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Full Date1896-07-04
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Newspaper TitleThe Capricornian (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1875 - 1929)
Trove TitleHalf Round the World to Find a Husband. A Comedy of Errors
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Half Errand the World to Find a Husband. A COMEDY OF ERRORS,

By MAY CROMMELIN, Author of ' Bay Ronald, rt 'A Jewel of a Girl,' ' Goblin Gold,' ' Dead Men's Dollars,' *? Mr. and Mrs. Herriee,' &c.

(COPYRIGHT.) SYNOPSIS OF PREVIOUS CHAPIEBS. CHAPxma L U. HL— Ann Montague and Amis. ihcTBgiK ir two Kboolgidfl ; the former is «n orphan sndaf. gentle dinautioa, while tbe Utter is of a per. ?miive nature, and her parents lire in Sooth Amend. Anit&'s prats wish ber to be married to a Chili centlemu, md oomminoo Cut. Goodman to unnze to many her by proxy to Dan Edoardo Palmer. Anita lorn a Toaac duw. Willie FEdd. who lives near the whooL She peBmdes Ann to take her place in the praxr cunntr, and aasores her that it is only a pre tence, Attheaatne time that Ann ceta married, a Mr. Brno anting as proxy. Anil* ia muried to Willie Finn at the BefFtstry Office. After tbe marriage Anita tells Ann that the w reaDy married, and that her boxes are labelled Senorita Palmer. Tbia go npeeu Aon that she -writes to Curt. Goodman telling him of her deception. Be tneeta her in the stting-room of the Hotel, and aaka ?her to explain the whole matter. CHAPTER HLfcontmned), IY&V— Ann tells the ?torr to Captain Goodman, who is modi amused, and kindly asks her if ahe wfll come with him or stay in Laadon. Ann goes to aee her *''t Barbara, bet abe is ?o coldly received that ahe deeidea to saD for South America in Cant Goodman's «Mp - Tie Yanow.' Ann letmns to liverpool. and finding that Anita has tcone to Londoa she goes on board the steamer. She is well attended to by the stewr.-ds on the boat, whici having set sail some time ia well mgh the Bay of Biscay. Mr. Bryan who acted aa proxy in tix marriage, is also very