«ffc;AJl idesofperiwaa!1

Hit fl^d j «rh« fdlt^ nothing :bat theemattib'g . ol«b£rais todd<(lfttiproaoh. ' .' ,<A- ..'Vi';.*

"TWrei yOti gee what ht't wor$ti?«- * ohS&i&iftliB buahraogtt a little mwegMtfr,' wh&itif6 $odtig tqQKtfte had3kuimU«d«us« ' urifi*ttneily. '"'Go fiotbr&b*, my

-... .'I'-'Vr ! ? . I I'-; ,.? 'j , ,f I ? : .

K»u. ^>uj don't be po f polish another timeaa CTSSotoTC ^wnevjn'o! Bi^ai nimTuo home and bH~lw(tf$b9littal*iD fatare."

. The girl turned~BWBy-8til] crying bitterly. taken made a Btep forward as tbtragirhe would have liked

&4&TOitig lpbK?&fc$the 'Qtitmr Bt6piirifi!P^ V:'> ed^sliflm to #«fc fbr ^/^iftfd>rthe<'btfe^dShto$a: iftt^rimoieya^ryfgsqlfefb^? ^^dl«S&b

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Mtf&MifL 3iP#UIWi»#8iSB Hot job.^toWvCk5Bt%e^5Wll'feS^fa *3ft <jti yt*i, qfed'ib tjfateiuW' ''-Mtfittofe ?last tbteateniofe tgtttoiw* <*&£* v&$'lea»fp»fB :deip«tat>^lgHM^61ife^ai|tfino&» arti 'to , giatotf tthty^iunBM Sritbebe abaflbW'^fae ghbStiy-l6tototfg %tifinfcfrEbafrS0.<h« i{";,0l7*i:;

''At«sat t^o'b'OtirBifif to words Eriflttby 6¥*pt .4ilt&lsS8'footo«t Ihe stMotfiha. t^rtfufefciy

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'teajarlfa<)le afiuilarity tottie &laykA'3.hebiiBh juif^r^had chatestaefeWriib^''' ; ' . ;. ,3-^w#) '.?? ;. »:,.-w. .>4l *.<* DlW' ??.?'

"?'*i19fle'Vdv^nirji-'e fesehjlsijd a'fereKPifeffii^e ?'if&ZUttoi JSh\myrilyr! a*#d

tht)tij>*ti ; Hnd when ebe thought df'frir Cuu'iui't. n< 'i of t>m comem(nilil« cowardice '!»if-hW> (|f<f»sttkiin&tfmi'»'er, abol of Lft - "'iiaiDilia . tiiJ^iWiLji«,jon, ^ thorough1 i6*tftabh

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Btit lB jhif, '! Hftd fewfelfctfa«&*h1in feUfc irttiAerr?.;/ Wberfe.-'wAlj 'he? » ^fiflitig^th .Xrfioy'DuyiK. tJo doubt1; fperba$jp &vga ?fft(/a'$d ito l«\it thfe ifirttvtj^j^ 'Mvty 'refelifi^d BerWbslyHliW i 4tid! ^StoUtS fehe fi&d .'beetrl; tfo» tbattht?rte ltk&aMMV>W'% ftbance of Um«M« ihhay«htf- tefeatAo aWkMtt«!\ift;

flBdt SioWttturii^iuiptV&crtfeb^S^/buti'lfa id4peudeBti teQd^tratb^ hM'Wf u'tkrititih^bt the itiri Wt.»W0^bia^6tfe!'gtlie6n-I tlSfit1

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Melbourne, and did DOC trouble ehb&dof tbem any more, in-fact, he would have been ^aiteA»ryc£tt«4 byfbtfettt

dtotftthMstbok-^e abttidtl* f&ir WCflr iBAt

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brought with it chagrin and humiliatiof&ib