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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1888-09-15
Page Number29
Word Count585
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Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleThe Forger's Wife
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. Edmond was sitting anxiously waiting for the first sound of the wheels of the dogcart. Hearing

them he rushed out.

"Oh, Fm so glad you have come," he said, helping his sister to alight, " it has been an awful time for me. But, Linda, won't you introduce me to your friend ? "We must not be talking about

our troubles."

" Oh, doctor, excuse me. I was so excited that I quite forgot to introduce my brother to you. But botter late than never. Edmond, this is Doctor Goodman, whom I cannot repay for all his

kindnoBS to me."

" Well, come along, Miss Hamilton j I would like to Bec my patient.'*

" Como along," Edmond said, " this way. You just wait here till I go and prepare my father." Edmond returned in a few minutes. "Papa wishes to Bee you alone, Linda."

She rose hastily, and wont into his room. How he had altered ! She never could have believed it, had she not aeon it herself. " Oh, papa," she cried, rushing to his bedside, " why did you not

send for me boforo ?"

i " Oh, Linda, my child, I would not have sent

for you at all ; it was not I, but Edmond who sent. You have had quito enough to bear. You are a j brave little woman."

ยก " I havo brought a doctor with me, papa,"

" All right, dear. It is very good of you. Send

him in now. I shall seo him."

Doctor Goodman and Mr. Hamilton had a vory long conversation. Auel tho doctor saw that he would not bo able to leave his patient for some I time,ns hewas worse than ho really thought himself. 'A month passed vory quickly away; and Harry and Elsie looked different ohildron. Doctor Goodman and Linda were sitting beneath a largo

pear trae. " I'm afraid I will have to return to Sydney to-morrow, Mies Linda," he said ; "your father is well enough now to he left."

" Don't you think you had better Btay a little longer ?"

" Would you like me to stay P"

" O, yes, I should bo BO glad if you would. We will misB you very much." i i

"Linda, I will always stay with you if you; will let me." Then he told her how he loved her j and he asked her whether Bhe would let him be

her protector. . !

Linda had no need to answer. Her eyes spoke for her. They then went hand in hand to find Mr. Hamilton, who was delighted, and said that I he had " seen it all from the first."

The beUs were chiming forth at Ingleborough j for two young hearts were to be wed that day, and Mr. Hamilton was giving a feast to all the poor round about. The church was decorated with beautiful flowers; and even the birds seemed to sing more sweetly ; for every one in Ingle- borough loved Linda Hamilton. How beautiful she looked as she leaned on her father's arm! After the ceremony was over, the happy pair left for Sydney, where they intended to stay a month.

"Oh, Linda, dear, if it had not been for your aister Lucy we Bhould never have met. Good conies out of evil after all," he said. Little did Richard Raymond think that such

happiness would come through that forged bank

note I '