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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1886-12-18
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Newspaper TitleAustralian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Trove TitleWhat Came of It: A Christmas Visit
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.. : CHAPTER IL., i\

. . Thore's this world amias ,( M*V~ Slíallho unriddled by-und-by. ., .(j

rPour months, had passed away. Mr.¡ Hargrave and Mr. Moyster wore again staying -with tho Cliftons. : Viola and Mr. Moyster were fast drifting into love with each other, and none of ..the

family seemed to object; for Victor had. oeopme a great*favorite with them all. :; . . CJ I "Happy Viola," sighed Nellie to; herself on« morning as sho was arranging flowers;jin-the drawing-room. " I remember i her once saying she had never been in love with ! anyone/, and that her ideal was standing in the dim .unknown, in . the form of a dream, her king ; but I^fancj she has found him. I found mine, but he proved false. Oh ! how I loved /him/'; anda fewbitter tears stole down her cheeks."... ",. ; .. ".,... ,

; Miss / Nellie". exclaimed Mr. Mpystór^ who had, ".entered .the'' room J 'unperceived' by'; heri *;DÖaft..ory, please... % 'om'^^jj?^')^^^'^^ to'b'e uhhappy^LNo, don't gó/; I

you .something.'; -'You never gaye me an oppor tunity'before, and 'I tried hard' to get ono1,

heard, fyom Bertie-Fitz Herbert yesterday/''^; ;7 am trying; to forget hiin^ I"-^-^" ". - -Ui

"Nellie, you must listen. Ho has written t< you as well as to me. Here ? it is,""handing th< dett'er": tolher, " ho wants to know why you lef -England without sending, him a line to tell hin .you weredeaving;A His . father was dying at tb time ; and afterward, when he could leave th -estaterhe ;^nme^

had flown;,, tracés -bohind'!' -^ï^

.Once when hé was; with his father,jánd agaii before-riefti'teUinghimcwhere^.was going ; an< as I never heard from hiña I thoúghtdie was false Oh, cl^

sobbing violently. ; ; .'.?";: . !"-:.,. ,;:;u % ;

~f~¿f. Yes; quite true," said Victor;staking her hand,

" My old friend is as true as steol. He neve: received either of your letters."

. At this moment Viola happened to glance int< itheroomas she passed, arid perceived Mr. Moyste: holding Nellie's hand, and she looking up radiantly at him.¿ Poor Viola !-: She- felt;as if a thunder bolt had fallen. , . : i v'|

'?"T thought he lo ved me¿;and'allthetirho it wai Nellie? Oh, what an idiot I was !" she exclaimed clencbing! her : hands." - .-* '^\p¿Z'.j:.^:}^^::~yX:^.

? "Viola, what is the hiatfcer? You are as.white as a sheet," sa^

" Nothing," replied she., And, seizing her ha from the hall rack, she flew down the garden t< her-favorite old.oak tree. ; '..".

- i Moyster and Nellie continued Ítheir conversa tion. ; Victor exonerated 'hi8;.\fxiend'j^and;.Nellie af ter reading 'his ¡letter, felt that the'world wai .bright for^her once inore, and.hurried away to tel her aunt the joyful riows.U ^ '

- Viola stayed Jn the /garden a long time, arie when she arose tôîgo to th¥^

solved upt_tp show Victor she cared two straw* about him. Prbra"tlmt''day there'was a diffërën

in her mariner to him which all noticed ; but noni could'guess the reason bfit,"- Moyster, was-per plexed and grieved ;..for he iruly.ïpye.d.her,- anc untü.lately she had . seënied .to

thought. : ,. :.-'--.::::;"'\...^:\? '...'. 1

"Hargrave, old fellow," said Victor,,afterthej had, been talking, some time ,and Hargrave had asked whether they had''quarrëlled ; ;V-you haye knowri Viólalalori^

isj^irtr^Peiiaps-;sho ls-tired-pf me, and wanti a new admirer."- /.'?*/:7-7-'-1-^%v'^Si-~-^-:M?::

; ''No, ' rib," i ' said i Hargrave ; I "she 1 is awfully pretty, and has hëap3 of admirers. -But I am quite sure she is no flirt."

Some.months had. passed, and . matters, had not mendéd withViola arid. Mr. - Moyster., ; A Mr. Milfort, a - friend bf: Edward Clifton's, waa, stay ing with them. 'He was a great admirer oí Viola's, and was assiduous in his attentions tc heir; ' This, of course, did not please Mr. Victor.

" I can't stand it any longer," he said , to him self j and he that evening announced his inten tion of returning to England. "...'" .>,,..... ;/

" I am sure she cares for you,"¿ said^Hargrave. " Did you see how she. looked < when you said you were going ?« I know you are jealous' of Milfort. - Do you know why he lef t here in such a hurry ?". ; '] - '" ;: ' ^;<i>a.'.-;<-i f <;>.' ;.-.'

"No. /Why?" aris wer ed Victor^

"Because MÍSB Viola refns^';UmV'1''iI;Heaord him telling young Clifton. So you will own now, I suppose, tbat you haye no oause¡of.jealousy-in that quarter. Take my advice,.', old, boy, and propose to-riiorrow." ,

And so he did, and was accepted.

" But tell me, dearest, why were you so cold to me all these months?" said he to] Viola; and after a little pressing she answered

"Do you remember being in the drawing room with Nellie one morning three months ago. I passed the room, and saw you holding her hand, and she looking very happy ; and I thought--"

"And you thought, my darling, that I had been trifling with you," he interrupted, kissing her.

' " Yes," sho replied. " That is what I thought j

and the other day when Nellie told me of her engagement with Mr. Fitz Hcrbort, and how you had helped to bring about her happiness, I was so miserable, and thought you would go back to England and I should never soe you again."

And she hid her face on her lover's shoulder.

Throo months afterward a double wedding took place in Sydney, when Edith was united to Eustaco Hargrave, and Viola to Victor Moyster. The brides looked charming, dressed in rich white silk and Brussels lace and the proverbial orange blossoms. " Numbers of friends attended the wedding breakfast, and viewed the handsome and costly wedding gifts, &c," So said one of the leading papers.

Victor and his wife sailed for England a few days afterward, and took with them Nellie Nevill, who wa3 to be married to Mr. Fitz Herbert when they roached the old country. /

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton miss their daughters very much. But Edith lives near thom j, and they hoar ofton from Viola and Nellie.'. '. And, knowing that tho young folks aro happy, ' they do riot regret it.

Claronoe Uiver, 188G.