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Chapter NumberI
Chapter TitleLOVE
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Full Date1890-04-25
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Newspaper TitleKyabram Union (Vic. : 1886 - 1894)
Trove TitleLove V. Monte Carlo
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t' O 'fi V . A!to' tz'eRAV . CHAPTER I.-Lovs. In one of the very uomu.u?, iner stratlass rail wnay compnrtmntett provided by the Pturio-Lyons. Ilcditurrrll?cti OCstuiploy fur thu titwieu whos leave ico to go;urtd alms tlhir lo?ev uttld timlo at the gatblins t'rotls of Motte Citrlo, aut two poople-Mtr. Frill and. Mr. 'ToodhIloe, well slnowov figures in Nice tation. I'meliar anld strikitg 1,otsolalities evo;'e wuhl ttilurt, tlkits together they riaaitl ltt tafTctiolsteu tntili ont the ounttonllnce of tall iot utttrly absorbed in self. 'latce nts doaesr: Mrs. Frill olce ooan could never he forgotten. Neurlv aix feet hight, tMilen didlyattired itsn mny colo?r,, which served to light , tiot lighteni, lio i ligure han It lud uome, large, round face. trem'llile vagualy ia ltrvost full otoon; anid lottsnt"nt leat, lbntg hlnckcurls, modo up n ett ikinR ind lttil werful intdividuolity. This lady was 'never seen in a boniot--lwuya a .hut-for she hold, perhaps rightly, that notlhing aged a umetnbor of the weaker ova so ttucl as a bonnet. Among other things she was it widow, twenty years t widow, hllo would soay with to touch of pride, for tnotwithoueldielgh-r mat y admirers Sho lhad never yet been tenlntedl to prove false to poor Solomton Frill's muemory; She kneow better thau to trust poor .oloton'as halrd.erned firtune-not to mention herself-to oomo spend thrift drunkard, or worse still, t';totetl Itut, who would cut ott her il lti:lclt whisky nlght. cpi: or perhaps (one of itnotsh-r ourt) colsa .nd throw the poker aot Ir Sadter a.aonvivial eveoning ltent withl to fiu ed. . " , lau e 0uo econingi't splent Mot 'iotlo Carlo withl o friend, fifty frilni tilt t'hJ.Jri"tldtrturnd the rtupectablu oirs. 'rilloll to.a gimbler. Sit,'. who ttone short mont1h ugo: woublil hItrdly'gi' into the concert-rooin,' ttow.intdownt at tilu greaen table hit tile tquceretl cottiluty t"'- ILiw ss trte tiglhty fallen 1" atight truly have b.e;it applied, to lher, yet it suppIlited the touch- of femiuino woeakness porinps, wautting touto comn-; plete a nature, ant govuher ant added chrmn'to at least ontto pir oft liont, t es, ti?atoly, those belonging to the worthy Mr. T'oodledee. , - :Alwrays clothed it blatck cloths, stuncnn; i?tn tble, black .silk, wiaiscoat lthito ti, bereft of Prcvidnotlc,;and of e'crded singly'ahort stature, lthe utniohlervant studentt of- human iature would' have concludeld that John "Toodledeo nalbhtirred' gaudy' tllts and bad a? prejudice iigniaist height tand hair; ,lhe would certainly? huvo ullt down to' ani 'accident tht. ;iuer'otiidtl 'utuEctilgs bhtweosi :otur ttwo friends Iadil-an ungel takeno thi trouble to' -come and tell hini tHit Toodleleo uhad followed Sirs. Frill frotu iParis,. Counres, Nipo, this sn-' obt?hervaut studoent would Ihave slhaken his head ncereduiloisly, and if lie lid ;leon told thlit tho lisidsl hn d ovet turdtid her faitliful'stiuiro into ui ''alrblor t wlsy then lie would Ihave ihlled teio Smesteenger as at emissary frtom the Father 6f all ''They were sitting, ri I senid before, ins arail.r way carriage. 'The guartd .ave ont utoarthll;y yell,' the tssti,'elowlyotcsocd out of tilostautioio tiowards-,Villofratcho, letinilied, ?Monaco, and" Monte Carlo. ? . .?Mrs. Frill was attired in a rod and white: "trilsed 'ilk gosi ' or hot' Iaor nds po isd atn. ttgault'sailorr lint, trituuti'd witlhit lotg1 pitk! "Iiotlshors" wlchs curled gpslcfully round tlheIt briin;.''ln lir hatit so hetold ta little pitlk bah,, u'seilt to carry out the colour'lf the feathers: a t uift" tmilo pllyeod'over hter eountcttoicu , for site lfelt hiereolf, udtL indeed looked, a strikingly lltso soman.s Opposite to huer sit Mr. ltoodledoou, -ihlwardlv."stiorvelliug to itlnd itmselfot thero, emoatid of its the familiar old 'w works" dowan tt; .Wu'tspitieg for:ir. Toadod.deo nths lT, ihto, Ioorod' li -of st oodletlet uidl Co 'a Celhbroted Blhck t'ig .justly" fi tilt ll over'thu'"world for its' o'isie. polilsh? nod Ittndse'n?t, shoo blntcksa ? wL ' s killyaio ti- to it itid lose our motoltoy it tital'dretadfuill'lace; ,lir t'odleuc, " holding '"dotlir bug, 'with a sigh, " I htiscI:bro glit ia 'utiundredfriunas . 'Vould that I coold biu iro of ibrtnging them huck a?ndt. c To-ilghtl I feour that they will till be go'e !" - SI, hI'ope not, 'nlt'as,- I hlopeo iot," ho a~osreredl, kintg out of his re rio. "stu Prhnlm "rcts will bo it'luck t-d ay ' " I slwiys unts its luck ato first,.' sr.. Toodlo .dee," plaintively, i"tut, Igo otl hloping to win iore, and thu it tl olips' einy frot'mu; it io vser odd," '?:"" It is the same with me, exactly, ma'sn. :I' '~nl bringing a thusautid fraucs today to tmake' n'i' my losses ;'.theu I shall ievor pluy again." s i -lt four that'you will never itakeo tsp all yoTur lo]sos in Otto day," hao remarkecd, stdly.,, lt y' poor3ir.:Frill used to say '.Whoy throw good; Snov e, ufater od b I', . , o "?o ? r's Frill, yotrohsorvatioapro remaorkabllo) -ait their good etrotig asote. . (Shu 'i?oull be siii?luableo in Wapplng.)' Rhy, intdeed, thnd row good oautoyatoftur bhad I rjtil oagreeo with tyou.n". So seayitig he g?ovn the latdy sitch a look of fender admiration thali olto ttitckly remnarked: c'"Lnoko , look, :fr. ' Toodtlcdo,. w are just 'uneirl nlio.M usc I; wlat a. beautiful ltlucs it .needmstobe! c o m; . o .h , t. ..e l'rii beautiful indoed, dear maodame. Tlis eay Lbe,6ur. latl opportuliilty;, lotus Monaco ettioe, atd pd ' ltt t hItppy iand oiitAuctivo .. aflernoon 'tog-tholr' li inspectihtg thie boautdlf?'old castle, itsstoad of .goinrg into fthat rowdy erbowd and lositoiodr monoy. Do, .doar, deoarMro Frill." , : "'Now iMr?.:Frillvwas much -tnko':'ahck. This wa ntot at all what saoI .had ititidsded let lse gave its witsth gooti grace:.. So they inado thelirway out of tli? aetistou, and wont. up. .tae steep slaning stops which lead to the ilc. turequo g:ttwaunym tht.suLdd:nly brings Ono ato Ctllo etluyro of old 3noea witht it quaint oand'strtnge memorials of a isant ago, its stntely castle, tiny armiy, largo convents, tusd liseion; 'temitig a hundred earso ltck ntd a tlotltiid h oildas twayfrom the spirit whlich lpervdes goy, 'godless Monte Carlo, wh Ios gleliillina iuret 'rnd modern hotels' nnl viltos - almost commannd ?rttIntion as ono' letan over thre old battlluoitt and glicos icrose tho 'ay. of Horculesta. W.ltenhthoy foutd tlhomeulveaigilt out in ,tho big '?quaro l r. Toodlcdeo picked' til .:oturiag utind mode a Irnpoloal,--no, tnot the adrt thilt you oro thiintg'ofonto sinsfinitely mnore to the ]loint. ," S"'" Can Is oftearyoutc dear ". Frill,' a little f'tsfrehmennt ?" ' '''After a mnoieilnt of plolite htitsttson, thie lady consertedi ; so oft tltoy wont into the inis tearly tasaticsit + ti. te inluuco'itsolf-stid }hero, ,wiaitcl upotn by thu ' smnrtest of -oubrettesthoy t:lrtook of It delicious bttle p tvin d'Asti, wliehl seuotedt to .botllh of thet tho beat thilg tier Ilad ever taoted ins their l?ves, atd to oexhitaru them to at -extra. orsltsury dogrcec SAll'thisuiad kept tlhm mntllv]? plmseid snil ititerestedi one oosothitr, buit o:ater att Ihopt, Ipent'on" a quiet attd dlull lulch in the public Sgarden ecl begian to n'osilor how:ho or 'lho couild'got away. front then other ttd'fly to thl salls of delight thIe othel side of tlio hay.':" "•'3Itotholaght: "Ifow'cttU I'ntatlago iscrrwithout hurtissg lertdratr feo!iil'o ? At I aslytllilg but tlute. let still it does:aeeam-mo sity to waste Itlt:tliftertootsa ".;Waero alst ooly safely disposedl of.for aus hlour or, two I could .take a' curriaogo, iina its totlniut.o.ltlidl tsycel 'at: Monte : Carlo; Ouco'I:tller, ldoubluss .i coinllrockbs itritly Isolr Iaslo l aus'lihsur. 'slit ' wold'cove l wii .":.:.' =.xd"of liiati'for atotillo 9 I 'Itl ottt i'tuiytlltsi '..lisat would mak'hloins mlspccto, aIn;: ythlieg but '-'IHs" SItilli,' ft"dsats- scom a ?psty to sasteo m'y . otlitay faroehnd :rosorvtlhslsg...'s eror ho.,onls •outof' the way 'forau i hour:or so, +I conld:got the omnitltss, which';sotarts, from :iaros at - So'colck 'nd 'sooto lotnd myoelfl ou frost f -thso 'CStino ;i~otieo ,tlier'It otould doubtless make Uip iml sy, ]o~s loqiltainlt otothl isysteto toeight mu Issot VatIssng, by.Its'sM Grieboll Itoirould sievesfled'it sut' t i"oj'z'i? h'm - lIre.-Frill. Itlthhtk tlistoI .will go. ?.nid s°iioCEpt lIsa resisarhatly, fine ScathdEllht h t , toy sayltlio-Prsstc of Mliosio us building from tlho.sroecsds of the gatuhllhin saloonls, I:tbisnk iler youstaidsthdat you did not curo for vslitilsg clturchses "os I do tist ashk yu to ccoeiny nio.e I eatll: Ito hockit snslour " ' Very well, er., Iohtll ,hscend to itin lower -oewi. ti have esome risels thlre;: e'Sutioeo we mutt tthO Is oltco uotalietito "datclcilho o'cleok traints ' ' "Calpiutalt capifal 'hour 't+. Frill. I hopo that youwillfind yotir frultsds at hotne,"-, Thsen, lowocrinligtt voieo olilghtly s,.s T'lhldughis'f citnto to ploy tlhey wtill tlotittlltto hIe over tlstru," 'witll iosvoguo 'wave ofatthuilsntd towaoriseitos "' oindced, 'sir; tliter are' nosi tlloeosrt of Jsooplu--tlt t I sy t t coyg'5 iogs'gitig h l l"?" '" o sdoiht if tleoy worutt ?Ni:o tlity would cino ?over oocalonslly, bit Ithoy naro .lhi" shero fdir '.theirllseo tl ,,o + - , , ,' A' l sa'l 'e so h'iihit :'" ',by dear ssadtmo,' tilltB o' loleek,sitd'Ito throttct ott ei' ilso dirtetlts of thue cisitrusiti;I swhlsr thue htoItO. .lloltcgolublltuotuilitsiusoet'tststt Islu ]laolicod ii cist CHAI'TR' IT.--Lucs A qutorter of tos houtr litter tir. Toodlldeu liod pisoaIt Iirouls theleh cIttsit lebd i otble titd founrt ]stmself u'itlst .thi gtohumlitl a tloso. tie orellts rie j.nt, ohis t/?ipatid fsntsci s,'irtily hloldl its a lIttlo eusovus bohg, s vitch ass: ost hie Innsocot Wlarwlck. lhIre olcte., pottr chlilit. hlad worked for ier othar Uticle Jolt't his , t'v 'o Altorughs still luite erhly3 Ithy ]lrge ltmloa swittilog o0er m3ach trilvitwro LItreoaly lightedI tootd lily grain hlinttlo p?lhcd diown otver versy

oiltaide, end'throewi i into , diUUt?r'promnei-ice thertuas of rich gihh!d orutu'itrit?tnlttii'iith which the suloons are dlec?rtedi 'i,.MC. ''oodld. deeitopped along clauiously' tliihndiig h4is War amonhg the crowd.t of idle 'gszrer"a'jlhleh duiirrudil-l each ranlttoe,hetthattinf us to whotri he would try bisluk. ' Altor carofuty survceying cicb tbleo ond':iet of Ilayerslo he decided on th' liht rouletlte it the oen rlom, because there was atheiit maeant tiext the croupier or moneydoelr. . b'wliereo nxo' ceptingperreIanco in grein t':Pr Lu?:Chrise, tho. hes ereuleteCr of lwnrl h.hiueniti.ehity' ar 'oich a motley crowd 'gatherbd' togethr-gatherled from all nationalities, alLrelgioiiat;'ll uthbliefs, and perhaps, stranger still, al raniks. Thus, on e.r, .uiodlteedi os rliltt 'r it t :ill'01.1eliepolnatt narchlesa who distrihutes ih?rity',to the poor the equivalent of all she has either lost or woat at the cud of the snsason. Neixt thlis htntle mintded ruitdcl ise mea totriue? Priris Intro-fs FutoPloltto, ie good. tlturedlr 'oxpl?idthetglthe gemTe toLaiv Sistit ])owm ie twenty-yCoar old bride of James F. Dow, i.t whilst"hue instead of looking after his vontg wife, is eagerly watching tld leontirig over the' shouldner of a Peris sholpkeolper who 11As hit on f. rather clover comlbination. Mir. T'oodledee noticed nitiong of'all thle. Hios t iod was full of Mnrs. Fall, anid' otting Ielr his money. His yietsoi if it: could cla called one, was to play.on a number lthat hibade itltlhig ol it. '" ,'or,". said io,, t f every ouir loses. and I play agaislutat ever' on I iisteetwit.". Cut; ciddly cnough hoh e didt't.. .i ter w iieifnlg a few ticcdlie lost steadily."'"' ''r " In (the cls ntimqo tihe" omuTibiin nrom o?e arrirced, brigling 'Mt-si 1 Frll:?+ Itintaild of wistitig her tine gnlind an"b llett o teibls,' alt' iundiocratelyo settleld toii" 'nt 'tho hoan seirest.tlte door, and plroducting a-little hook began rapidly noting dowes thle nunbern. "inr .etein was tvnt of 'i pilaying witthlhie table;" mhieuusiguilles'l bin mling his.lrlniig yotur, ntoney weltere. other people' laucn theirs; In Froenchl, jotaints I lit.l : To-diy 'she followed the lead of a man weho had ieen pointod out to her an having made tVio yo.trbeforo twenrty' thousand pounds ! This yar lhe seemed to bo getllng on loins Sell, for poor Mrs.'Frill asoon lost soLty frauca.: Sdddoely 'a murmur woeut round trhe table:' r Tile Pritco has just come in "' '" Come over:from Canners.e " I- fae bciut, jnieaf ie."i "Tlhait lady? Oh!'r flipt's :the' Duchess iufh, tmbeth," and so ott recltedl tIhe entraiceof .a nrry party'of ?,o tilit "meur and 'wotni. wheo aid just ctme in rnughinllg d talking. cu?sa. Frill's heart almost stopped oeatlng. Htow sio bleas?ed oeavesl foro hiling inspired Mr. Toodlcdee wit ait desire to inspect the caithedral ! OtherwReo sitne woildl nOeverhave, mest, so to peak, her future soveroelgt face tot faice.r Instead of risa hinij't a huledred yarde: off in a carriage," a bored tiud sullen expressionu over his tioblo couutouttc;: sine stw hit laughI inig 'gully' as thought foundtlthioustonesl and! gollcen keys were incneoelioisof u past ago. SMrs. Frill snok down again litothrseat; the Priice wits approaelioglher table. Closer ancd closer ho camoe, or rather his party, who. all' tieoned anxious to try their luck 'tit this par ticular roulette+tahlo; ' "Tweint'ysix" ohs" muttered tile voice that Mrs. Frill no welshed to 'hear. o', "Yes, how did i your I -Royal ighnesa' find out?" returned tholitdy rom lie ho lad addressed, 'in o a soimewhrIat piqued tone. " S Norville, tvetty-six." Tii Prince nodded, :his approbiaton; Immediately te'liritiale hands' weroe stretched' out, 'nid "twnt-ostix" was thickly covered with Napoleons ind fnvoe-franc' pieces ; yon may le sure that Mis. Frill did not umisa thuis o0tmrtintv of testilg hipr loyalty. " A doadl silence." This hmll witlezing round in' the cylindor, the croupier' motonoonoust ery''l 'nMeoesiurn, faito? vas jeut. ILien ne va plus'" asn the ball slacknecd--tlie, tid'i'a murtur of surprise ind plcasure, "Viingt-six, noir, pair, et ass " . .1 t hltat a-thrill of loyalty, joy, vrtue' rewarded" feeliug sawett over tei British learts ms their hatds gathered iii tise aotiitey wold c had beeo - pl:ced in little heapa liy the croupior's rake, so t(lt there' m ight he nione of the un soeemly squnbhbles which often occur whein a thickly coventred nuher comeseout, nd whllch' would 'beo so very iunflttiig were thoyto take lplaco before a poiverful .ipatron of the estoblisll mnot ot; so one or tano ladies who iinalo it pro. carious livelihood by gatheritg.p lethlor people s uonoe'.by mistakleere w quellei by ithe r lea croulier's awful oye,,and all passed off quietly. Every one was n xiouslv lookiug to see whore. tble gentleman addressed ly itoyul lips as "Nor. tille" would place his next stake, but, ouddetly; turning roundl, the Prince' uttered the word' Musiec." ' Thias en sl tile 'whole party 'to movro sadly towards the door. - Mrs. Frill "taycd, dotermineil' to go oon win-i ning now that she had a little capital in haind, owiig to her twenty-six" haul. But, alts !' alas! ulas! her capital soot melted to twenty; frtnie. Oe tiO e 0" nothing veuture iathlng linen" prineiplo se l placed it all on a upitbcr and lost.. r - . . - "Riti~g lhurredly, e'ho .te?ine thIt shewolruld iHver ihave time to waek downi'to thie Motnaco' sbtutlen. Sho had not a sou loft to pay it a f1:! but shei remThbored withl 'ti thrill of rilief that' 's' isi:ad a return tickiet from Monte Carlo' nttion, and just tinme to ldescend' the steeoop steps that lead down to It Ieforo thie tmii startod for, Ionaco. Once there, etho murt trusto hilck and tie long wait to pick ap 3i Mr. Toodlodeo on thle plstfori without Iis tlu.hviug eeni her de scond from h trhe tain . . Tei minutes liter aein thie goodi lady on scoieed in n railway carriage. tryilng to arrange Tn plausiile account of her "frilends in tlhe lower town" for the iiiiocent 'Toudlhdoe's betefit.' Cat tsllo did not see a tiny athlik figure flying 'dociwn thie steps ad dulrting ilnto the last carriatge s'tolio'traial moved off. A guily"' coasecietuc. Iroevents otio's eujoying the benaiesc of naturo.' Althlough dlotermunted nevoer to visit this terriile plaeo naga, elso- did iot g?t.o out of the left winudow ntld see for tire maset iti the lovely bay. lilleit with sitart yachts, thie loug juttini ptninlsulaof e[onaoo, and thlie frowilng, Til do Chlen, tilo hilly mountinl .ellieli. ovcrihatug tle littlo principality. No,' Mi:' Frill sat .gloomlly staring at her little rmpty lpk beag AndtI M'r. TioodSledco? Although "lrmly -e-' oolo'cd that tlts1hiouhlil be his l ant visit to MIoete Cairlo,'lho did inot lfurry to snatclt ai ltast look utntof thei riglht-lattoid widou st tin sitootit:g. gidlerifn by which tie train slowly steatmed, as do 'most of hie fellowi-counttivmevot 'henl theyl alatidon :'Moimco-till inext (tme.. No; Mr. 'TI'oodldsco sat contvulsively hlolding his little canelnv tobacco pouch, vwonderiig wshere tis swits could larvo bhoo befor e ilost £10 inll otno aftlernoon. : When the traLitn stolpped iho literally d:crcd not got out-?ntd iface Am. Frill on the platfiter. WVVhitt wosild'alo tLhink if's ole fonuld outthae'h h:lid come ftoin that'dei of inlquitty atl( h(ad lefttir dr comipanuy to gi and t autileh ai:"ayhissubsta nc?,r.?"_ ' Sit lng (c ing a msom-n a tl?lefroro"t more' coirageous, stepped out of iher compairtlnet,, 'rxdu be?n'aeeutrnlg th" platform i"i caearclh of Iliu; t(le 'unfortuntto uitu- ltchintllngr hir frount' Idi carriage.;' " Neo doubt," le muIttered tbh limsaelf-" uo'louhit shie camo l uite early, so ias to hbdoeuro not to tiss'me;" l Tien tIa ho Icn thoe :inipressioni made oi' all. present-by hlcr najestic flguro: atnd grtund lrl tiud witht a groan.:":, She is hero;ee:loking :fortme. Jolihn 'oodlodco,flnd ;I dare ot gnt 'be t.':. I ''i·t' "getoto". Sa'9 aho npiruaild the compeitmotitIto 'euva~" ti ault turned (hi hiattidlo of (lie leer,-evidently (taring"giraulv up'' her' fnilthlce "rbiainit;," 'tlmiughli'ver3t small" could stot utterly; dissim?t' tdte liiioeelf ini thb iadded' railsvny'nisaldnotn so 'ater osltting hersolf' dowitir it' ?,conorn ·'still sdokizg him' out of the wiudow, sho heard a littlo moan, ond turnsing rounl. exehitimed 'surprieedly :..J' Dear air. Toodledao;I. fear tsat you feel ill.. !Did yeou Itot. (en me. looling oe?erywhero for you! Islupposothiait vou tgot into .tlto..carrago"the iuouaeit thie tmirti stopped. ,rerhliupa thI hoet ovcrt?cmyo pot ": ..' LThu 'lidtot !:.Nbo,+ ,a'ani." Tic felt 'lpitn, overcone hty (ir itnnoceit triat'n l] :(i. it Aud hosw lid yoet find pour frieilds" :"u)- t Mlo al :yo. TItoynareqtiltoeirle ;thkt ie to suiii, sinhettter tlmnk you."a "Iuiilocd 1"·. . ,.i" Yen ;. and thie ctheodral, did it eomo iup to your expcctittoas?" . . . • fleautiful1 my dear mnadhasni--licr i; ui." it rSee," Ro?? he cried, pcinting to i. a' of .thle 'iW?ldoesco, (thluro is, the p1lteo ktnowl es tnie .•tiiletde.i' .Ch'trclyord. Awftl, is it not P shte oddhd scwih gloomy ecjoytcent. "I hear tlit thtoro'h)icvobn t(irn e thire oue.'t ,?i ' ' Inideed, ititeed o',Ifon; 'sari- sadlt - "'Yes. I dto ot tiutdi vieislig thliith hdo of Nice tigni. r Thimstorlres tobl of dIt/? lfnaie do disgutet iny sll soinue oh.'nl :s ,; .' - .' -. ,'(Ifeel r thin 'enme" mnsrstrcd"'hr.- Toodle. dce, geittly. . .Mar I ak,iwhnre yo ti re gohitg to nsxt, 'Sfre Frill I!'.. Tetl,, tlrasing closerhto: that lady-t- Dear Frill"' - r poooi Mr.-'Frill tailnto+ n "" eav Z' erfed Mr.! no platce' liko htatte.' ''Arid :yer lhmo, Mr. Tooeledco P:.I hasv- .isdna' l tiged' tdpea 'W'apphitg." 'slid Cotlntned softly.,'uc -o-t:'" " tIehontld bh ?ltread to skew It to yoslt."l'Map'. I htopoto ene dhiy, dear--detwet Iiurlotta P 'Ie hind secnther tatmeeIn fn 'diatorn','ook. lihen, frigittoned at htIs hIolndisee, he stopped short. " Call moe Tettle," whispered the lady eoflty, it your Onitlittle Tort" and tif course ihe inulatstly avulled himself of thie pertitission,. ll(w happy thry Iaoltl wore dluritig tlit ntext halflhur~ W]-tt did theiy talk ak-ut!

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