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Chapter NumberI
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Full Date1898-02-19
Page Number8
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Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleTwo Old Fogies
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Two Old Fogies.

(By Ada Cambridge.) -J

CHAPTER I.-(Continued.)

"The idea of your thinking of such a thing, with a cold already!" cried Eve. "You naughty old woman! I will not allow you to risk your precious health, so don't imagine it. Take off your things this minute."

"My dear, I am quite protected from the wea ther," pleaded aunt; "look at me!" She displayed her rubber-shod feet and the wings of her Rus sian cloak. "How can I take harm with these?"

Eve call led her brother, who had just rushed in to give his father the latest news of the swèep winnings, and she put the case to him.

".Look here, Alan! are we to let this old lady go out and catch her death of cold, just for the sake of making up a congregation for Mr. Paine?"

"Cer*talnily not," said Alan. "IMost decidedly not.

If she doesn't know how to take care of herself better than that we must teach her. A little woman, under seven stone, as tihdn as tissue-paper, with a chest as delicate as I don't know what-I. daresay we are going to let her get cold, and catch her death, just to please Mr. Paine!"

"Dear boy," an/urmured the. object of his solici tude, with a hand on his arin,, "to think so much of Els old aunt! But I aim well '.wrapped up, lové, and I do so want to go!"

".You ore not to go," he declared firmly.

~ And the end of it waa that ehe took off ber water- " proof and goloshes, .and sat down to Maten to h ia. story of the rainy Cmp-rainier than in Assyrian'*:

yea»'-and the fortune that, would have been Mac - had he drawn Glenloth in the sweep. She- made : a bad listener," which wa».not 'often the case. The« bound of the church bell, faint and thin in the

distance, distracted her. . :.