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Chapter TitleSYNOPSIS
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Full Date1889-06-22
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Newspaper TitleThe Capricornian (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1875 - 1929)
Trove TitleA Pit Brow Lassie
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gates and Mtkkc*. [now fibst published.] A PIT BROW LASSIE. BY JOHN MONK FOSTEB, Author i 'The Moss Pit MyBtery,' 'A Poor Man's Tragedy,' ?? Judith'* Romance,' &c. [&LL RIGHTS RESEEVKD.] SYSOPSli Of PREVIOUS CHAPTERS Charibs I. am- II— At AahfonL a town of colleries. is the Kiae Pit. when worked Eiue Leigh, a. » pit brow imaBie,' somewhat above the oniin *y ran of the colliery Cfrla. Her h&uddoiue face and superior mien attract Lake Stand ish, a collier of MJ tome ambition. He appreciates an aoadeoc « bicta enables him to drag faer from under the wheels of an appronAins wagon, but, slipping himself, Bostains a senooa accident, which prostrates him for some time. Ktfe Leigh and her mother visit him in his ill&esa, and on acquaintance springs op between them Be lends her* copy -rf Miss Braddon's 'Tothe Bitter Eud ' to read. Chapter III and IV.— Luke Standfcb and Kate Leigh ottenda picnic and there becune avorei lovera, the maxoact hower-a- bwo™ posponed iod- finitely. The Story taking « retrospective sLep relates how the father and mother of gate Leich raided at Pendleton wine twenty years before the events previously narrated occur. He is tnriftleaa and drunken while she is painstaking aud Un.u«htfal. Jealous of the kindness Bbown to her by Georgre Baraforth, a former lorer, he quarrels with her and leaivs IW Strueffling alone, she and her child, Kate, go to life at Orrelhun. and there Cite, working at one of the pits la grossly insulted by the manager She fell him with a brash, and ttht and her mother leave the town, returniiu; to Adhford where her lathe* h*d fo tnicllt left tbetu.