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Full Date1884-04-19
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Newspaper TitleThe Capricornian (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1875 - 1929)
Trove TitleIn Days Gone By
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®aUs and ^hftchfs.


By as Old Settles.

skipper jack'* tars {Continued).

I was on tbe starboard aide of the skylight, and could see the cabin door. The tkipper was standing dose to the door, his coat off, ? his ahirt sleeves rolled op, and spattered »U over with blood aod braios. As tbe cook

came in at tbe door, he hit him on tbe back of ' bead and be fell. Bat he struck him two or ! three times again. I jumped tip and ran, half j dead with fright, op tbe maio rigging into tbe top, where I coiled myself ap into as small a apace as I could, id the doablings of tbe mast, shaking tike a leaf, and hardly daring to breathe for fear be would bear me. Whether be forgot me, or at tbe last did not like to leave himself withont some company, I can't I tell, bnt he did not come up for some minutes, j Then he sang out for me. I was not forward and down into the forecastle ; I sop poae looking for me. I coold hear him shontiog my name and threatening what be woo Id do when he caoght me, cutting my liver out and frying it for breakfast was about the mildest remise. Now, it came into my head that if let my hat fall overboard, be would perhaps think I bad drowned myself, eo I let it fall gently on the starboard aide. There was not enough wiod to blow a candle oat only whit she made herself as she rose and fell with tbe swell, which 1 noticed was increasing. Tbe hat fell right— crown ap— and floated along side, J»ot finding me below be came np, searched tbe cook boose tbe long boat, aod everywhere there were corners, still keeping np the volley of corses and threats Lackify he never looked op aloft, though I don't think he could have seen me wedged in aa I was between tbe mainmast bead and the peel of the mast. Then be looked over the side, and saw the bat. Gone that way is he ? Ah ! no matter, thooeh I might have kept him to cook for me. ' Much obliged,' says I to myself. And then aa troe as death, the breeze, which had it come soooer might — 1 don't say it would, bat it might — have saved him from crime and tbose poor men's lives, came ripp ling along tbe water from the southward. It canght her aback, bat he soon had the yards braced roood, working bo hard — as I suppose he had not done for years before— that the sweat ran down in great drops from his beard. He braced tbe yards to starboard, and goinc to the wheel broogbt tbe vessel to tbe wind, steered her for a few minutes, and then lash ing the wheel left her to steer herself, aod went below. How he could bear to see those poor fellows weltering in their gore, I cannot tell. In the short glimpse I had I coald see the cabin floor was all over blood and brains, bnt 1 did not see tbe bodies. Bat I fell to a-tbinkin' what he coold have of the way somewhere, or tbe man coming down most have seen them and been on bia guard. Then I saya to myself, 'The cabin table was shifted from its usual place,1 and then I saw what he bad done. I don't know as you gents know what a lazareete is ? Ob ! yon do Master Siena, and Muster Rowian. It ia a sort o* lock i a aoder the cabin floor io the ran of a ship where spare stores and things is kep\ He had taken off tbe batch, and bundled tbe bodies down there. X don't think be liked atayin' down there very long for in a few minutes he was np again with a jar, a tumbler, and a water jag. He took some grog, lit his pipe, and just looking into the binnacle to see how she was headiog, shifted tbe wheel a spoke, and sat down a bench by the companion. I could bear him talking to him self, and use my name but didn't understand what he was saying. Just before snoset he brailed tbe trysail up, guyed the boom amid ships, and took the top of the sky light off. I coald not think what be was going to do antil I saw him go to the launch and bring the watch tackle. He was aboat to launch tbe bodies overboard. He made tbe double block fast to the boom, overhauled it down, aod went below. The cook wu a much larger man than him. He was the first. I saw that be had booked the block io the dead man's jaw. He was too heavy for htm. He had another pall at tbe grog, and then bending a rope oo to tbe fall be tied it to tbe winch which was fixed just before the main mast, and hove away. He hove tbe body np, and waiting f«.r a roll to Btarboard, let it go with a ran — and opening a w»ter port shoved the body overboard. As if they knew that he had been making a feast for them, the sea was alive with sharks in less time than I take to tell you. sod the body was soon in shreds. Tbe devil, for be most have been ooe, looked over the side and laughed, actually laughed* to see the horrid sight. He woo't rise again in a hurry ; and so with the other seven. The mate came last. Be kicked the body as it lay on the deck. You woo't tell the owners many yams, and Fll barn yoar private log. It was dark by tbe time be bad finished. He seemed to be exhausted by hie l&boar. Going below he broaght op blankets aod a pillow, aod freshening his lips with some more ram, lay down and slept. (To t# contiixrd ) ? Writteo for tbe Caprieorwan by a gentleman of long and varied rnlir''T experience' He— Er— 'm awfly fond of nwaac, ain't yoa ? Not this sort of thing, you know. Can't stand the drawing-room amateur — nevmh could. Sorry to say*ve not been to beah Madame Scho maker this yeah. Kevah had time. Told she's in splendid form, like her playing awfly — should know her touch a mile off. Dying to hear her ? ' She— ** So an I — and if you would only be so kind as to- bold jour tongue, I dare say we might both manage to hear her new 1' Madame 3. ha* been playing for the last tea uMootes t