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Chapter NumberIX
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Full Date1898-12-31
Page Number38
Word Count463
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Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleA Tale of Twins
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The "train passed six o'clock, so the Itwins and their mother had to be up very early ito give themselves time for breakfast and a twelve mile drive.

. The Mertons were all sorry to lose their cousins, and Baby was almost unconsolable because "Allie" was going, - so she stood in the background, and tried to squeeze a few tears out of her sunshiny

eyes. ??

. Then, when Uncle Harry called out for the second time that he was ready, Gerald ran back to give Aunt Mary another hug. "I should like to live here always, auntie," he said; The buggy rat tled off, good-byes were shouted, and handker chiefs were waved wildly; then a bend in the road hid them from sight, and gradually the high hills around Woolgoine became blue and indistinct, and finally disappeared altogether.

*. * * m

"Well, the long journey was over at last, and as they rattled along Denver-street the twins, could hardly believe that they had been away three months. Everything was exactly as they had left it; the self-same people walked the pavements, and the same fowls scratched for food in the empty drain; but Miss Spinks's cockatoo was gone, and his cage swung mournfully in the wind.

"Why, wherever is he?" said Gerald, peeping out. Then they learned that he had been let out in the garden, and someone had killed him with à stone.

"What a good job we weren't here!" Alick said.

"Miss Spinks would have sworn we'd killed him,

sure as a gun!"

Aunt Marlon came to the gate to meet them, stern and prim as ever; but she kissed the boys kindly,, and actually said that the house had been

dull without them!

They marvelled over it as they went upstains later on to see their rooms. (

"The old lady was quite gracious, wasu'lt she?" said Gerald. Then he made a grimace. "Just

look at the dirt!"

Three months' dust had accumulated on every shelf and ledge, while busy spiders wove their webs from corner to corner; and they had forgotten to put away the mouse-trap, and the skeletons of four deceased animals, lay there.

"Ugh! How disgusting!" said Gerald, as he pick ed lit up very gingerly.

"Never mind that-get to work," Alick said, pro viding himself with a huge duster. "We must have lit nice and clean for uncle to see to-morrow."

Uncle Ted had been very wild as a* boy, and ran away to sea because his mother wished him to be . a doctor; then he had made a fortune in California,

bought a yacht, and sailed round the world; .and now they heard that he was married, and bringing his wife to Australia for the honeymoon.

(To be concluded.)