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Chapter NumberXIII (CONTINUED.)
Chapter TitleTHE RESCUE.
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Full Date1889-05-31
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Newspaper TitleKyabram Union (Vic. : 1886 - 1894)
Trove TitleThe Curse of Carne's Hold, a Tale of Adventure
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THE SCURSSE iO. CARNE'S: HOLDL A TALE OF.ADVENTURE. B' - . .A. Ha'rrr, uthor of" VUnder Drake's Flag," " With Clive in' India,'" A Cornet of horse," ! o.t CHAPTEi XIII (Co:rntuan.) THiE IESCCE." -Although Ronald Mtoreyn', strugglingt along 'in tih darkcnss bad, not noticed it, tljo patth had for the last Stour turned ott front the line thattlhesy st been followring. Thoy stopped by a ,,littlo stremwn running down thu valley.' IHero a nativo rottloe' the gourds. Mary Aruntronie felt bettor aftor a drinok of wator. ': I think," Ronald said to hoer " that if you wero to batho your faco andt hands it would .rofrush you. TMora'isaCoek thOr. just at thu edgo of thu stream. I ams uroyour foot mnust ho uBro and blIstered. It wilt ho half an hour before there is a gleam of light; and I should recommend you to take of ol your shoos and stockings and paddle your fet in 'tho water." " That would bo refreshing," the girl said. " Miy foot are aching dreadfully. Now please toll mo all that has happened; how you came to ho hero." ':Sitting besoile her, Ronald told her of jovorythlun" from thu 'timeo when hsis party arrived unit hoot offtthni natives.attacking thu ýsý '" 1uty.oatt t tck ote iotujl h" i'soehattil; k ~when °ho:' lent" lleduh . "To iifnk' that you have Bonooall this for nthot " "Isoedr minid lbout thanks, Miss Armstrung. Wu areo not oiut of the wood yeot; "osiu daugers aro only half over, and if it Iwero not that I trust to tio cunning of our good friend Krtls and his ingooie, I llould havo very littlo hope 'of 'gettini out of thtis mess. I think that it it "just hvgnniug toigot lighit. I cuss jest tnake 'out the ouitlises of thie trunks of the trees, which is moro tlhan I could do before. I will o and ask Kroeta what lhe is going to do, and by the timul come back perhals you had ibetter gt your shies os n shgi, nd bo ready for a 'start. I doni't upposae wo shall a far; hut lie doubt he will find souie sart of hiding place." Kroeta, in fact, was just giving instructions to LI eisn. '"W are gsoing out in dilfferenOt directions to look for somu Iplaco to lio up for to-day," hle said. " In the mrssing they search all alout the woods. WVe must gt into slhelter buforo it Ia light enough for the meli on the hill toils to seao down through thel trees. -You stop here, quiet. In half an hour we come back again. Thera is plenty of time ; they no find out yet that it ossiosi gnes." Is a foa' miniutes TSiry Armstrong joined lionald. " How do yoa feeool now f" Ilo asked. "All thu fresher and the better for the wash," lishe said; " but I really don't think that Icould walk very far; say feet ire very much blisteredt. I donl't sco why they slhoulil boa so hadt ; we laver only geon i ut twenty four Intles clsI diy. aid I always tossiTe steresi that I cosld wttill' twenty muilet without dificuilty." " It snakes all th diofference how you walk, Miss Arieatronsg. No doubt, if Pyou hacd been in go's s pirita,uttl s iit i t itlcpnesat party, you couatl hlav walketd fifty miiles ins two siys, althoughithatlto certainly i tlong distanloe for a woman;l but ldepreacd anid almoast dctps iring, as you ware, it tol siposs you greatly, aindi doubtless you rahller dragged your fset along than walkes." " Idsuo't wrant to think albout it," tlu" girl saidl, with a slhuddelr. " It ecems to have becn ans asiful dtreui. Soteio diay I will tell you about it, but I cannot nowY." " hL'er are some mealia and some cold matet. iWe eaclh broughit it week's supply witlh us when we left. 1 theu twiggoisa. 1 a'sureo tlha' I tu s will te all the better for cating somi fltisug " Sldo fuel verly hligry, now I think of it," the girl asslntel. I ihave hardly eates Is mosiltfusl Amicou that mssorni'niig." mI si' Iothhungry myolfrns" Ronald said; "I was too anxiouss yesterday to do justice to my food." "I feet very mIsItchi bsetter nsosy," the girl said uctiesisslso had tiuisich. I betlieve I woo faisnt fromu tituist of foid before, althosgh I did 'not Lisnk' of it. I an ssee I eould go oil walkbtkgsspse... ft' wai'ot time paiiisthlatsteipiid. mo, but eiusitsl lsoeaisu'I 'slistis't "feel asif '1. could lift my ootfroea the ground- Anid t]ibro is ono tlhis I cwait to say. I wish yous would not call tnoIO is Artnitroig, it s'mes noa foelsss and still', wlsen you tue runnisg such terrible riskls to nave iec. Pleaseu eull rise Mdary anid I wvil call you arury. . thsisik I ]sairds ys tell my father your tiuissie wvs IaIrrty Illussit." S TIhat is l) nissi: I cllted under, it is not myown uusIio; Iseni very eldomenlist uIICnder their aswii aessssssc." th lr y viorus ' ohle Isketd in surplrisc. " Patly, 1 eslpliose, basenassn ai got tean of us got inlto itriles tuefere ice enlistLerL. ail doss't assee for our frscsl to he able to trace us." "luts sure you intever got intlo a scrape," the girl osisl looking u1, into iutnald's fice. "I got into I very bIl sC ern ie." Rlonald answered,t n" si otstie that Iis spril cli tInyIIole lifeo but avg will isot tastkihtisit tliat. lBut I wouldl rather, if yoiu dsl't mitnd, that you shaould call sme by myt otwn teia now soswe are together. If weo getot osf tlhis, I lshall iso Sr geanthlllunt ignin5, but I shlosd liks e you to call me liondls noue.'' "lssonuld," the girl said, "' that ounds Scottistih." " I mut not Scotch ; nor, o far asI htnow, is there any Scotch Ibloud itn my veins, but thu issisn l:hs beentsit the fssnily st good maosy yeore ; hlw it g of tlien I do not ksow'." .'.1 almost wiulh it w'rs sdirk sigaini," tuse girl said vithi I little hius '" in lIsa ldarke you seema to mse the Sergeunt Ilunst who met jsust in timeo to save is thallt tay the farm was attackedl; but tnow I sece you I cann.ot reecogies you ut itll: ovclu your oyec look quilo dil'crest iii tlit block skins." SI latter imysl tliit lisy get up Ia very floost," ]osiiill li ei. "" I save sall sote dilioilty is kooeepling ulp the colour. loch sIsay bofore startinsg wee Isav gone to your fires i got fresh clisrcol nusll aimisxdci it titti sosttu grea:s we 'brousghst itihll s atid rubbed it ini afreosh." l ut your iair-whatliavo you done toyour litair " ltoseild toldter the sourco fraom lwhiclh le 'dorivet Isis trig, sitsei Masy Armoirongi hat shill. cto yis relrwiiu hez brett frots burhstigig osit cultyilrrrilruh~l :intma ile ry 'uath. Two'Iss or tlhree ofi the PI'igoe's llad by Atn timeo returned, ailt itn i oin minutes lllilid gutlircdet llit spot klrots lismtedes to the relportstof ealhos his men. 'Thloro wits then a sliort consultatieto . Then lie canto t ne of PuT l men has found a place that will do weoll," lo said. " It is tie we were ' y a re b of r d£ ha h fll ov r t e mgoieg,"' One of. ie 'ostwgoe ' anose took the leos, the .'oltea foilow er.- . A quarterof in ahor'n woille op'theu hill ihno' g rows tep snaid. "Thewr selry, ntep, lroigltte to o teo osa r nhl rsteeli tiun thowol' rook ltid afillen frwitii'iome 'r "'hooy 'noeb hilgh.'sLsrsrisi't c'me Ilsie geverlllacf it ' hril dodws'I'le o : sia onwhich ted'u upprof thlu 'fstsencold no:siid seitterKd v ii f iitf iittit'fociod bya great slab olro'l tliahlre foathrs e thechi tlo ''"rlca sittored -lus" oltreasuloti'' of ' nfprvI. 'iwo lc ttohe nativou 'crept in rithn 'toueirn h soeais't their Isatrids''ln trio or 'three noiitea oso ofr thetou retuniedvliu the hoslieu of tsrn 'silt-isdolsertheiy biat 'killed.'lciaao were dcetipe~d in amotig. setu ost own gno itns sow," Inret said, n Theod 'arcti more of tlsott." tonald :crsawler its first, and bellid 'inssre inatrollsg' in kfter' Iios.' Thou natiknc fo towed. i2tlrtica~ninssois et carefullyeoaomitsissg tiso isos beforo Isu stid ,w'to hse tant tso twig hwas bropets or sd Itou niatigres t n he mntered to plcve two or tlreerocun over tlso cotrance. GL ood 11am."·) hoeaBist, leokiogrotisid 550 lie jotiond ttellsehru. It wagof tumlile irc o cots. loin the 'ishole party, atid ivns iasau four feet In" height. Lg clme ino eKral Isliero tllorse tots w tie niser slob looted. "'it courld isot Iss better, Keota, evets Ifithiod hootsmush oti I)Irlee.IO· It ices1 luelyIsyistedo 'your fellow foutisti." "M's fuutsd two or three otliems," the chlief 'said, "hut tltlobeat." 2' It ta lisky thetsa mest cetti ili tlrot otti 'found ttso susalies," Malry Arssinoteets said, 5mfor .we Issivo not got litre ilist strhfl wo slivapa itee in tlso colousy s sits aistidote, atsd their ~bit" iu .alusoat n!~Itrisy fatal utdeaas ttsat n~in be usad its 'Donald'~m ivo iare of thlis, ansIlist itiuheed "duritsg tlsenIiglst'o siotreli tias otisikes tenstositly inB lriamitiit5 for iso 'kasosv ilsit theoy ehotisdeil 'in tsehlalil. Oslof st les Fiusqoes had taken Isis 'astnioti at tilsoe ltnitrifo, Ilavtttg retnocei Useo 'ulper otesse tles clief host tilised theore, an thssit Iso cosslsi suit 'iith Ilila head oat of thu 0ostiiigll. ItIsif ass Isosir 'ifter Ilsey Isid stiteresi tll cave IsO tuisniensitiuand at l~ .to this elsiof.sIOie "F~ist If shre ore hisiistiltg," Xreta soul. Llatentag at tts setihinbg theby could hocarI diatant shauta. ' Tflieo werar nunicered from 61 letritsr tsrvEit.c

1 many pailte,` somne of them .comparatively close. "The "noews -.baloing .passaed from kral, to krtl,", Ilonald biad ;:.f.itliey' up like' a swarm of bees nosw, but search % a they sill they are not likely to find us here. Do you thinik they will at all, chief 1'! STheoy will find where wa stopped losl to kraal," Krett said; "the" dead leaves were. diturbed by our feeoot; alter that not find, too meejyrpeoplagona alongpath; groonivoryharl; may lied, sonotimn, mark of wlito woman's sioos; hut we leavo path many times, and after I carry, io find at all. Mountains very big; muchli bush; never findhlere." SThe chief now told his follower to replace tihe stone and join too others and that all should be silent. Sitting with his ear at one of the openings ho listened to the sounds in the woods; once or twice he whispered that aliers were passing close, searching among tilhe bushes; ad'ono party came so near that their words could he plaily heardl in the cave. They were discussing thi msanner in which the fugi. tire had escaped, and wore unanimlous in the belief tlhat sheo had been aided by the followers of soemo other chief, for tmhat an nemry should have penetrated into the heart of the Aniatolas did not strike them as plossible. The arguinent was rather whlieh of the other chiefs would have ventured to have robbed Mlacomo, mid the opinion incliied to the fact that it imuiot have been Snndilli himself, whlio wouilddoubtless have heard, froalthemessoeu ger sent over on the previous aftornoon to in forna Macmo, of the return-of tho band with a pretty young white woman as a eaptice. Istacoeno :ilad doubtleoss been driik :and Sandilli might have determined to Ihvo the iieectrreied oif fog thmlte lf.. - - - serv.Armstrongb oddatedi as She listeued to the tebe, but *hiesssfifh:yls, idsgd ose-Keola said: " t. " Good thins the Tair hnvo -Cntt -on h1 not search on muci heore. Search in Sandf i1's coussti. Perhaps make great lurizrl between' Malcoino and Snndilli. Good thinlg thlat.". As the day went oin the opirils of the Fingoes rose, and in low tones they Cexpressed their de light at hlaving outwittled the KTallire. \o foottepsc had been heard in their neiglh bourhood for some time, an'd the? felt sure that the arelh haid been abandoned In that quarter. Towards sunset all iito a hearty nmeal, and tie sooen s it becamse dark the stones at the oitrance were removed and the party crept out. McLlr Arestrong had elept the groatcr'partof the flay, and IRonall miiid the Fiugoos had isles passed a portion of their timno in sloop. They started, therefore, refreshetd nd otroep. It took thein many hours of platent work hbefore they arrived at tihe edge of the forest oin the lanst oSrwell of the Amatolns. They aide been obliged to make miony detours to avoid krails, and to surmounst ite lrcpices tlatoflten barred their tway. 'lThey had started about 8 in the ovening and it was, as they knew from tihe shire, rfully o'clock in the morning when they osoerged l'frm tle forest. MIary Armstrong hatd kept on well with the rest; her fooeet were extromely painful, but site swas now strong and Ihopeful, and no word of complaiint escaled her. Ronald tundthe chief keptby or side, helping heer uipor down dill. cult laces, and assiltil heliar to tiss through te tltoeiny Iushes, whlic caught irdresso andl would Inhave rendtlered it alnost impossible for her to get throtuglh ntscistcd. Once out of tite btush, the partcy hurried down thie grassy sllo, anlldl then kept on ra mil furthler. The cit Inote gave a loultd call. It wlt nitswered fatintll frromC the dilotance ; in tive niiuttes the sounttof It horO's hoo fis wass Ieardt, andl in to short time tlhe Fingo who lihad lere left in chairge of it gallolpped ip with Rlonald's hlorse. 'M try Armstriong was sittirg on tlhe ;lundtl, for she wats lnow o Iutterly lexhuisted Il to could noi longer keeli hier feel, anti had, Siten they leit to bat ttsh, teeni Suporltste Land intlf ltIfniricil by ltoneld and KTetai. Sho mado anll elffort to rise nal t oatehoes cameu lp. " PI'leaeo wait a itoment, I will lnot he above twoe iniutes," Ronald Seaitd; " but I really dni-i. not iile ilo Ieilng l Williamstownri like this." 1Nt unstra;ppedl hlis valise, took the jack hoots thatt were hlnriing fromn the saddle, rtand moved tawary ill thie darknless. It two or three minutes lie returnedl in is le tuniform. " I feel ti civilleet bieing agaiin," Its sead, ' laughiing ; " it hiaidlfil of Steid it the first streaim tea cornt to will got this black off ry fice. I have left ise seig as a legacy to aty Motile wi tiiay light upen it. Row I will shift the seatidlt it felw inltroes furtlher biack. I tittiles you limd btotter ibis before rise, for you are coimpletely wron out, aid I canr hold you there better titan you coldit holdstyourself if ioto wiro. to sit Ibeiind mse." Ilt strapped oil iti beliso,: cl;l ted his esnddle, liftedMaryciip, and sprrg sll betind lohiar kr. , Are yeti coenfehatiahe f" le auskgtl. " Quito comfortable," el sauidl t little tshyly, rantd then they started. The ligittwus just be ginislitng to break in the east as they rode outt freai thCe clump of tree. They were not satof dtiiagcr yet, for paittiesL of KtIllis miight be met with ait miay tiieo until they iarrived withlin musIket shlot of King Williamstown.a The Fin ge e run at i iPace that kept ithe hidoe ait r oletep trot. It tets very Ipttsetit to laonild ilerveisi to feel MItary Anistristg iii Lis tss, tiltdl to kinow, as lie slid. Ilhe stafo atil cesli. ldent lieso felt lthere; - but hie did nrot press licr meri) closely tlihan was nieceCssairy to cIaiilo her to ietaier eata, or permit iimsel to speak in ii softur or toislitrer tone tlitrsinuIsual. "If we lioutld come across iany of these etoundrels, IiMar," Ite said Presently, "do you tile the rein. Dbe yeou llsik1 yen caie sit stealy weilithttit soy Iolldinig coo slnmly" " Yes," the girl stiid, " if I put one foot on yours 1 could certuimly hold on. I coulrd twist eieof tsy haunds in the horse's mans." tlrt us pete tics1~ ii itictt I"OUBII:IO) " Gna you use It pistol 'r" " Of course I cas," she relied. " I was as goodl ai shot its my father." " Thati is till right, thein. I will give yout ons of imy pistols ; ithen 1 can hIold you with imy right nrai, for the10 hoise may ]litnIlgo if it Sper olrilkc t ilt. I will use my tcleol in ray left h::nd. I will see that rio oite entches hlisa lridle oil that side do you attend to the right. I ltope it sos't coeii to that, still there's never] iny sayinig, and we shaIll lave oie or two nitiy aiblscsto pitstlsthroulg outr seay dloneei. \e lsayo tle aidvcintlage that Should thlucre l any1 IKallirs tlhem they will tint ito keetping a twalelt his Wty, athd eO ipsw 11010 to geot pretty well 1 through theim befor tlhcy see us." " Will y3ou promise te eri thing, Ronald o " se oaked. " Will you shoot ise if you fill Ii 1that so cirot guet plust e" liosaltl beddetitdl. " I tem not at aill afraid of death,"'' she said ; " death ttotld be i iotlig lute thatt. 1 wouldi rather tile a thotiatd taru tleteihtui fall into the hansilof the Kiallirstigain." " IPrresiiso you, latry, myip last r~hot hut trie shaell I efor yots, sy ltt fr tIsIytlf; libst if I ru sttruck oelf Coe )ortt bly at lblletor tisega 1 you utlist triutt to yotur own plitol." "I willd tltthat, otenall. - i.hlvo itieei per fectly lhappy since youe took me out of theu' Int; I iivoestectcimed to feel airy feir of being :u ciltliretd, for 1 felt Chat if sile)s ost-rioolh us could always ctenrt so. On thie wa- tylcre, if I coutlI iave got lold of tan assegai 1 should have erticclx miiyself." " TItuis Geod you didn't,'" said Ronalll earnsctly, " though I coult not have blamed you."] They palne at thi entratico to earcl loof thsrouigph which Cthev hluu topLas3s ad tl she uins. lb rrha.I was slrot usl~il ito hittarsitheir' rail oss tholather nsidotiatl: tnoald galkopped after: SI iCkghI ti ihso p fht- we bshall got through ssese;"irussouldosaid,' afteremergisligSorn die of these Iteoos ; "ire have only erie iore il lilacs to pttse, but, of oourie, Ctie ular~it'r-so genctlest titers, as frora Ibit thle Tuihinre will be vtttellin n sigisilit tiny advlcnic of the troopt from Ctie insert." ' Tue Finigoes were ovidtently of the came opiniont r sa thoy sliiproached it Kroat tottdto penltelto Iteriald. · " dir strs to ie here," lie' said, "but me and mssy moosn rs creeu through ; bitt see moot niot call to you, inicos; th mnfieirswoul Ietr us and be on those tcth. Safest plia for u ato go thlrough liret, riot go slosig: ilhitls, hult thlrough1 basis; ltlers for passl Cu golleitctneglit thlroughlr oenel if theyJ cicee to laths,o yostgt *eoe ie thnu to otols you. I titisik thaRt beat way." "I thiiik so too, Treta. If thoeyhear he horsoe's hoofs comsinig froeti hiahtistl thiey will sip.ooe it is a stiorisitei soessri'er from itie hills. Asilisie~, I tisisk that a shiseiefor itisl our best chtnieo." m I t hi nok eu, hies. I thinik pots get through safe if go fiml." 11P long will yu boe gotting through, uartor of al hloulr, thCe chlie said; insist go hlose. You rule four, ilvo isnstutes." Itrets -stood Chissighitfuily for so sibsulo or tico; u" e ione't like it, itrcos. lie tell oul what we do. We hold over to left, aid Cs lesl whies ee goet tilt IlretiRhi thle ht,ihise~e lire our gusto. S~Tasl itie ifitlire rury hutch aslitrorituntO isd 111 rut Chlat snoy, auth! yea sisle Otettig1it throughl. ir ltt theoy lisitiht anertishia you, 1Nlmits "'lthey no overtake," the chaief otii, conel ilnistwy. " We n fittnst! i get i:eot citirt. Iling Wih'llitinsietasen ei3ltrto aise Iol's seisikl ; russ lesri thirin haItlf hiosur. Theynsits caltcIh iso." ulion thie Fisigoes 1usd Iteeti geonie sarbout tess niluuie~eia iihmd, asaurod that Ihe ifIsLhlis mould bo gisthisedo at lisa far end of thle biloef, wont forward at a waelk. Presesntly his hehrd six ahota firod in rapid succession. Thli was fol.

lowed by an outburst of yells nud eries in front, and he. set sours to his horse and dashed for. ward at a gallop. IIe was nearly through the kloof when a body of Katlirs, who were rniiing through the wood from the right, burnt sud. denly from the bushes. into theo path. So aotnsheed were they at rseeing tihe whito man within a few yards of them that for a moment thcv did not think of using their weapons, and l mo,,ld dashed through tem:, scattering themi to right snd left. Inutothers prang frlomi the bushes. Rlonaldh. liot downl two men who eprongl at the horse's bridle, anid lie heard Mary Annbtrsrong's patol on the othier ide. lieol had drawn his sword before setting off at a gallop. " Hold tight, Mary," he saidi, as he relacxed ieis hold of her anid cut downi a native who wias springing 1upon him froni thelo bushes: Another fell ,tron a bullet froze the pisatol, and then ha wan through them. " Stoop down,'Mary,". lie said, p1resaing lier: forward on the rsero's neck ant bndting down over lher. Hie felt his liorse jive a sudlden spring, iand know tlhat it wia hit with an assegai.; while almost at the samie instant le felt ai sensation en of a hot iron r:tingi -from his bolt to his shoulder. as a" spar ripped pclollt and flesh and then glanced alongb over hils shoulder. -A ioment later and thely weere out of the kloof iid riding at full spel aeas tlie opeun. Looking over his shoulder lie saw that the falLiro gave up pursuit afler following for a hlndred yards Over' on thi left hl lieirit dnroillyair suts, diid Presentl caught a gliiepoe itt thhat ilfractiol of the ngaoa runinig hi a losue body, huroild at tih distunco of a hun. dred yards or so by a largo nuumber of Kafilrs. But others Lad hheard thie soundil of firing, for in a niinuti ortwo.he saw abeody of irorselen riding at' fell ,spead. fromm' ling.Villiemstown ,in' ti direction of thle firing. lie at once lihock~ed theapeed of his lid haroosa "We! res saifo now, Maryc; fthat is troap'of oureorpn ..Aro':onIda?". "No, I am neot fouched. -Areanhurt, RIonald?- '5I thought Ifeltyoul start. - "I hav go at a bit of a ecratlch oni thoba ilk, but it's nothlinag serious. . I will get off in a moment, nMary ; the hlorse han anssegaui in hiis quarters, and I must got it out.". "Take me down, too, pleaso; Ifcolgiddy now it is all over." IRonaldl lifted hoe driwn, and then pulled the aEsegail fromn the hlorse's back.' "I don't think much lharm is dcone," ie snild; " a fortnliht in tie stabIle and ho will be all ri"lit e"ain.i ou ier bleeding dreadfilly," the girl x claimed, as she caughotiglt of Isa back. " It's a terrible wound to look at." " Then it looks worse than it is," lie laughed. " Thile spvnr only glanced alolng on the ribs. It's lucy I was btoopling so iiucl. After going througlh wriat we hlave weelnay tlhiik ourselves wall off indeed that we hnva oscaiiped withl suuch a scratlch ias this between us." u" It's not a scratch at all;"' the girl said, in digantly ; " it's iI very deel, blad cut." Perhaps it is a bad rta," Jtonaildsimiled, Sbut a "t is of no consiirrleneo ace way or the other. Now lot s joain lio others. Al,, heroe they come, witlh Ireta showing them the m'1,o troopers had chased thie KalIrs back to the bqulh, ud, led by thie Fingd, were noe coming tip it a gallop to thie spot where lleorIld and Mary Amnatarong were stlanding by tlheO horse. ". i t is you, sergeant," LionlCenmst Daniels sail, for it eas iI tortionl of loilotdo oldl troop tiat I had riddlen iup. " I never cac peeled to cu yoll uigaini, foe We lrrdl thle day before yesterday front the levy cficer whoua rno i willth telueiamii unitioi waggolns thaint you l:ed goel off to try to rescueo tihre ladies who lhadl been carriedl offil by the Kiflirs. It was a mudil tusine.s, but you have partly succeeded, I tir glad to see," mid hIo lifted his cap to MIary Anu itrouik'. talrtly, air," Ronnald said. " The wrotchen killed the otlher two the lday they carried tham off. This'l is Miss Armstrong. I tllhink you stopped at her father's hlouse one day lhen al we cereo out oi the iabouusic." "Yes, a course," the lileutenant said, alilgfltlg. "ESciusr me for tlit resognising yeu, siss Aruostlroelg, hut, ii fact-" " In fct, I look very pale, and rugged, and tattered." "I am not surprised at that, Miss Arm atrong. You iulstliavo gone tlriughit a terribleo titie, and 1 hc:urlily congratuhuiio Sergieant lmiunt o:1 the saccca of luisngaillut uttempt to rescue you." " Have you heard fromn oy fathler ? How is hot" "Your father, MHise Armstrong ! I ihave leoard.suotluisg ibout hint sinici 1 lrcmrd frolmi SergeantfBlufnt tlitt you had ill got safely away atfter that attack." " it was in the wggon, air," Ronald ex. ulbei d ; " ho was hart in the fight writhl thli lifltirs, aid Mr. Nolan brought hinl back in the oi, I lheard lie had brouglht a woundoed non with hlin ; but I did lnot hearlla ilslname. i'Noln said lhe ad beenrl b:adlly wounded, but the irgrcoii saiL that hs tlioughlt lio aligiht got rruandu.' I have no iloubt that thue iglit of Miss Arlastrong will ilo him good." " P'erhaps, sir," IRonald said, fidiily, " you will let one of the troop ridle o rsill Miss Arostrnllg at once. I tlhik I miust wait for a bit." " Why, whlut is it, crnealt ?" the lieutenant iskedl, ctchiiugl himn ly theu arm, for ihe siwY that ise WAs o thlle point of filling. " You anre wvoundled, I se; anild here in 1 tallilng shuout otler tlhings nuid not thinkilng of you." 'Two of thu troop leapt from their lhorses and laid Rlonaldl dowln, for lie hliadl faintedill, overcoiu sully by tho pain and loss of blood, but niore Iy re sudlden i tirinattion of the hieavy strain it the Ilst four days. " It is only a Ilesh wound, Miss Armstrong. Ilhcro is no ocsion for feur. lie has fainted from loss of bleood, iiidl I lhave no dolublt for a ioienit but ho will sour le Ill right again. Joiinson, landl your iihorse over to Mies ArmI itroig, and do you, Willianui, ride over with iei to the hospital. We will have Sergeiant Bluntiln the hlospital hailf an hour niter you got ierri, Misas Armstronlg." It scous very iunkinld to leave hliml," the ;irl arid, " iafter ill he has dlote for me." liHe will underlstand it, ily ldenr youlng Iltd, end you can isc hllin inl the hlospital lireetly yell get there." Mary reluectlly ullouwedl herself to bie liftedl lilto tle sddle ail roldo oflf witlh the trooper. " Now Likhe his Jiackelt ail shirt ol' " tile lietcenanit sraidl; " it's Ita nslty rip tihat hoe lias tot. I olippaso tliat lIte iiias leatlhg forwiarL in hoe sOddul whleli the spear toicliel lilni. it's Lucky tlihat it glancedi up ilnstiead of going tfuough huntll." 'lThe sollicrs removedl IRonald's coat. There vaos no slirt underneiatlh, for lihe hUad nut waitoed to lut one on cwhen iuhe mounted. Thluotroopens il lheardl froi their coimradles, oni the return of ithe escort, tlhat the sergoant ihad, before start in t, giothiieelf up as It naLtive ; andl they woro not therefore urlprisedl, isl thley otloherwisea would havo beoren, at his bl:ck skin. " Put your ilaidI into the left holiter of any sadidle," the lieutenunt soal. " You will flu1 te or irro hr lisndages aniid onoe liht there; iioy C earo til liiig ta col in haidy iii this ivork. Ly tslihut ini thn e gtolig. T'lt's right. Prees it dewn a little, ianld put isome more iln. hiotiudugesr oail dlilbody. Thuors; ~itusk ha vill do noew.; obuit tiero's sno sloubt thtit its iu lasfy~woiilnd; It buls' cii right 'lifrieg~li: his aisenlen~of tliudbsek.:.·Now tori, himi aver, anld gicivlsiomyd lluakfroin thlbute~lcr." Some broundy nid stater wias pourid bettweon 1itionld's liisi and hle soon oluenled hisi eyes. "fmi'to mve, Boorgcint, oryua w sll oat your ivoouiil off bleoulilig egaisir. W ilmi o you comifoerably ilitoliospilal. Al, th1atis th e roey~thain ; good nuen,." ie beakse off, as lirela slcl thauigoca brouglit up a litter hluichl they hlad born buoy ili colsltructilig. "hLtie Aruin Itroig hims iddeln oni to thie hlospiti to scolier otller. She wn'iiitod to stop, but I ceiit hlir on, so ih111t wo could iuldiige you comfoatably." " I thiink I cau sit is horse now,." Ronld ,ilid, trieyfiu Is ries. I don't hussy Yrlietlier you can or slot, sor. ralit; humt you ilCO ist goang to try. Now, I als, lift hrim ohi o the litter." Kreta aund tie two troopers lifted him cro. fully oi to thie litter; thlel four of tloFinigoes ilrod it oai their sihoulders. Asotuer took tollidld's lisoroe, whicli siow limpedd stiflly, and ite it ilollg beililnd thu litter; and with tili roop lIrilinlllgip thi roar, the punrty tnrtedfor CIHAPTER XIV. iitrseN i5 O'FE'eD A CarsroasiohO. - As seooi is Mury Armustroalg reaelhed the hos pitl, thi trooeor who uuccoulpaiulcd Iler took licr o the siurgeol' lnartlnr. Tlue olleer, oil louring tuiat ic lulyiseihed to speak to huh, at onlcoeniil liut. i 1I1 mIs huloy .AristrOllug,"ll tegirl soul as she olilil atl Ioel Frolu thi horse. " I lhilc icy fatheTr is he~re, souiided. IeD eso1uehs ii the rvoggon this day beforo yesotrdayI bllauve." I' Oh yis, his is laero, isi Armsitrlg, Iliad h1im1 hut iII o01e of the ,olicer'a wards that is tihuer oise Eliiity at tIr enlt." "110ccv in luc, doetuef"'~ " Well, I ili osorry to siy that just at pereellt lie i veLy Ill. T'e wound51s, I hoi0p, lile liii liklhey to pro flitll, though liiudoublteidli ltie arvorerysrioses but le ia ill a stole of highs fever-ton fuel, he to delirious, prinijpallp, tbiuk, ow'Ing to his anxiety about you, at least

so I galthered frocni theofller wholbrought him in, for he was already delirious whoen he arurived haored"' - "I cosind tbohim, I lhnop ? " Certainl you eon, Ilsso rmstroang. Your roseonc is likely to suotholhm. T'ho ward will bo entlirey' it your disposal. Icoogratublto you moot heartiljy in getting out of thu haindo of he Ifulfliro. Mr. Noien told us of thu gallatt uttosmpt which tl seorgoeant of the Cupo IMountedl Ililm woos going to stinke to resoe you, but I don't think tllht anyone thought oe had thu shadow of a clhance of success." " He succeededl, doctor, ist you see; but ld w as woundedt to-day just as0o were wrin sight of theotown. They aro bringinig hin here. Will iou kindl let mu kno when ho comes in, and ",I will lot you know - at once, Miss Aristrong; and now I will take you to your falther." SOnet of the hlospital orderlies was standitng by thie bedsido of Mr. Annstrong na his daughtert and the surgeon entered. The patient wee tat.. ingIoudl. - f I telou I will go. Thy havo cnrried off Mary. I now Utle (to it ad could not help her, blt I will go ntow." - he iry rwlkt l to t1 bedsido and bent down mad kisced iher fatlher. "I m hero, faither,.by your sldo. I have got away from them, and hero .Iltun to nuro you." duo patient ceaoed talking, and a quicter ex. iresiont cauto over his face. Mary tiook his hand in ihers nid qlotly stroked it. "'lThat's right, ary," hoi tirmOurod; "anro tilhbars of thea cttle knurl iup S lo that all the shutters tire closed, -no cannot be too careful you know-." . .'. I will eto to it all, fithior," sht aid clheer. fully 'a 0,0w try to go to sloop- - -A fosv. mro r ords inooele fmrud the wounded moil's lipst, md thoanl holayojteit with closed -. Thitt u excellent, Mliss Armstrong," thio surgoont stid; " the consciousies- tlhat you are a~itl htint liso, you too, toothed hint at once. If he sao'oes get him to drink a little of this lemoto etio, audl will send you some modicino forhliutl shortly." "iHow'aro the wounlds, doctor ?" - "Ol, I think the wounds willdo," Ithe sur geooirelied ; "i no fur its I aut tell, the eseotoil lntojusatlissed the top of thiln bl y g a iy ar's breadth. Two inches lower and it wvould have behtn fotal. As for tite woundsl in the logs I i,, tnot aunticiplat, much trouble with them. They liavo mitrbed bloth boones ind arteries, aind are roiily liotliitg buit leoth woutdle, iidnl fter the holithy, active lifo youtr fatheir hl otn livingl. I do not tlhink wo nIeeId be unttoy about thelmo." lit half iut louer the surgeon looked in ngnin. " Sergeatt int ihas arrivted,"' he aid. " Yoet canl sot your mind li ut caco about hlit ; it's It snty gahli, Lhti of ni real inportttico wlhutever. Itive n lwn tlhe edges tugoether and ewin theme up ; lie it quited ill goodl Sihito ind laughed ain raid that it wotd in thie back could lhardly boctilledl aII honourablel car. l'i bniooir yout tlhat in tten dalys or so lie w'i'll be atbout atgain." - "Would you mind telling hIim," BMary asied, " tlhat I would come to see himi at onic, buit my fathelr is holding my lhandtl so tight ,lat I could niot draw it away without roiuioig ihim.'' "1 I will toll hin," the osurgeon enid. " Oh, heren is the ordiolly h-'lit your nmedicino ns well tin your t'ilther's." l - th orlerly hroutgilt ini a troy with it bowl of beef teo uid it glt-to of wineo. " IYon will tl:i, butts tte.:,, it yout li4 ts 'dios Artstittuimg. tidt I wiloathlie' the otitir boil placeil by the sitle iot your father, eo tInt you cos lie down with imt holdiniig your haid. You tire looking ter ribly p1:1 ial- lired, and I do not want you o1illv haluutistoo." 'Thie try was pilnced upon the tiinle within TMarty's reachi, iat the t surgeon stooil by aItIt wu tlhat sie drank the w'ie and IeOf-teaL. He tnd the ordierly tlhen mioved the other couch to the side of Mr. Armstrong's bedl, tnol airnulgeud it so that 'ary cotld lito downi still withll her lhand iIn her fatlheIr's. Now," ie satild, " I recommenid you to go oil to sloop soon. I iito happyl i to aty that your ftolhor is sloelit; inaturity, ,1and it m lay ho hIoutrs bficore ho wakCe. Whein lIt deao hiii will be uere to mIIove and wake you,eand the ighltof you will, ii hle is' tensible, as I ex Ict he will b(ptin tit ietyar, wheii liu co returned in the ifternioot froim i recoiuniseanc ie ho aid boen itiakiing Witl it portion of the troops, called at once to scu )elstllh. but was told that Ite was sound o isleepl, and to lft wotrd that he would call oinit in the soering. 'Thie tonwso of Sergeant Blunt's desperate attempllt to res loe t threewhito women who had JL been carriedu oflf Iy Ilthe Kailrs hliad, ivhtOi replorted by Lieutetnant Nolant, becitlio ntlject of utch talilk in the caIip. OEveryone idtiitted that it us ita breaehi of discipline thus to leave the party of which Ihows w i col nuit dt i heli iuponleit iol " s ooaieo, but no one bcircd to Ititive Cerioutily bhlinit hitmn for tlhis. AdItii r:tio fe filthe idariug and regrut for the loss of so brinv it soldier, for oneie thoughlt lthere was the sliglhtesat hineo of eveor seeing hlims oin, overtlowered til other fings. Mr. Io luti taiteil ttiatt toe sergoont told hire thtct one of the tthreu wien wai s tohe daughter of the woundel d iuan he lied brouglht in witl him, anld that Iheo Ihad ktnown lher ttnd her fatheii beifore, iaid it wasngoe rally ogrced that tlhero must hlaveo been some. thing matire thlan mero actuinintaibeOinithucesoto. intluce tl scrgeonutto undcrk'esuchadesporate oiterprise. Ureat interest waus therotore ex cited lwhen, upon the returnt of Lieutenant ltDaniela's party, it lecamno known that Ioe had falleu in with SorgEnit Blunt andt a young indly, anud thalt the sergeatut was severely woundled. All sorts of questions werorsked the lieutenant. "Tell to one she's pretty, Daniols," a young subaltern inid. " She is pretty, Mellor, as prelty a girl no I hovu saci u the colony, though, of courseo, heo is lookitng utterly worn out, and nio wionder. But blio's mo1ro tiltuh proiy-8oa's it lady if ever 1 ntw oto." "Il is a genttloeman," anothller oflltrr, who Ihad just nito upt, said. "I have joot been talking to Nolnt, tind It tells site that Sergeint dloutt tO ofk her ao itl idy, andl said thalt her father hted ncrved in thle anuy tuid foughlt us it y·ooll: co~sign tit Watelrloo."' Mr TArmntron is a gntlemant,' "Lieutenant Danielssaid. "'.ttl l ll titfourmonithoKe ilubousio River, that in where Blunt got to know hin. Ito tiid the reputaitiont of being it wealthy iatnt. Blunit was in oittmmtnd of a party who caimnO 1 natd saved then wlhen they were attackeui lby the Kinllirn ot Clhristmat s IDaity. So tils is the seCcondttimu Ioe hal rescued the young lucly." I hoieo Mr. A'rmsatrong isn't going to bo a etern fits er tand spoil the lwhole romance ofi thi lintbilieso," young lullor utaghed. " Ot of your trool'os, D)nils, hlowever brave n fellow, ciian lnrdly be consaidered as a good matchl forit Iheirces." "lunittis ionantlchatgentlcmannn Inmd,"Lieu Insnant Danliets eaidqutuiotly. "1I know nothing wlatoverr of Iil hlistory io wlhat his real inime is, for 1 c:lct thaint Blunt is a oiu-dte-gerr't, but I do kinow that Io is a geintlemant, aid I tn sure tlhat he has serveOd as Ot olico1r. MIore tilits that I do not want .to know, untleos hle chloos to etll aeo iniself. -I ounppose uli get ittlo osier scnepuo or oihar at-iostto; but .1 tottliUtt' snitid otokinig a Itoavy ie6t that, whltievoe it - wons, it -was nothing doi hoitoouralo." "lunt - Itoor did hlo got Ithar-iwy ffot the ilfaire h It seeins absiost hi hopooasililitr. I usbeod illicait simntof the Fiitgoet, rlto w oo witltim," 1th lio ioutenantsmid, t"but he had alreidy gt tlireo pnrto itrusik, so Idid not got miuel not of hlint; liut us- for asI could mttitto out, theor crriedlher oif fromte Mcomo'i kraul i the hleoit of the Asmuatoliis." " Oli, coteo stow, that aeoms naltogether oh. surul," nto or iltoro of the oficoers Otanld isg rotiit tlil tuisid aIuleor laughled, i "Oniieou f ottig down to fuett Eturidico hack froiti lindes til nit cisy tItstk of it iit coopntrisnlt -n o " lii, gtillc to -sou tLati you Itito stat for. gottesi your olittoimnl latn'itstg, aIuleor," otto of thue olihor othicor saitit, hut cortoitlly of ilto te'o I would r-.tlier ttsderhtku thli task of Ortltheits, wlho was pretty decesttly treattd after all, thnic auto BIacomeo' uhrol to fetchl bhckn litly love. noll, Iu onulleowo shill oar olttitlotit to. sonorro; lift I oust Iltrdlly betevo Ohio uto~ryto he true. Thue nttvis are such linrs tltot th o'st' no believisig: evliatiltoy eay.ii Tito sioxir monnitig, oftor broabufast, Cap. tainTue~tlttysstits osl~tict Lttlosnntltnitsiiolowlkod ncrocs to tlt'hoslutil. They first sow the ourgoon. We\~ll, drocter htow io my sorgonairt 1" - tOit thililunn to soeory, oiti thh sur gon clterfitlly. Of couroo, the on'ounthd wil· be oforttiglitl poerlhnps tltreo w'eeks, bofore it is Itealod upetloistntly for hinit to return to duty, buit othrwoisu tloru is nothing thue matter with thim. - A lobg ighL 'nrest Itus Iplled himt round eoiiildololy. l~o is a hittlo - weak from le~ssof ileed, lit there isno hlrst in that. There is, I tllitk, ito four wlhatvuer of faver or otlter cootptihitetioio, It is slmtly a quostion of the wound lienttsig tsp." >Ait thu colo sistot-Aromsrong 1is namo is, I llsirk o -wliso io hauqltor was curried away lioti'f t0 slie gii ist Ott "i Musc hottcr. His daughtor'n presnnco at oncoe tllinet his delirium, anti this mnorniag, whons he woke after a good nitll'e slettp, he was consolous, and will now, I thnuk, do well. 11ois vory weak, butthat does not matter, and

)to is pporfectly content, lytll^ý their lllldrlil Lil liirolgerfehl d. . Heoent s aosked Ito quetoion as to hieowhio got biole again, oeid,u of ouooo, I. hsvo told liornot tialluds to tlo subjcctohi to check him at once if ho does. 'Iho poorgirl looks all the better for Iher night's rest. dho was a wan-looking creature when thell arrived yesterday morning, but is ilO percent. Letter ulready, and with another day or two's rest, nod tho comofort of etoing hor father going oni well, she wil soon gut lerolourufd tone buck again.'", I suppose wo an go up uond see llunt, and hear about hiouadvenitures." "Ohl, vcs, talkiog will do hlil no halirm. I will comrs with you, for I was 1co, huoy this morning, when I weft my rounds, to have any onvorsatlion withl him except us to his wound." " ly igtquirio aro partly personal ond portly ollicial," CapltailTweotyioiiu said. "Colonel Someoet osued too oh --i-- to soo illint, anld pathior I jgorm ation al s to the IKallirs' ositions that aiglht be usefuoll. 1 woent yester. d oacening to iluestiol the lI1ino head mania who went with hint, but ho aema all lis men wero s drunk as pigo. 1 healcr that whenl they firstarrivod they said they hadilcarried the girl oil from facor nio' kral, but fpi colurse there mun t'bs soeno muistike; thiey iiovr could hiavo volit'ned into tis heart of tlh .Aloatohas and como outalive." Thd three oillcors proceeded togtliher to tlhe ward in which ltonilil was lying. 1 Well, sorgennit, how dlo ou feel yourself P" Captaini Twontyiun asked. ' Oh, I run tall righlt, sir," RonRid answered, chlorfully. " My back epii its I bit, of couirne, but that is nothling. I hlope I shaill be in thel silllo-ngail before long-lit liny rate before. ths aidvanceo is mude." " I hope so, Blunt. And now, if you feel up to tolling it, I inimt to heur ablouit your lutven turo. Coloiel Soiieroot lilkod :ou'to niltim , am it willO"throw".egiio light en tvis n niii1orsoItlll *positioi of.'tlihe .'Ills u e.nise;t the -whole oini:1p is wanting -to Inowo 'Ilo' yoitl osceopodod 'in gottinw Mliui Armistironig out ot thlic liiilns'of the Kalirs.. I cutn uosuro you that thiro is nothin:g elso talked about." 1' Tlheore is nothing imuch to talk aboiot, ais fur 0a I amu concernerl, air," Ronaldi said. "It was thle Thigoca' doing allogetlier, nilu tlhey could ihave managed as well, indeedl beottor, witlhout mie." " Excopt tlihat they would niot hiaveo done it, unlces you h ul been witlih 1110111." " No, perh1aps aot." Ronald idmiiittod. " I was lucky einough dolwn at P'ort Eliziabethl to fish out 10 ron of IKloti. the alld ll as of the partS, who 1ha1d been walhed olf his feet ill tihe o ar n 0uld it wnii griititudo for that thit ill dlluced hint to follow mnc." " Yes, '. o hearnd about thliat busi:sie frollm Mr. ol.tan. and altllhouglh you s1ak lightlly of it, it was, he tells us, a very gallant afiur in docid. ut amt- ust to this oahlr mattlelr." " Iln the first place, C1npt ini' Twlent:nuniii, I admuit that goitng l aste I dill Voas t great branchol of dutly. I caoil iliy n1lythlit1 ishaIll 1 willilng. cheerfuillly, to subiut il , iiii pe:naltyl thle coUloelol ay thin k fit to to:lin. I had nol r:glht what 000r to ieavo liy dilthniwnit on what was rolly privet" iuniieia : i tit. erun if I aid been ocrtatin that I shauilh', hvo tie,, shot is nde. sorteor ol hn Iy retIri to tIie riguunti, I should hot 11n10 lcihl'11il: ill ncilg itsi I did."' "We ill 1a1l' ..,eraLInid aoiir feelings, Blunt," Captain Twentrll I ullitn, kinlly; " and volt htave, "o n'eed toi make yorar "lf ony oil that cOirl.. To llnnil iin lluo 1 r0 w liiu i m'1 ohimo 1thw woiuld lii it bad as the i at1 ry of tti captain who fil}"egalI amenian, who janupod over'lirdl to uavo a olllnlrlic, forloavieg llo ,hit/ ivithiut liders. Neo ffr wour atoiry. All tej aunt tordi tinst your tiung nays that you cirriol oil thle y.ung 1:l1 f1ron1 Iiricoiou's l:nil, ut, of iatirc, tiit vii not !h ul val.." "Itis quite truo, naverthio" :,:l.0" Jionalaur nid. " Well. t1i:l i-ll oi it was, 1 ir." ill utllr gave i fuIll ero 01ut ol the lwhulll adventure. W Well, I aoii'ratitili you iionthluarlil'," Cajiutai Twrtvlilyman maid whten he ad finliihod; " itis roall a woiidilcrful drventuire i most gialiant til eilre'i iWiii ail, and thei whollo antis, ofiicrr4 m:'1 we". will ho priut ou t." 'I ihouulil 1l(1 gllad, ir. if thoiri couibl hi oole rowardl givien to ireta nludlhismnoi,: ius you will have seen from nay story, iiry credit ilhat lthere is in tl, 10utt1r is certainly their d11uo." " I will seeo to tlhit,"' tile cimer replied. " Thu lingo lie dirs are0, linlpily. elilly rilili tiled : a good rille, at fe cows, audl at lirrl of whiski riuih up hIls ideal of lipiniiess. I think 1 0cal p0r1m5e Y0ou tllhey hlill hove ill In thi afternoon, -,r. A.isrmstrog aganii dropisi0t o0f to: 1 iiit shetlop. Thil tine1 e wOll not lIoldig hlilo ilaighiter's thad: , 111d as soon s11 lio a111w that ihe wn flirly ofl nois oloe outl of tlhe rooes, anid fluding tlit lurg.on111, inked if ho wouldlltOe her up to thie ward whloro Sergeant Bhint w-:as lyilng. a. }.e, I shall b haplpy to talke von up at "onic. Miss Arlstrolng. J'1srythingl is tidy jiust lt prIoiet, for I hlnvo hlad a minaie 1front1 C,,i111;,11;' iiomeInet 1that he 111111ain the gInerIl 1r ennu;: tumid tiht wards. I do~n't. Suppose they soll lie hlirn for half all hour, so youl chu c0m uip at once." 'l'ho nick nmoon ill the wsards w1rr surprirel iwh I Cite surgeon rnteired, acciomp:noiedl by a young lady. dlie p:rsed 011s lhyl1lopen' hItiveeni ths ruwos of boils iuntil oshio no uied tlint' of Ronald. Sie put hier had in his, but for a momelnt was1 u11n1ble I to slipeik. ]3illilli ir Mtaly l eg ituitiol, and111 said cheerflully, "i 1 am hIealis'i gild, lies Airmllstrong, to ihear frimi tlhe doctor such a good accollunt of our ftilllher. As fr me. I shall niot be ill his li:)ulu s nmi.nuy days. I told you it was 1 ,,newt socratli, 11111 lbelieoe thalt a gIood-sizeid pi'ece of sticking-plalister w1a all that owas wat'led." "You haven't thoulght in:, aikind for lnot coming to sC you0 befor.e, I hope," the girl said; '' but I Ihave not been bllllo till niow to leave mily fathers 00111 Inr it mrrllOlt." I 111111 undelorusial that, WiWo ArmII tronlg, and indileed tlhere was no occlisien for you to colle to 10 rat all. It would hlaveeen l quoit timeo eoiorigli whoen I ts1 ,ip onil ahnot uigo::. I only wishl tlt it 0w0s likely Ithat Mir. Arolatrolg would be oni hili feot its soon iS I ihall." " 01, lie is goiig oil Very woll," Bory oMid. "I coniuider thiit yoii1111u 0u sav1d hil life it sWell no mio. I feel 0ur1 that it is only having ioo withi him again tllhat has mids o suoa a changrlo in him its has takeni place since yesterday. The lloctor says o11, too. I 1v0 not toldl him yet lios it liue all con abolut. but I 0hope 0o0 very long hou nay ho uble to thlink you for botlh of "l'You thnnked me moro thanl enough yesterdaliy, Miss Armstrong, a111111 oii not goinig to lia'in to ally mre of it. An flridt I ca11 kae, you could not have doito 1me anIy greater oervieo than by givinllg me the oipportunity youl have. Every one s0enms dispeacti to ltake iite a ridi. culous view of the ilatter, iln I may look for ward to getlilng a troop-aergeanthip wh1cn thorn is a OVIIIIiey." ''The irl ,hook her 1ead. She woas tOn miich in cirneiet even to plretl take ai light view of thie matter. Tlust at Ilthaot ieint then, wa a tramipling of horses outsideO, a11 lhi slhorl soun0d of tihu orntries preseotiig arms. " Heru is the general," l'ounhl said, with a' smilo, " n1d altlhoughll Ilon't lwish to iuirry you ,ray, Ries Alritrolo, I thliik lit you hiad hether lo woaukld opr've of idy visitor' ino t7.leod-'lye," thri pirl aii.l, givilng Jim: her hind.. " 1ou won't lot me thlllankyou, hut you '1 Iknow, R'.l' i reolniedp 'e i Good-bye." Shlo loolhed roeuiddier tho oargeaonwl ohad, after takiig her up1,to Ito:nuldl, moved awayfor a ohort diostnce, hut 10 00a.gonle, hEill hiurricil oil to :oect this generel huohosi olid ih a hoot-nod to Rlonald, nlo hlat thuo~word. Shis puosod out through thie door ilito thu court yardi just 1a0 this group of oficrer wers onter. 511g. g.Thlat is MIiss Armstrong," tho surgeon mid, so olin 110000d oult. " hasedt, thon girl who wos reneued ?" Colonel Somnreot osoid; a vsey piretty, Ini;ylike-look i::g yoiilig 55'1111151. Iarlllot 5115ll~iOil Oslo. thuut I 'rs hemr nt this dlellcrltn oriliit of iy oorgeOrlt." - go, iniderd," 111 t0e erlomh oaid, soihillng. " It's curious, colonelh, what loen illdo for a pretty foce. Thioso otller tiwo poor crotuires whvo wer, cariued ott weors bot1h uiinrdereid, 5nd I don't sulpipo that their dathis have greotly distroosoul this voung fellow0 one w'ay or thie othuor. No douibt his would hasv been glad to resclls them, but I imlginll thnt their deaths h1100 nit ini anisu lofy canued 11im toregiri huis lission us a 1 fil:re. I suplposo that it'ohuniase niture, colonel." Colonel Soliloreetinllghied. " You nid I would larvo enoo thin matter in thie snoam light . wheli wo w10000 yonigstem, getenmh." Tho oticorse woeit thraoighi thie 11rd1s, atop. 111me torvml timeOs to sieak a few i'owrd to thie o this thtis sohio denertoer," Colonel Somnerct sold, osithi 001110 Onalleld otonriisn, us theoy lolpoil hIy itolmald'o hidoilihe " Volh, em, los hiave hisd a goodl :ooa1i of 0mb oblack moniho desert fron nour rsaks, hut youl are tie hirst wehito soldier who hiiio dosorted-ohnco this war biogno. Of clnio, y1ou .xnoet a drunlollnd court moetialbbeholi in'1I ec1. oit 110 thin doctor Into yea out of his hs sii onn." t Ronild 0s0 thumut the old coloonol wras not in caninoet. " it was very bad, colonel," hi soid'" anid I con only throw myhel: y eour marcy. "'You hiave doilo woO, my hadl-very wehh,"

tihe colonel said, Iying lhishunnt on nusnhoulder. t' Thern are somo ocenasiql when oven miiLtary, laws-giln way t:lqucntlenen of hozunoityand this;, wna. bldetliily oand of thfenan. You are ac fino follow, sir; mid I am proud tlt you belong to any corps." Tho genoral, who had slopped behind speak ing toi aithor patient, now cneo up. You hrave done a very galniant action, Sor geitnt llunt," ho said. Captai Twentymnm has roported tihe circumstonces to meo; ht when you uru out of hospital you must coln to Ieadquarters and oell 0o1 your own story. WVill you nOa to this, Colonel Slieurrot F' " Certainly, sir. I will seud hint over, or rather bring hum over to you, no cooli ons lie' about, for I should lilda to hear thu whole itoly aIt." tIn ten d:ay Ronld Mlervyn won about ngai. llthough nut yet lit for duty ; thu wouod hod healed rapidly, but the, surgeon said it would abo it lenat another fortnight beforea ho would ho fit for active servico. AoouIoi as ho was able to go out and1 sit oei the beonches in tihe hoopitl yard, minny of -his cnorrules cano to scO h1im,1 1111 there was 0 0nurmnlh and earneolneoni- in their congratulationo which showed that short as iis time hald been in the corps, lie was tlhoroughly popular with theim. Sergomuit lMenzies wnas palrticularly hearty in his great mag. I know you were the right sort, Marry -lunmt, on aoon (in Inst eyeC upon iutt,"Iioeo eltl "bhult I elit, not expect you werO gobig to euL us all out so soocn. LIow. in toy boron, oerge'nt I" Oh, ho'n iiOne0 thU ur wno for it, Ithink. Io boo been tmihing nolleting exercion laudi his nililneos is wernug oflf nost. I nmidi l hoe missues you very: nuch, iand ho wouldn't take hip food the fist day or two. Ie hits got over it now, but I know 1 e longs to hoar your voice ng il." ,Soditimneo, tno, MIa -Armstronrwould comn cut. auil tl it-lfor a .:tunao wieth tounald. Hte 4ihcl er.wooMrogreoin" fuvou bl3 , and though still extrumllelyweule wr;an-inn air 0 0 n townonb Ceovel.yu com u'i to sa( e 11 r said ono luoruing; "ho klnows all about it 1now; 1mt it w0n oanly when he aunto round just now tlhat the doelor gavo leavo for lirn to aco yol." " I shall be very glad to see hini,". Ronald said rlaiing. " I own that whlion I saw 1him bet I Lad very slight hopes that I ehould over monet him aivagian." " Iluis still very woelc." thle girl said, " nand the doctor says hlu is not to Ioullowed to talk much." " I will only pay' l short visit : but it wvill ln a great plueasree to m to sco himu. I hlave lwave fellt his lkinulsc to le." '" LIath1er in ind t overyone," tlOhe girl said ilmply. " .li this inu: re lis hi indnuns ha heol returned it ulnl rdlfeu. ll." I0 De 0O(TsuED '