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Chapter NumberVIII
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Full Date1898-12-31
Page Number38
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Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleA Tale of Twins
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A Tale of Twins.

(By Murlei Clarkson.)

(Affectionately dedicated to my dear old friend,

. E. T.) .

CHAPTER "VIII.-(Continued.)

But Mag felt rather injured herself, BO presently she slipped away ito one end of the pool, where a (titree stretched a gaunt, bark-covered arm across ithe deep water, thinking that she might have luck

? here. ?

She began crawling along the branch, (help'.ng her self with her hands, as she had seen the native boys do, with the line dragging behind.

Then Jane saw her, and began running down the steep bank.

"Mag, Mag!" she cried; "don't gc there; can't you see the limb's rotten/'

But Mag began scrambling -wildly along, for Dave was coming to pull hei back. The tree quivered and creaked for a minute; then came a crash, a greal splash in the water, and a startled cry

from the children.

A little tangled head.-rose for a mo ment, wdth a white face. Then Dave was wading in and lifting up the fallen branch, a few seconds after he carried her out and laid her on the bank; Such a limp, bedraggled little creature she looked, with fast-closed eyes, and a sheet-like face, across which one or two damp curls straggled, and little streams of water trickling from her clothes.

"Dave, you must carry her home," Mirry said dn distress, and she looked fearfully at the apparently lifeless form on the grass. "I don't know what to do when a person's half-drowned!" .

Mag's eyes were still fast-closed, but her lips moved, and she said in a very ordinary tone:

"Turn me over and thump my back, stupids!"

Everyone stared, and. Vivvy laughed hysterically, for to hear, a half-drowned girl talk in such a fashion was extraor dinary in the extreme.

But Mag spoke again, this, time impa tiently:

"Donkeys, aren't you going to . turn me over and thump me?"

She even opened her eyes for a mom ent, and the flash in them made Alick shake her well. ' .. . .

"Oh, Mag!','- he said reproachfully, but with relief* in-his "tone; "how could you frighten us so?"

"You were idiots to think I was drowned," she cried scornfully. "Why, I was scarcely under the water at all!" and she pirouetted round, still laughing

? heartily. .

But Dave was "savage at being made

lnnlr foolish. .

"You little gawk, Mag!" he Bald irritably; "do etop capering round Uhere. Next time I'll leave you to drown!"

Mag only, laughed aggravatingly. Then Mirry, who knew that coldĀ» would be the inevitable result of standing f in drenched clothes, hurried them up

to Ithe house.

While Dave and his sister changed their clothes upstairs, Gerald came running out to the kitchen, where Alick and Jane were trying to persuade cook to fry the fish for tea.

"Oh, Alick! What do you think?" he said, dis gustedly. "Uncle Ted is coming on Wednesday, ' and we have to go to-morrow to meet him-he and

his wife, the one he's Just married, you know, want to stay with us, and Aunt Marion has Just written

for us to come home."

"I wish Uncle Ned was in Jericho!" said Alick