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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1903-12-09
Page Number18
Word Count255
Last Corrected1970-01-01
Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleThe Remnant of a Life
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Stanhope was drawing near tho post office, whore ho hoped tu hoar from Mamie. '

Tho night before reaching the placo he could scarcely sleep for'thinking of lt. Next morn- ing by force of habit he cooked hts breakfast ho was camping out-'but the eating of lt was a farce; Caesar had a double share.

He rodo Into tho township, whloh oonalsted c-f the usual little cluster of galvanised, Iron roofed wooden huts, grog shanties chlofly.

These ho rodo past straight to tho post ofilco. Thero he jumped off his horse, did not walt to fasten the bridle oyen to a ring on a post In front for that purpose, but let lt hang loose, while he rushed into tho office. His eyes Boom- ed all pupil, all starting out of his head; hi« voloe was hoarse with excitement. The post- master thought ho had boen drinking«

illa letter was thero.

He lookod at it, saw it was from Mamie, pas- sionately Ulrased tho envelope, regardless of tba postmaster, thon put it unopened Into his poc- ket, and went out unheeding a casual question or so tho postmaster put to him. His horse» wero nibbling some oouoh grass which spread on tho sandy so-called stroot. He caught them, romduutod, and rode out of tho township, long- ing to got Into puror air far from the druulcen squalor, and the leanlng-agalnst-post men of tho bußlv ffhauttei, before ne opened tho lot

tor, fooling thnt to do so in that atmosphère would be a desecration.