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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1884-06-14
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Newspaper TitleNorthern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954)
Trove TitleDark Days: A Story of Light
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I ClUWEit IV. '...',"

"No, Fred, X don't think I shall ever I marry. If I do, it will be a woman who

i loves me for myself alono,'',, ; ;.,

j ..."Gb ^h^ad^,.th'eri|"and, niako May Sana

tuar'y ÎôWyçjù for yourself alpno, .You oould j out¡ oüt"i¡Katfellow, like a shot.", >, , _-.

i . ''My dear Fred, am I;the Bort of man to ?? go runnipg aftér a lady whoro.the first stops j are to.' out out,!, M yojj^çall it,,|another j man Î" , . ..¡.,j. _ >... . i "Dick, I haven't patience with you 1". I cried Lusmore... ''Hang you for a oonfounded I old alkali." , ....

I " Volatile alkali ?" said Barry smiling. . .? ! , " Volatile ?. . 3»h;I you're one of the most i neutralising of alkalies,'?, .pried tusmore, ; "You haven't a bit of aoid in you i you've no spirit; hang me if I think you've any aotive principle. Here's a charmingly sweet, fresh, innocent girl, just the sort of woman who would make you an ideal wife. Will nothing stir you ?"

" To oréate dissension in a happy home ? No."

? : " But I tell you it is not happy, man alive! .Dinah tells me--" , - .i -i.

" Hullo 1 Has' it arrived at that confi

dential stago, :Frod ?" . ' ; ? v. . ?. ..

. ."Neveryou mind, you ngly old misogy nist. Dinah tolls mo that she does not be lievo her cousin cares a bit for this Baa mon, only he seemB to have got such ian influence over her unole. .Í ?. ?: -, s..

"And consequently you two-you with your legal .-acumonr~"and ahe' with her fominino match-making instincts-have laid your heads together. . Thanks, Fred-labor

m'vain.", ',. ...,;:?,'! ;<r...;.

1 scorn you 1" cried, tusmore i "you in vertebrate mollusk! of a i man. -Why, if I thought that sweet, pale: Marguerite of a girl like May Sanotuary would smile on mo, I'd go mad for joy." ,.. ?;.?.> . ;

' " She would havo something to smile at

then," said Barry, quietly. "When shall we go back !"

*'Oh ! hang it, not yet." /

YeB ; we must go this week. I have promised the major to go. through a conrse of experiments on sensitising plates."

' < I don't care, I'm not obliged to be back yet, and I'm not going to spoil my holiday on the majors account.

"You stay then, old fellow, and enjoy ?ourself. Perhaps I can help tho major over. bis, for it would be a grand discovery."

"But he has nearly found out the way!" " He thinks so, but I do not. By the way, Lusmore,. he is a fine old fellow, a thorough gentleman, and as you see, per fectly unworldly. You are a lawyer-"

" BarrfWor, my dear follow ; call things by their right names."

'. Well, well 1 you understand the law. Kow I wish you would see into this matter for me a little. The major tells me he has spent a great deal of money. Basman has been seeing to the patent for him, and get ting up a company to work it." . .

; " But, hang it all, man, yon can't get up k company to work something that don't exist. . . . , : ; r

"That is how it struck me." - ,¡,

"But, has Basman, been getting up a company!"; . -, ¡ ,,; .

; "I have not quité got the rights of it yet, for I don't like, to'question the major, who, acting under Bosnian's advice,' is exceedingly reticent; but, from the hints ho has dropped, .1 am afraid that he is working, very -much in the darky truBting to this man, who ÍB leading him into a great roany, expenses be yond his control." , ... ,i: , , <?

: Lusmore laughed, and rubbed his hands With delight. ,i ,,-,..',?.: ! " Don't be unfeeling, Fred."

L; " Libel and slander ; Basman versus Barry ; wo B's ; black case-double-blaok, like very jblaok drawing pencil. Sergeant Frpgmore, ¡with ? you, ; Lusmore ; brief marked - fifty, .guineas." . .. : ? ,;¡ ...

I .".What are you talking about!" . ... ? ! " My ohances in life as one of tho briofloas. Things look so bright, Bick, , I shall propose Ho Dinah Sanctuary this very day. .

J . Barry ¡looked at him in a puzzled fashion, j "Dick, old fellow, you delight mo, But fthere, I won't tell Basman you slandered i '

.'.'.Tho niiijor was |>°ring oyor n worjc on chemistry ns linsiunii t;iito.rotl V (See, T^lo^.-'

I him ;.you think ho his imposing on tho old fontjoman, oh ? Ifang it 1 I'm not surprised,

want uvaotioe, and if I don't sift all this lout-. >; I. : " ; "" But carefully, my dear follow ; I would 'not have^ the major wounded for tho world." I .vf« One moment Diok. I understand you:

to say jihat, In suite of Basman, you are ¡going totako up the major's project. '? 1 '>'?'

: - With all : my heart,' and I'll make the. 'discovery if I can." ? n ' ' ?.?:.;.!?..;:>: , , «'What, to benefit Basmanï" . '?'.;

"'4.'o help a thoroughly genuino English j gentleman, who has A soul as transparent as

¡ yon water amongst the rooks." -''

I /"Ho's hit-dead hit," cried Lusmore,

jumping un and stamping about with dd 'light. "Now, you wrotohod old-impostor, how dare you-pretend that what'yon are Seing' to do it for tho love of science ? What

0 you take mo" for-a ohild?. Sir, I am a barrister, and if I had you in a witness-box, I'd turn you regularly inside ont. Talk about the major being transparent ! Why, Richard Barry, you wrapped-u'p old student, you are a Very ohild to hun 1"

<« I can't help it, Fred."

" Aly dear old boy, who wants you to help, it? Why, Dick, this genuino unwordly nature of yours lias made, mo feel, what a lucky fellow I am in gottingyou for àfriond.

You do mo no end of good. ' "Why,' "even, cynical old Captain Sanotuary says ¡i's : a treat to talk to you-and talk of people and' in they pop." ' . .' 1 ' .'',; . ' ' '

. Thoy were down below the clifFin a'sandy' nook, and just thon Captain Sanctuary oame' round a projecting mass' of. rbck, ''with a', basket in one hand, an bid tabbi knife in thc other. ? ,-'.\ '

"Hullo, oaptainl" oried' tusmore,' "caught 1 What dosperátó "db'od were you about tb do with that knife?" ' ;

" Tear Asplenium tnarínitfft from its na-, tivo home in that bit bf a cave behind you,", said tho captain, gruflly. Then "with a grim smile he walked baok a few yards and, shouted, " Hero, girls, I've found a couple' of specimens-Idlium Loniiinicnsis."

, "Oh! papa," oried Dinah ; and directly after tho cousins oame hurrying round tho mass of rock, " Oh, papa 1 ". ..'

How it happened Richard; Barry, did not; know, for l)o was too much, wrapped In his

own thoughts to attribute it to the mis chievous prank of Lusmore and Dinah Sanc tuary, but when at lost he awoke, as it were, out of a day-dream, it was to find himself alone with May, now slowly walking along some stretch of sand, with the crystal water rippling about their feet, now helping her over Borne more rugged piece of rock than usual. No conversation could have been more simple and commonplace, but somehow that half-hour's walk seemed to be the turn ing-point of two Uvea. And when after wards Dinah began to banter her cousin upon having stolen away with the young chemist, and asked her whether their dis course had been entirely upon analyses, May laid her hand upon her cousin's tenderly, and

said- .

" Don't, Dinah, please : you-' give me pain,'!