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Chapter NumberXI
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Full Date1898-01-01
Page Number31
Word Count340
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Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleThe Mystery of Phillip Bennion's Death
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_j^- 1 . . 1 ...f 1 ', ;


The Mystery ot Philip

Bennion's Death.

t / - (By Richard Marah.)

Author of "The Crime and the Criminal," "Mrs.

Musgrave's Husband," &c, &c.

OHAJPTHR XI.-i(OoQtiiiiuied.)

For the drawer was bill open-^the Identical draw er, as ;MT. Clinton thad said, 'Bram which he had ta ken Phillip Bennion's diary. The contents had ap parently been tampered with. They were all tumbled about. But a>3 Mr. Clinton himself re ' imarked, he <wias a "deuce of a ¡hand at imeesing up

a drawer,". lt was posible that the interior had .been (found In a state of disorder when the drawer was opened.

"I : suppose," I said, "that you don't know all that was m it?".

"Nat I. lAlil 1 know ls that 'there were a lot of papers and things-iprlnolpally receiipted bills, I fancy, for the things in old Ben's collection."

If that were so, then they were gone. I emptied the contents of the drawer out upon the writing


"There are no bills here now."

"No. That's doosed .odd. Look again. I'll swear. that the drawer was half-full of them."

I did look again. We both of us looked. We looked everywhere^ turning out the other drawers as well. There was not a trace of anything of the kind to be seen.

"It strikes me, Mr. Clinton, that if you had drunk a little less, or kept your presence of mind a little more, you would have seen very gnod cause for handing over your uncle's 'ghost' to the tender custody of the police."

When he perceived that there was not so much as a vestige of a bill remaining, he seemed him self to realise that there might be something in

what I said.

"But what on earth could Ryan, or anyone, want with a lot of old, paid bills?"


I wondered, without imparting my wonder to Mr. : Clinton, , if Ryan, or anyone, would have liked, to have had Phillp-Bennion's diary as well.