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Newspaper TitleKyabram Union (Vic. : 1886 - 1894)
Trove TitleFifine of the Damp Feet: An Experience of the Phonograph
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FIFINE-OF 0THE DAMP IE IT. AN EXPEEIENCE OF THE PHONO GRAPJL CHAPTERS I.--T5E MEP>e T AT TOE CIETOTNo . Thoeovenie beforo the day on whsich Johu Maroon was going to leavo Paris 'for London, after a' long visit to the nexhibition, having nothing hotter to do, he 'ent up to eonttuartro to poes thsevening at the famtuous Chat Noir Tavern he had rad about in lloetr'eifugs sinn, nod was anxious to see its reputed artiotic trea sures for himself. Towards midnight, footing tired, hle was about to make his way back to his hotel, when a main camoin whom he recognised at once as a friend he bad had in the old days of Iis Bohemion life in the Latin quarter. The Frenchman recog nised 1him asqu lckly, putting out his hand, sai: * Ah, Parson, it's you.' LYes, and you are Nouy-Mfichl Mfouy, if I an not ista.iken, who used to lunch with mo in that wretchedlittleo crmerio in tihe euu de Iln Sorbonno. What grand timue we hasi iie tihoe days to be sure? Well, asdwhatare you doing? You used to dream about ravolutiouiseng Frenech literature. lis the 'impressionist novel' made any progress since those days?' Oh,' said 0Iouy, sitting dtown andt calling for a boek, 'I have given up nall that lung ago. I nam on the Press nowv-on thle Lueoee jourual and supply them each day witiehse urmtt-laloulte .gietjeoem; They- take. splcedidlty.- Aed·ya? -.=±I lftu aspi youy too lavagiven up your youth fun aspiroteon.' 'Certainly I have. I am nowr a bourgeois of the bouigoeis. I au emple aoed ine a stbg fir of sihippers tiet city. Well, sns yeou-I suppose you are a regular customer?' * Not at all. I don't supposee that I come here more than once ine the moeth, and thsur eley to aoe nmy friends. To'niight, however, I lave corse here fornewse. I sant to knowe if it is for to-morrow morning.' 'eWhat is for toemorrow morninig. ' 'iThiooxecution of L eemasureer, the murderer of IRue Maublert. I heard tihat it was potssible that it would be for to-eeorrow, aeld leavu comee up hers to s0c Maililitre of the Lutee, to Iear rif tsat is no. And, by thle way, there lee is. Well. Mllstlihtre, do we pass the niglht out tihere or not?' 'Not a doubt of it,' said tise person addressed, lo csnasconsiderably intoeicated. *A long night of ]oiguantemotioiins. It wese telephoned doswn to ke office just befor I muneu up. 1, for my pert, wilt take ae back.' 'Shall youe come to-night?' said Nouy. SYes, I mrast say I should like to go with you.' 'Ole, that will be all right. Shall we bo going?' After a moment's lhesitation Iarsorn roso and necompanied his frirend to tila corner of the Avenue Trudaino where they took a cab. The cabman grutnblec greatly weern tee was told to drive out to tine Plaice dole Itoqucltte and net oat at acroawl. 'Our friendl is dloubtless an opponent of the systemrn of capital punishmente,' sbid ManOUy. * So am I,' said Marson. 'With such it scounderel as Lomseeureur thero caru bheeo eity. Do you iknow e-ebout Imien? Na? Well, lie'e the fellow e who murderced tile oli womane itn tele Rue Itaubert in tihe most brutal fashion imsasginabelle. Ais, I thsougiht you mast eave heerdl of it. Yes, lehat is ties sao ru mer. Tihe curious thling about it is that the Ipolice and the judges Iavue never boeen bile to iay their hlnds on tle plurler, wiiclih eonsiste of a elsesetitit of jescels and etock. Ite would necver confess iis crime nor say a word is to whist hee lhad dlone with these things. Indeed, it is strange they are going to execucte himse, ss after all ihey have only cireumestantial oevidence sgairet him, and noie of tie stroegeat. I lshouldn't cero to haroseistoecctd im to deathl on thle evidcence given set Iis trial.' ' Vitsort of a man is he ?' 'The regular barrier loater. The vilest type of man one ca see. A nerec wcild boast, fero cious aned cowardly. You will see hiie dlio like a craves. Tie ferocious crisietl eltevys e does, wlhilo se cool caiculatieg murderer, like the on Isaer guillotierd dowr at Bocarsvais last Saweek, takes itas the gastbler takes tIe loss of Isis l tstsoake.' About an hour later Paersor arid Isis frsiend iound themselves standieg sin the lirst rowl of e big crowd whietr as ollecte ouetsidel the o mit,. us toornof tiso IRoqetro goal. Ir frost of themn evs, a wcoodene btrrier reachlinsg to their wvaists. Tiery ewero about tee- yards fros thso door of tiwe prison asd esperatel onily by the barrier fromn the way down elhiche the crssminai ould i gang Isis lant gait. ile scene c-us drsamatie ad sinister. Tuie ickeo t of the prisekn gates was rejar, aid the oseggestiol of a door ejar is arlwa ts a troubtlig rise. Aisov thIe gates was tlr oepes trllies-rork of oodeno ,adc re fter theast ncr of a lortculiis, fins through thlia sslira lighnt iten siisuie. Tice cstalstel ee w salle of the Iprison. rey aed glooeey. care lilse a bark grount en ise itfth actof se Ieslodralli. ATove, between tile trees, tine ster vere di-vinrely beauentiful,eand from afre inr trie losinag of t akeoneiref I'ore Lechaiso ste trilling of a eight-e a ngsse could be heard, .11 rounds tie lrgossuero eore msueod hundreds of huesaer forms, hept tack by soldiers and clolice, wvhose orniformis glittered see theoy sw1eeSrt to. sndi fro urndecr lsa pressure of ilosue ,leicd tishes, andl tie faust hiisbr of the gaslifgtel cessegiet tiso tolisisod metal of tise button, sabre, er baeyoseet. Prceently tvo tumblris srove seleiptnd placed thotlsesw-es juest olspoeOtu the tvo meei. Oste was for rise conrveyanee of thle bsody aster tIe excuc. tion,the other containcet tue gueillotines. This a busy leainegsssrs's essfs-teiffe beegesis to nerstack. hear csev re es brisk about it thaest it looked for all tine worldliken houselhold resesorelaf a ceaes tooe oor to psay a tentesetor ered to whsom friccde nor giving a hlelping halesd. 'I'se sers were ice frock cUats aed ihighe hats, ecleicdl lere * esnrly they cisuigeel for caps and short jarcbets blerre procreoirisg to the imounitiseg of the guillo tine. The niglhticgaie was inow siltest, ccnd from sfeir thse collctsd rabteible anaRg hlideoussoy. Like dsseve vio piece together rise frgSm'ensts of a gigantic puzizle fasailiar to rlheir tlau-ors tile mess act trc tihe machine, wite occsienal steepintgs tacltb thsose who jusdge the progress of it e-ork of nrt or handicraft. One whiso rsessiered ust tde sttire of respecthbisitity of hise middle class, atid cho crA Itr hlait of rubbisg isi halnds coaplc ceitly froce tirme to tiear, wvlkbel to and fro, eastiri occassional glssiscei at the work lhat ras teeing diero. T-e histoesguIos,' it waes whisperred ire therowdl. So. euasisiot cinister preparastiones. the night passedt slowly. PItrsoic, evitle the isestisilcsen oestimenitality of aetaE egiisimmtios, boganr to regret tehvirneg cerise os dhe fstal Ihoure drew near. i ssid to toscy, ese eras taiking anced laughing With a bisd of e res' e-s's: ' I shall custa sorory tgPro, lain ssre. You see I ars tired.ano, thas thie istll e o shorrible. I erisle reese hI l snot come.' No,' .lstd diee philoslplical Frenchlmnc. ' don't waste any plity en such ofetloer. Think of the old Womacn whom hlo butelsonnd.' CnaeTrrEze .-gTiS GiLesrrrst Dora aTS Wnes. Gednually ;th dscy stealing .up -crrvals tilh anlloec mloe of the .,,.fito. Tier guililoine iernoeco beets iiilihee selcn erleile. frery teoas used dlecis tlue lessiegisceritries thee fenlI of lo ie llfe, vlsicl coece oevcclrl wilieh. tidecas meoier. altotreeneeesoars s tteis.,eeul~net- Msosyesey * Ole, I seem just soitcg to sa:y ties onltmrogi. It's -'roserty teas perfcssetei it us visse of usle l~heitsi tnt.But look ·oat. theuy are geiceg is~ta stake leice isp. It erill sect le longF tease. C'crt.elgn, I eion't celvy Leosseoutaur tie sol Il~tir1e nesiceoto of sis life.' W'lisitt tsroebo~n~tis.daosr of tIes Isirsas eorce eicucseesl teoie tieehiarhef ieroeveofouiitais 5 l'evied of evieset eras esesatli te lelrossn csew sissued. lie foit Isis kegssl boissliseg brilesalihitel, sitel it ess to if is colet kissd erso grippiscg Isis beset curt esuesreritigbu sty itSfl l~regre Sodd~enlry .a gree-sal. ore- of elfsoto ugh' ansIl ilrses hehitsei rosks otie tmors desperate effort to better thleir Isloces, sued critJc a erneketeg stee l snirseeso eosnee tiesgsscs esf ties oet are denoseiolsen. ~Ltreoes tones Isis basl esied scar ieruinsg is corlarscleoiy tserscisoti. Its freit tetroesoa tles Isciegitees, vinel ethe ahourdeet lrisseodSof iijgserityt ireissgait. -Tuson rones odeecr olilciuls, oneelobri, osi ,esricda Hoi ri ntl no a eoioeratuIros 'non :e miserably frighltened and in leittrreetccnrssishjteee 6 trees to leek bravo, oul hst lice t meat Iitifeel nsatelomees of a ~iison Isis face. 'Topt's Lo- - msu~urrnr,' ,ay, buuy, Iten eudltilo vice Jsst tleren,cesst at the0 cery iooiocist rlecci lle e~on. it doneed-· mars is otoggerimig lsast Isien, JIitr5ot5 hs is ma lireseed bolitiss by casfleesea cnaddetned critle esselesit ondt enraged at oeeiog isotbiog am. that tho ftb?obl wsodon barrier is eareset esay. iii arid the Eeegltelemao, bor-r-ortriiek, is puseled lie citiimt ticl iso orates of tule moscrofut rocereleti. is tieo isut a few frertirs frara tiso coslrdorned to roan teoforn gatleeriiig tip lrlet otrOoglllee cn sii croerd back tllses letselhm t itemriasiorit, ca teoworer, tcluueinsner, wies has host to store its Isis olost twisss isis nitneruele lecai fosrward end opeahe a few words icc a hlecibyJ eted qnsseering voieo, too lose for oreyeteo but Itlroon - to bear. A. unsiito (aftres-srlnsaecufio f scts, age else Insife comes down0 cud Ilis dirty trogedy is li over. lo 'Vell, end hoer do you feol nose?' enls tot NSoey1;ss tsgetber~tisey iaads Ilseir cray doss-u tiwl

p the Rue do la Rl uette. tt. iIow badlly thoseI fellows behaved, to be sure. Theu mnss died behotter than I thought he would.' 'YYe. O1, tloan feeling sllrigght : Duly very tire,! I spy 'I tshutt'tt to allei to tAlke the O- train to rLoudon this mtornisg. I spirt have timeo to get hecl to m hoteol tot l gut readty. Will yus coee to the )Exhibition witlh mue'' e Not I. thtnk you: I have tthe exiitiiiot up to uy throat. I shell go ite suiotetly, ount in whlsen I tInse given titsl brnossi I isfi dtily 0, dose I slull go to--tel. I say, let's go its here 'g atd itve it s esfittt.sitf.' ro ter e CnsrrEnsIII.-Fre-no ofs TaHr DTPti FtT. a- After sisort and troubtlled sleep at his Ihotel Marsoon rosP sssnd drossEd, asd wenst back to tihe ut . Exhibttion. ' What is there I hlaven't seen?' An lie taked himselft as le strolled dowtn the sd Cettral Park. ' Oh,. I know, IEdison's pince, tie the plhongrtlph kiosjsuoii tho tAmericantusction. tg. I should bes sorry not to see' that uand Chear for : sayelf if it is si wonderful us the ppliers say.' Tlhere weore only two speople in thu kiosten SJ whetn Miluson erntered. and ccconriv ss ite hadt in not to wait long for 1is turn to hotl the two Il little tglas globes to his cars. Ioe leunt various 'se squeaky roestitions of songs iand phlsrcs whsich ~? soundedl to uis like thle fur-oft echu of somue cu amsteur venttriloqust perforlmance. After a de while, tired of listensing to repoctedl inanities, Ihoe asked and obtained plrtmis-ion to or speak into the receiver himself. While lIo was trying to think of sometlhing stronger to leave onrocord tlhan such inbecilities to lie host beets listening to, there flashelld across his mindf - the recollection of thile wordos whlichl Io had a? liesrd Ibreatlhed itn his our tlhat mornifg by the ti;- ssky and sdlsverfsgvvuico of-a tumriuid maon, wsics Iso hud tcompletoly forgttessi until tlse. of This woos- ll the more remarktablo that the rsu words were not in any lsanguago tlhat he undeItr -I stood, sounds snsd notlhing else as fasr as he wtts oonernedl. ' It's dosubtless some FreneCs no atiIg,' heI thought; I isay, it wil. be rstheret. lst joke to register thelo hero. It will puzzlesotrngsg I of respectable persons, fur fromt issspiningsf that i it lhte tiro litettning to tle flastorss ofr acoonnons sistuiecor.' Accordinsgly, bscssdisgt/tfosnss poke theo words into tso tube. The treodle fsweing worked a fewt minutes afterwairds the bu g-e globlso echoeid back the following:-'La no scllotte-celoz Filtfl-des Pied -Itusiides.' a1fursoLn started ak. Notf lny had the curious :l imachine produced Itle exact words, Ibut asio the or very tones of the original espiaker. It was Lemasusreurr's very voice, with the ring of the agonsy of fealtl its its i ncenls. 'Li-cniss elole ,l, -cfiez Fifi-dlcos Picdo-Itumness .' As lio hit listened to it the horror of thie nighttt ti to htadt t tspasscd rsiesto over Itsfs, oansd with it is great desire 5Y to le ofulsdsiscy. s0 tlhat by chlsissgeo of scoene or bIy srapid miotsion Iho miglht shako o the re inemsbrsnco whlich was ssupos lilht like it hideous tl nightmare.. So lsandinIg the tubes to hIis nseshlbosr te tlhankedl thle uttoendanut, aind. palo an oclundonesto, sftaggered out inito fse Amstorican Co'urt. Au Ito reiibes the enrd of tho scort Io td loheard a coummotion behind himi, iand looking so rosssst sias- is msaoi coUte tCarinsg salontg issis no dlirction l lcetlless of the abuse thliit twsts beissg to levelled sit Isis Ihead Iby tlhose whiot he pushedlc ot oisld is the eaigerness of Isis owaotrsd paseosag. A pickplocket I dsiro asly,' tlhough t Idoreoos, m islkitng roostI for theOstomstopases. Btsit o, of to seeing the Ettglilllhnll. had hallted suddenlly itid iwas srotetndingif to io vastly interetestd in thie exhsibts of it household-utensil miansufiactur ro iug comantysl-. It soit sheftrt aitis rouhiot misost, I? with ikcs blasck eyes end itbushy blck Iearnf. Id Marsoe wtas too lmuch occupieid witlh his al thoughtsll to paysimy furthler attention to Ihlim, st uand w dlked oinssd on. 'I'll walk myself ldead s. tired,' ie said; 'that may htellp tu to forget.' d Ito passed out of the IExhibition by the gaiteway it ott thse Qisil dit'Ori isand mIadsse hlii pVtiy loot sthe a Paoerliaimensit ltotuOs tinto tfeo BIfoslevaisrd St. t;er or maini. As tie was pisiinlg theo War Oftice ie to looked roiund and aw t-at itt shlort matn wvith to kcot LInck eyes aniid i thick Ihearsl was close ie sy hiisd himi. ' I sees to Ihave seen thattfellowbc Sfore,' lie snid, so l plslthe us vigorousiy. At to tfiocorier of the Boslevatrd St. ItlclhoI, co us Iso was debating whelther to tuns to the right or to the left, hle noticed him agaisn. Turning to the loft lhe so midle Ihis wtsy dots-st towards thu Seino. INotro ). Imoue Cathedral is somewhere neair here,' Ihe to thloughlt, after a while. ' I haIve Ihalf a minsd to , go aInd spnll an hour thelre. It will put me to into a tliterent frame of mind. Yes, but at whoore ie Our Lady of Pari ? I shall be of foreotting my owntstame next.' dy ithe St. icheoe'e fountain there loret soandisg just id tohens a dlhaolute-loolhing young fellowan d a Sselattersf gir of siout sovetntens. H Os , tihat's ot. ie tsstter,' cried imron, ' thlty wfill direct me f all right. w rsdon, b Indcllowislo,' ie saod, tol it dressigi the girl, 'wilt yous hol o good is to to toll sue she trey to Notro taoo Ciatliedraml to Thi words woro Iardly out of his moulth s11 whel, with a crcy, the mai as wt omoss thnied so ist ar . At the tsosue tilseIturno folind hlit fit eclf roughly collared. HoIs himt tight.' crietd sr a veice behsiss himt, ' whilst oe catch thlt so other twoe.' S 'ootsrfing roitind his Itla s parson sawn thait lheo tisis isr the cicoltches of the olttle laclek-estrsni so mint, who Islss Ioees felloet hingt froml the E-ttlhbities. 'What sre you ysols inlsfitgm for i' o, heeried, struggiing violetlly t looose ilmseclf. y 'This isll 0isLsEurdof outrage.' to Oh, 'o ms osaid the maes . W e khnoO alt t- ahbotl thlit. Yolt jst koeep quiet, will yos V or o yos'll get it crisek use thre Isead owitl Josephtlt t st yeoul -o'lrt like.' is Jurst tlen tih police rcturned loldings the . o- se llid tie g'sirl, rlio both were lossly it vociferaltisigiss lnosgugof othe ilest. Whseni Stloe sotw ltersos they ing to abusIn litne it te motl horrible, terms, of wshich, IuSchily, lie d did riot undcrmstsd a wortl. A lheoie crowd is tritc collected, ustd it tros felloswedu isl tstdrods r. of shouting citiessns thllt MaIrton oste isl fellctp t pisrsonerus were nrched lof to the tepolice str. Slieu, tl Ee sglish oulst expostultilg louilly it a n"kdiaect whiccs affordoed immese ssuuscmesst, os 11 wcellrto the crowd its to Isis liltors. Lt CsTsne IoV.u - rAS CCosthm c OI Tst' BLOOD to Lure-sot,. Lort-nss,' to ie cusommsssfe wio s osino is olfe whioen they °" reoalcd tse lso!ico-station, ain linlto Iis h amiigIst 0o asmesulc the sIrisolers wore lscret fortlisho iti. 'o Ito old dgeltfeon looked gver ioucls strnrsitd Sto ea so reelpectleli looking :ti masuss tilte o c hlping-clerli in sucl bil coreuteoty. ,k f' To rlr,wlst'otlhilo' Ito cried. 'rlfoiuclnow; k Auguse. ethcrsmie the Lilmper, I ktsow; sut so e iIsa is Hutit yousng fercigstcrt Ass Essgliftosuiss, A I shouldtoev. Is ito. pocket-psickisgcsales?' i nou , so,' said the sltective. 'Sosething cro- musttch soore importaLnt. Allow tte to i I tpseuto, luste, tonsieur In Couissoire, the tlmireoe mcistrtlices of L nnsuuoeu, ote elroe c L- te Ithe otllettoer, tote of slid, Ruee so its lIe- 1 to sl ete.' Ito fuelldbcfc tloen the otfct iroe 1 disced Its- hin worfs 05 the uou sgiotrxte. It wats SgrCeat a ore it le coutld posibly ho le teirct. on Loaosurcus' ericit d itrtmaista snte, welrig II fgto lif feet. ithe stiurticrer of tihe W'ido F Cttcleuro The mI .-he io no uillotised this hi morninig You don't sicots it?" Htosw did youI ay yousr totedeson th' len? I caots inle lvoe 'd ars!' n t lr h k 'Ys,usdl waiot is smore, .sir,' said thle dote tire, ruslsing his Isiiss, sore steill be able to hay our hauste on the plusder. Won't old s iteouft behtlosood' 0 How dare yoSs speoak of an examinisg smgistrateo uttschud to the 'Patis court of 0 us!esooiss o focoilior teres V I tist ehoekecd at veis But so -ott sqoy, snot'l Ilebs htrlootied V 'Ifow -did it comel sksut V I ttooghtLsteiosu. reIr tsihd mode tooeoa~ssol.sefs. No- sisoro Iso toil, Zt tos o oxloeordietsv- a itttetaiseeos thssit I olusuetot~wislis ist it teysoif, I trill ~tell you hater uo. Bsit lin~t ga ilt t'r n esnilo sie fellows. 2 uty ie ; Just oo,' oldL thesooistriuo. 'Its usty eocse, it is too oCriosis aI htt$ICSjts for me to diu- 5 1 pose of', auth Isseost certetisly go before lIsa eossn~itsistgtsngimteunt. I seed ssot itok yo £ esrssisis'le Vontirl5~its, tonsiiegto thle tsveo 1 reccls isriwlcsev. IBut ost V' i to ureon, ' lJohiss Itunosi.' (EsgIsI V ~Yes Age.~ V~ Thists-toro, Good. 8 I't'fe~doss V Clerk,. Bolter. Dostsicile VLosi- A 1 sHIts oviflt OCe~ostesia profeseioal~ vfsitu to i s uirvfts, In slsreo.Inc . .oldlO h, dosi't sou utrf1 t tr.Yuwl go thoresgls the i muliecjtlossotrtcistoero-coirtsi like Use rest, oust 00.lr1 yot dol rscsoel tlts truth tKlout cost s* wossll lie-re you w'ilt get loced sits titotice. TukILe soy s advice ussd keels qsiiot UInsil thesslo $~d·'loskOt comes rousti-Iihtsck Motto, you call it to old 8 Aoti tits cb rsu'IIo. It wilt to here directly, osssh osayyeul di Iss sioi imperfect k'iowletgo of V'restch, Johnhm wee lelisleso to ihfceisif hsisteslf. What shoes l it satitcater ido llV' ho thiossghst. IThey ctn't oh it soill leo saticth!tog is lk uhoilC trsoss I got hesue.' The sondar beoket reuse round its abosti h-ol w 00 hlour, ussd isito it thle three pr'sossoro wuro his sicctretossiesieto hosislesl. Insisfi tlso isrieeu Iso wits scoreltcsi, oust shurthy oftorwisedowu tre 5 locked ~ ~ ~ ~ li bed'liucline r u~snotleng mil rabtuoct of )I3:tttcit5 thisjisige sf'fisfssselio,s. O Th Cstrtnrtn YI.--Fuaasl. oss 'After tlse prisouct bed been uskeod life anto, fne oge;'oatd adiltees, fit e egtpsteoto cleared hisbu thiroit, ondi lt-tlsg hlu opctuched o es full 00 ;tc Jolsts's fete,1 Iseoss: 'stisothor al? cots hove f 1usd tools corroet or cull ur cmot yet ic a pool. chi ti-in to ucy. Io the rtacwuhh~ itf Inldllftrect '1

to me... Whlit'I have called you here foi this irningo g is to ask you, wha connection you hail with thie executed man Lcemasureur, and with the crime for which he undcerwent not later thau yreterday morning the cxtrecie pettlty of the law" pLook, here, Mfr. Biscuits,' cried Mtarcti, flying into a pIassioni. *I havo *ust is much of this sort of thing ots Icare to totle. Eiioogh is is good us a froet. Assuoz. You know what I ioani. I dlon't lknow ainthling about your Letnnsureir except - that I saw the be:istlv way in which hie was butchered yenterday. As for _Mrs. Fauclheur and oll the rest of your iiioaeiiee, I know nud cure oothing. I am ir respetablle clerk of the city of Ilydon. I came overto see the Exposition and thieTower iand ial thlat, anod vry tco I ioust say it all is. Bult I don't want any more of your Paris ifthtis is the wily you treat foreigners. I rcallita olisioc, I do.' yTouo it not appear to realise the position in which you aroe.pluccd,'continued tlhotnagistrate. SA most surioes charge haos, been laid against you, unmely of being ian accomnplice either be *ore or litter the fact of the uman who was ecxeouted yesterday moriltnir. It is hunowva Ihiti lie led aecimplices, aitd that the Iewcts aud otheoroljects whicl lie stoloefoni the unihaplpy Mrs. Faeuchor were giveni into the keeping of theee. A most providential occurrence put justice oil the truck of you and your con telerates jist t a tune iwhen, the principal being ieolt, yon were hlsping to enjoy ii quiet Iluefruit of lioustabominlaele ecploits.' Thoe inigistrate louchled a bell. An usher ap peored, who at a word fromn him Awent out and returned necompanied hy tthe black-bearded detective and a young man of respectable cp efnonrlce. - eNov, M.r. Carloi, sBaid the magistrate, addressing the detective, 'the prisotner persists in deunying all conicclion with the affair we know about. I shall he gl:ad to hear your otlteentt of the cirmustancesc under whicli you arrested hlim.' It is,' said thle detective, 'the most exara ordinary exl:perictuce I have overhad. Being on holiday ycoterday, I profitedl by my loirure to pay uivisit to the collection of iimarvels of our great and glorious Exhibition. After spending the morning ih the admliration of the worbs of art, I went to the American section, anid had barely entered when the alleged MIrsoen came in. e11, too, was anxious to oernine the triumph of the genius of Edison, though niot I feir from the seame imotives as usually inspire aI peaceful and in gentous crowd. Somietlhing ii Is appearance attrctedmty atteition. ' Young man,' I said to myelf, 'illis niot straight witllh you. I'll keep my eye on youl.' Anti I did. All of a sudden, I eee hini clhange colour, and innoedia. tely efterwarlds he dlropstle globesenld cultsoitof the kiosqluuc. I catch up the apparatus, fix them in ay ear, set the mnelili ginig. and ihear-I hlatra voice oaying 0i idleinm s ihe dlly ' La easeelotlo chlue Fiillume des I'ic.-lIfiuuilco."' *Whuichl translated into proper Freiieih,' inter. rn tied tilhe Inugistrate, glhirig it Jolhn, '`means 'the plunder is in thie keeping of Filue of the Daiup-feet,' Fitine being ii notorious clharalcter who is genierally to be foiund near the olpen-air coltee-stall known ais the cafi of the Damp-feet public. What sort of a voice was it ' ThIe voiceof the prisoner btfore you.' Anld whvlat conclusions didl you draw from what you lhad heard ?' 'Thalt somo arraingement had ibeen made by the gang to commueunicatr e in this original uanl unexpected manner. These milians have their lioild full of romantic stuff fromn reading the hleifpemiuy lpnaers.' 'Very leoflle. Well, and what did you do tlicii?'~ 'I said, ' Cerlou, iiiy boy,yolurholiiayis over. I kieow that Fitiso Ihuil beut connieted with the crime, andl, as you know-. she was some time unlder arrest oni suiapoion. That madoie mutlhiik it once that tilhe plunder referred to was thalit of the widow Fuilcheeur. I conjectured also that this fellow. s s soon iis lie thad left his uressauge, had caught sight of mce, recognised me, iiil see` iiig that lie hliid giveii himself nvawy, lied cut and run. I out after lim, and followed hliii like his shaldow-. IRighlt enouglh, at the St. Michel's Fountain I see hiii go up to Fillio nd belein talking. Doubtlessro to give them the tip, enil to wara tlhem to get the things away. But in the ieanlwhile I hadiil given two noliciieimthe wink, icid we were down uponi tlhem like lighlltilng, before they could concert any plan of ilefeuice.' ' Is this the plhoinograpl operator?' 'At your service, eir. Yeou recognise this man ? Yes. Now aset the machism going., 'I must mform your lhonour,' said the operator, 'tlht the words in question were the hast spolken in the maclhine, you will have to hear Ill that went before-some thousand weordls.' Very wvell,'said thie mangistrate, sottlinghim self comfortably in his arm-chair; ' we have plenty of timie. and I for mny part shall niot in the least object, as I haive niever vet heard the voice of electricity enchaiilid i y mayi. Eli? Wlhait'e that': lie cried. as hlcplaouiograpplunose set iii motion,, squeaked forth, ' Whliat silly Johunics ithesCe Freichmei s are to be sure.' Oh, it's oily the inaclilie.' 'Woniderful. 'Wonderful. To be sure. Not complimientary, hut excessively wonderful,' cried the magistrate. Sulcddenly Ir. Biscuit, turning round, cried out, ' Yes, wonderful to be sure. BUtr wrst: is THE s'iuOiExR? All turned. Thie guard, awakened as from a dreaiii, jumnps foriVerd, fiid tslliii tlirows luiiii self agiaiuot the door. It is locked from oileside. 'hoc Iatter their hands against the door whilst ise ilonogroali toots forth, inot without irony, the tiiie of that popular song to whliclh tSohe words are Ite'll never come hack, HeIIo'll never come back, 'HeI1'll irever coie back any more.' And hie didn't. By the timeo the door was opened Johni had got a good start, and without returning to his hiatel weas aile to get over to England that iafternoon by the club-train. Frosi Loudon he wrote to M'r. Biscuit and told himi the circumstances. In due time lie received nctice thalt an ordisnance of nolse ioe ciqri had beeln delivered againist iii by thit stisigofrete. os til complete iiniocenc e heisthceiiestablisliedl bsy the conifessioiss of Fiumeo of tise flsisil-Feet, ous of Auguste, known as the Limper. Neither Carlou, the detective, nor the mogis trate, was ever able to explailn tie mnystery of thie plhonograpl's miessago; and, as Jothn had alo particular reason to give thei that or aiy oilier satisfarction, the oilyc way I cam see for it ia for ilicisi to buy a coy of this narro. inve.-It. E. Shuerseon. iii 1'iufC _ efI Jisuulyef.