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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1903-12-09
Page Number18
Word Count715
Last Corrected1970-01-01
Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleThe Remnant of a Life
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' Months passed-months of Interest to Mamio. j The new manager of Wirrllta waa dosiruble, and ' had fallen a victim to her .varied charms, and

she was .within a fow weeks of her marriage. i

One mall day came a Queensland letter for

her. Aftor reading it, she burst out laughing. I

"What's the Joke?" asked Mrs. Treherne. j "A letter from that oil tea maniac, Stanhope. ! Here, read lt. It's too funny. Ho's bidding

me to syllabubs-whatever they are-sound rus- .

tie, anyway."

Mrs, Troherno read the letter, a lengthy one, | It told how, unexpectedly, when luck seemed ' dead against him, by the death of an aunt he had como into some money; not rauoh-some few hundreds a yoar-JuBt enough, ho.said, to enable him to claim his guerdon, to gather to his heart that heart's desire; to fly with her to some sylvan scene, whore Nature' dlscardod hor grey mourning bush garments, suitable to a country of burled hopes, and robed herself in green-the colour of life's springtime; there in some idyllic retreat, bowered in honeysuckle, they would dream their lives away, ho worship- ping his heart's desire, while she made sylla- bubs-"The world forgetting, by the world


. Ho went on to beg Mamie to send him a fow lines to a post ofnoe ho named, whloh he would pass on route, Just to cheer him on his way, "Not that he was sad," he said; "his hopes seemed too noar fruition' for that. Even grey Naturo seemed to smllo Y Ith him now -her grimness gone. Even the bush, whloh to him had so long been a voiceless ono, living a« he had Uvod in « past In whloh tho Australian bush had no part, now spoke to him in a myriad tonguos, oaoh one telling ol a happy future crowned by lovo.

"Aa ho rode through a belar scrub tho broozes sighed through tho topmost branches, 'Mamie ls walting.' Tho box leaves rustled, 'Mamie, Mamie 1" The sough of the pine tree* Btlrrod forth 'Mamie.' All Nature made com- mon oause with him; the world seomod perme- ated with Mamie and love.

"The very notes of tho birds had taken a

softer tone.

"The brandies of the troos waved themselves into leafy M'B. The soft spring brookes blew the Coeoy white olouds on the olear blue sky Into figures of a beckoning Mamlo luring him

! on. His horses felt springtime in their blood,

and wearied not.

"Caesar ran beside, barking from good fellow- ship as ho went, looking up nt him with his bright, sympathetic eyes, as if longing, to say 'Mamie ls ahead of us.' ",

Mrs. .Treherne uulshed tho letter, and said gravely:

I "I could not laugh at him, Mamlo. The man ' has laid his hoart baro before you, palpitating : with lifo-his love for you which ls his lifo. You must, write and, stop him from coming hore. I could not bear to seo those haunted oyes bur- dened with an extra sorrow. You must toll him you aro going to bo married."

i "I shall do nothing of tho sort.- I shall bo

gone before ho can got hero. It will be just into your hand, you bern comforter of the afflicted. You and my knight of the dolorous countenance can bury my memory decently to-


"Tho victima of your own slaughtering you must bury yourself, Mamie. How little Mr. Chapman knows you, thinking ns he does that you aro all conscience and tender heart."

"Tod's sweet simplicity maltes him a jowel amongst men. Hut why should I write to that lunatic? "Who is he, to expect mo to fly on the nod to sylvan Boones, aud make sylla- bubs-whatever they are-something to eat, I suppose. Cheek, I call these wSrld-worn mon offering tholr remnants of lives in tho marriage

market, Some women aro fools enough to bid

for them, too. I don't bellovo in remnants my- self, I like a llfo-length of fresh material. It's you goody-goody women who put up with rem- nants. We othors may go to a remnant-counter to inspect, but not to buy.'.!.

However, Mrs. Treherne prevailed upon Mamie to write tho noM's of nor approaching marriage to Mr. Stanhopo.