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Newspaper TitleThe Capricornian (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1875 - 1929)
Trove TitleUnder the Great Seal
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-f alts and Sketches. [now nssr fcbussed.] UNDER THEGiREAT SEAL, 'A NOVEL, Bf JOSEPH HATTON. Author of ' Clytie,' ' By Order of the Cur,' 'John Keedham's Doable,' 'Cruel Lou don,'**. ? fALL SIGHTS BESEB.V131.] STKOP9S OF PBEYIOCs CHAPTERS. Cuntl L An H.— David Plymptao, the master of Heart* Dcsarfit, Newtoandland, has m daughter Hanoak, tetoral bj Aba KcHfc, a ™«r, egtimahle fr*«— rw She is also loved by a .iunh]~ hypocrite gawd Beoti. tat her lather, when heqpeita tohim, anatoMtobait tW«U tnqai «ith uToarase irC spealu of it Aba's suit hsixe favourably recetTed, udasbe bprafnaina; tar her hand K- her tuner she hens^anarasckes. The haMvm has been rtotssed ''^SSJ^^.iS^r&U. ^ Ha»-1, FlrnnstQSi has beast naaial a. year, and a chiM bas bntotn to add to the hapninrai of Heart's Delight, Fatker lacdo, the priest in amt of the station, bean aooaBMaaattr CS1 -he BMchief brewing between the AionfaM Uoksiy aod theOotenuaent of QBrOeacce o- Enhad. and one day the serenity el Hearfa Ddigtit is rafkd by the arrival at AdniirJ Bhtackand Vfce JjhricriSBjUack kith tbeir ran. They tains; oidere under the treat seal lor the inhabitants of Until Might to destroy their bmUinxs and to cease cattl vaaoa of the bod, twenty-four boon being given them to reason Uaelrlirahold toons prioru the desttne tatst. Alan Keitniadhpaaaly deftes the vfaHonj, but at the 1 ss '' of Haster Hymptoo the Menty-four haanalavaen advaotoge of and the AdmuaTs men an witHiaam to the stung, mstack vows that be win ham Eatth hi irons before the nbht is over. tiaurtSKS \ro Ml— Aaaeeunr of the tienKinal men ?a the linage ooU, and alter eonsMemhle dis eurion it was lesolred to quietly accede to Uie behests of the OoitinaauiL In the mrsmhnr Bistadt and Bmidaek rescind to appeelasad Alan Keith as the rins-' leader, and Lester atatauaderUtes to pilot* picked boaf.ere-toapoint.iae they oonld.r&.v approach the Steal House. Outn Tin m IX-Vben an b aHmt in the OmtHuase. Alan E«th and bis wife silently taWnr tocetberalierthadouajaal the day, arith their faithful doC, Sampson, lyla; at their bet, a wise ii beard oot ^riV — ' - - S-V-i— . J—n-,, .——;--?— Bannah, «apcatiBrerH,l«CThertobando-»tO|rotothedoc-r, but be think. fiftatjr of danger and opened die door. InabuUyhe Uaet unonby an half a aamaaud ?cennd, and Hannah is also gagired. while the dog b aUalb/oMolthenimaos. ' w ^ CBARtt A.— Pat Ddolax to the Rescue. PitDoolan slept in a hammock of bin own coo**nictioti-ui a cabin of the Great House, not far. ftom the Masters room. He had been ?raging' about 'uncomfortably, harassed by Uoablnoa dreams, {or some little time lielore be awoke witha. fjitwrconscioue'that some thing was wrong. ' He peered oat into the night. * There ^were shadowy fortnd moving about/near the noose. Pushing open his cabin-window, that was formed like a port-hole, he heard mutterings, and aow dwiffwlly a smothered scream. He ?TCfy* into fan breeches, dragged his big boats ?pott his big feet, fastenedhls belt about hu waist, thrust a couple of pistols into jt, grippedashort hard stick, and sallied forth. first tie went into' the Master's room, the dooT'Of which was always left ajar, awoke bimwitiy the information that Bomething baa was afoot, and then going oat into the nighty made for the door of Keith's part of the Great Arrived in front of the little porch of the Keith annexe, be fell over the dead body of the dog Sampson, and stumbled through the opem door into the room where Ruddock and Lester Bentr bad bound Mrs. Keith, and jnst at the tnament when they were having trouble in the next room with Salty Mnmford. He know nothing of die condition of Mia. Keith, who narnnt; by the settle gagged, bat Sally wa* proclaiming her woes witfi iiiiimstakable vigook. 'She had bees wakened to meet the gate of a couple of ruffians who had turned a dark santera npon her for what villainy she did a»t know, but cf coarse it was nothing short ofmarder. '. Hareatye, yebaatesof prey !' exclaimed Pat, dashing to her assktsoce. In a moatmt, with his abort bit of timber, a s ? sail nf the Ottld country, be had felled first one and then the other of the too intradata. 'thm«»d.u ?!*? be went on, planting hu right foot npon one and dominating the other with, sob eadgel, ' surrender, or bt gorrah yoor-dead men, and In gorrah I think ye arc wbesher f9 surrender or not.' Here he picked np a dark lantern which otaVVF'Taeln'naa' oroppej aria turned it upon thetsro raaranders. 'Oh it's naybor Bentz anil one o' the Admirals, is it? Sore, ye're a mighty fine brace o1 tiurea, ar'n't ye, to disturb inoflen sive settlers in the middle av God'a blessed night ! Lie still where ye are while I disarm ye, at 111 blow ye both to the devil I' Pat -stooped over them, took away their weapon, which be staffed into his own belt, sad then*ddressed Sally. ' Sure, and ye are quite safe. Mistress Salty; get up wid ye and light the candles ; m torn eny back while ye pnt on your ball dress lad make voor twylet. Don't whimper Master David, it's all right ; Pat Uoobn'fi by yoor side.' The child bad altered a tittle cry, but was bnshad hack to quiet by Sally, while she palled tne enrtain sboat her and pat on her things. Ruddock and Bentz meanwhile thosgfat it good policy to remain qtdet, in Uie hope that their oomrades, missing them, would return and call tbeni to the boats. At this janctare the Master entered the front room with a lantern. Glancing abont the place he saw Hannah, and released hex. 41 Great Heaven's, -what has happened ?' he asked. Hannah could not answer farn. He had raised tier up. She fell into his arms. 'Are yon hart, my darling?' he asked, 'Ha,' she whispered. She conld only afemfcrin whispers. 'Who has dene this thing? Where is

' Also,' she whispered, ' has gone' ' Where, my lore, where ?' 'They have killed him,' she said, and re laxing her hold npon her father would have slipped to the ground bat for the strong arm he bad wound about her waist. ' Hannah, don't give way ; be brarc ; be strong ; tell me, dear, what has happened 1! ' But Hannah was speechless. He hud her upon the window seat, and looked about for water, found a jug, bathed her face, and she revived. ' t am better, ' she whispered, half-rising. Then Pat Duolan's voice was heard in the next room saying, 'Now Sally go and see about the mistress: where is she! That's right, give us light ; oh, ye cursed villains !' Before tile Master bad made a step towards the next room the front door was tilled with sailors. 'Admiral Ruddock,' said the spokesman, 'are you here?' 'Yes,' shouted Ruddock from the next room, ' I'm a p isoiter ; release me !' ' Bring in your lantern,' said the spokes man, addressing someone outside A sailor, armed to the teeth, altered with a ship's lantern. The spokesman signed for the man to advance, and for another to support him with his cutlass. The Master stood by Hannah, who had once more risen to her feeL ' What are you doing here?' he asked. ' Bt gorrah, that's Uie Master,' exclaimed Pat from the next room. ' Sore, sorr, we're all right, and little David's all right And, by the holy St. Patrick, the man that puts his snoot in here I'll blow his bead iff! I mane it, by me soul !' There was a dead silence. The click of Pat's pistols were heard distinctly. 'Oh, Patdear !' said Sally, half-pleadingly, half -admiring. ' It's -a thrue tuli, s*help me, bi jabers !' said Pat. ' We only want our comrades ; we intend no harm : onr work is accomplished,' Baid tlie spokesman. 'Iodide and is it?' said Pat. 'I can't SaaV as ranch for tnytwlf. then.' ' What was your work, may I ask, besides having gagged and bound my daughter, villain?' a&ed Uie Master. ' We have done her no other barm ; it was necessary that she should be prevented from crying oat.' ' Yoa acwndrel !' exclaimed the Muter. -Nay, I did not do it,' said the spokes man, ' bat it bad to be done, t sappase, and there's an end of it. Come forth, Admiral, and yon, Muter Bentz. n li Come to oar rescue,' said Ruddock, ** there's a pistol at oar heads.' *' Pistol, by St. Patrick, there's two ; and if the murdering gang don't disperse off the face av the earth before I count three HI shoot your ugly faces into a jeHy 1' Here Sally, with little David in her arms, rushed oat of the room, and the next moment the child was in its mother's arms, though they clutched it with a weak and faltering embrace. ' Permit our comrades their freedom.' said Smith, 'and that is all ve require. Oar work is done.' ' Master, whatil I do? Give me orders to execute the viUjuns.' 14 You will answer my questions and leave this house without farther molestation, your comrades being released T' said Plytupton, addressing the spokesman. ' We will,' said the bpokestDJUi. 'Are you here with authority *' 'Yes, the authority of the Admiral of the Fleet, and with a force sufficient for the re lease of onr comrades.'. ' Yon seem to be a Cur -spoken musi, X take your word. Pat !' ' Yes, sorr !' ** Release the brave gentlemen I' *' Yes, goit ! My brave gallants with your great souls, get op wid ye !' Mr. Bentz and Admiral Ruddock came forth. 'Thank Uie boy for your lives,' -aid the Master, addressing them as Pat stepped out by their side. ' IH none av their thanks. Master ; the hangman will take care av them when it coDies to his Mm*-' 'Smith, you will find us at (be boats.' said Bnddock. arranging his ruffled plowed, and making for the door, Bentz after him, Pat half-tempted to empty liia pistol into them, as the spokesman made way for them. Hannah bent weeping over little Itevid, Sally sitting by her bide and stroking her hair. ** I'm sorry the young nounu and the child have been disturbed,' said Smith, '* I don't knott- why it was considered necessary.' 'Aud what authority could have justified an attack upou this lady ?~* 'That, you niu&t ask my bcttcra,' said Smith, ' we had orders to make an arrest, which I prctiuinc &hc resisted.' 44 What arrest? Nay, you need not say, since I find this poor child's huuband absent. What has happened to bint V ' No harm,' said the spokesman. ' Ob, thank God,' whimpered Hm.'*!, hoarsely. 'Oh, Alau, Alan T 'He is under arrest,' continued the spokesiQiLu ' cbiUfrcd with rebellioii agvinst his Majesty the King, aud other crimes?' ' Yes ?n said the Master, suppressing hiu anxiety and indignation ; ' and u'heie is lie T' ' By this time he is on board the vessel of the Admiral of the Fleet.' *' Ueruiful Heavens '.' exclaimed Qannafa, looking op with wild eyes and blauched face. 'Comfort ye, lady/' said one of tlieship's men, Donald Kicol, who had stood near the fipoLesinau during the britf coUoqoy with Plympton, **your gudc mun isi^L uithoot friends.11 ' Donald Nicol,' said Smith, turning npon the sneaker, ' 1 wonlti have ye understand there is only one spokesman here.' ' I atnna so sure o' that,' said the other j ' there's nae a mon present whose gotten a heart in his brest that wonldna like to say a kind word of hope to AUo Keith's young wife.'

' Whatever reparation in the way of explanation vas necessary has been made, and that's Mic cud of it, rucol,' said the spokesniau. ' Dinua yc think I'm a log wi ont a heart or a free voice, Jim Smith, Nicol replied 'Master Plympton, I tell ye, we're aon$, me an' my niates, fbattbe gnoe 1a3y'bas been pot aboot, and if I'm yard-armed for it that s what l've gotten to say !' 'And me,' said a red-bearded fellow countryman of Nicol's. 'So say we all of us, by ? !' eidaimcd another, which drew forth a hearty response of ' Aye-ayes.' 'Men of the Admiral's ship,' said Smith, red with rage, ' Attention !' _ The men fell together. ' Bight-abost. March '.' The men filed ont. Smith at their bead. 'Pat, Ret some brandy front the liquor cupboard,'1 said the Master. ' Yes, yer honour,' said Pat. ' Sally, put your mistress to bed.' ' Ves, sir,' said Sally, taking the child from Hannah's arms and retiring u-uh it to her own room. 'Ah, bless it, it's a good bairn; it. knows its safe with iu Sally ; lucss it's brave heart, it will lie quiet and go to sleep.' Sally was heard cooing to her charge for several niinutev before she returned. 'My deir Hannah, it's a. dreadful business, bnt you must not give way. I know what yon feel, bat well soon have Alan back, never fear; keep a good hurt for his sake, love, and for mine.' Hannah began to cry for the first time. ' It is very hard, I know, bat we mast be patient. ' 'Tea,' shesaid, between hersobs, 'lam better now ; I will bear up, dear.' 'Take a little of this,' said her father, handing her a cop with a mixture of brandy and water. ' You must, love, it is the finest medicine in the world.' Hannah took the cup and drank. ' That's right. Now, Sally, assist your mistress. Von uQl be better after an hour or two. I will not leave the house.'' ' Bi jabers, it's trne there's Dotting like it,' said Fat, helping himself to a ham fnll of the liquor. 'It's matesnd drink and firearms, sore it is.' Sally and Hannah disappeared, and tile Haster and Pat stood looking at each other. 'Sore, Haster dear, take a drink yourself.' 'No, thank you Pat,' said Plympton. ' Sit down, God bless you, Pat, for a staunch, true, brave fellow !' ' Brave is it, wid a couple of spalpeens that I could break o\*er my knee ; but what's to be done, Haster?' ' Yes, what's to be done ? They hare tied our bands, Pat ; we are tuund hand and foot with Alan a prisoner to Ristack ; it is an awfnl business !' ' So it is ; it's just the darkest hour we're had at Heart's Delight. Couldn't we collect a crew and go for a rescue ? There's the little fort ; we could play on the blackguard ships and cover a reseue party.' 'My dear Patrick, one round from their long gun would settle us, and what conld we do with a half-armed mob against their muskets and small cannon ? No, Pat, we must be diplomatic, we most negotiate, and, above all, we must wait* They are in Uie wrong ; we must keep to the letter of the law. (io and rouse such of our neighbours as may be sleeping, tell them what has happened, bnt without a nourish. Tell them simply that Alan Keith has been arrested ; tell them to be np betimes and get away to Uie Back Bay Galley, bo that we keep onr part of the com pact, and leave no f uruier exense for outrage, first, Pat. we most get Uie women and children oat of harm's way ; make them com fortable, do yon see, with their own belongings about them, and be clear ont of Hearts Delight within Uie iour-aud-twenty hours. Our friend Preedie knows all about Alan's arrangements for the tenti and shelters. God has civen as kind weather for the exodus, and He _will not leave us to the buy of our ' Please God, no,' swl Pat, revercnUy,M .. 'Bnt let all things goon, just as if Alan was with as.' ?' Yes, yoar honour.' ' You understand that ;' 'Entirely.' ' The time may come for fighting, Pat ; I thiuk it will ;* bat we must first make oar dispositions.' ?' That's right,' said Pat. ' Pat the garrison in order.' 'I see, yoor honour.' ' I am sure you do, Pat ; and now I want you to be as wily and discreet as yon are brave, Pat' ' Dcpind on me. Master ; 111 emulate the sarpent Hastcr Prccdic spoke of, never fear. You shall fiud everything go lost ss smooth as if Heart's Delight was rujoying itself to the bitter end. I don't mean exactly that, bnt as if we was just movin' out to Paradise! and it was the thing we'd been looking to all our blessed lives.' ' That's what I wish, Pat ; go now, and when you have seen the good people fairly settled at Back Bay Valley, then Pat we will talk about fighting.' ' Please God, wrr,' said Pat, unbarring the door and disappearing. Plympton followed Irim. 'I'D see you again, Pat, when you conic back.' ' Right, sorr,' said Pat, his voice already coining from a distance, for Pit thought he saw a spy, aod was chasing him. ' Bi jsbers, I must keep calm,' he said ; 'it's a diplomat I am, not a warrior. Pit ! Ongnaru ! Stand at case Steady !' Thus bracing himself to Uie business of the uigtit, Pat went ou his way to Preedie's bouse, while Plyuipton, holding o. lantern over the canine martyr, Sampson, stooped to pat the faithful beast, remarking : ?? And are we sure that Paradise is tueaui f or man alone J I hope, if ever I get there, dear dead friend. it may be good enough for such a true aud lonng companion as thou ! Good night, '

Sampson ; lie there, old friend, where you fell atth'c post of duty. It will he. a sight for some of tlic men of Heart's Delight to re member !' {TolKOjiUiuaed.)