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Chapter NumberIX
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Full Date1889-10-05
Page Number32
Word Count349
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Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleDark or Fair. A Story of Town and Country
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. . " " CHAPTER IX..


T».n_ __: 1_i_'_îtj_-'_ j» L . . >? i.

i-ouy was Dusy Doning tr mt, singing .softlyto herseHvas she worked, when/Uncle . Boy came in with the sudden tidings, which took the color from her cheeks,'and filled her eye's with: tears of sorrow., : ' 'r T\ ': .

"Polly," said' he, "there's, soiné onè from England, whom you used to know he's just arrived in . the steamer ; and;J%they have arrested him on suspicion. He .. says-^18 per fectly innocents but it seems that a very'lovely girl fell in love with him, and hjiià^tâken her own life because he could notjöye^er^ to see you, if only fg-j a*'#>m^f/1^o>©^hey take him back to London. Willlyp,u g^p'L V " : ,,;y

" Oh ; it-íisíPául," cried Pollys fink ing into -the nearest^ chair. «. " How can I go to,h}jiiT? yfet^how

can I refuse? How dreadful ! But it could not be that he had anything to; do with it. Oh, Paul " ; and the poor girl rocked herself to and fry^ in an agony of grief, which told her uncle plainer than any words how she loved the un

fortunate Paul.

"I will go," she said at last. "He shall not think that I have forgotten or deserted him.",

So they went together to the house where Paul was detained, and then Uncle Roy retired to wait for Polly until this painful interview was over.

Poor Paul ! 'Twas a sad wooing. He told her just had all come about, and how he was coming to Auckland to ask her to be his wife, to return with him to England, where he would have given her a home worthy of her, and proved how

true was. his love for her.

" But now, my darling, what can I ;say to you ? .Only good-bye. You will despise me, as I despise .myself, for trampling on a woman's ;heart, for deceiving the beautiful girl who has dièdforlove

of me."