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Chapter NumberXXXV.
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Full Date1883-08-10
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Newspaper TitleKerang Times and Swan Hill Gazette (Vic. : 1877 - 1889)
Trove TitleAdventures of Three Young Ladies
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ADVENTURES OF THREE YOUNG LADIES CHIAPTER XcXT. But show any sign of interest even he dared not. A prisoner in the eacred precincts of the harem, cried thu enraged monarch. Yes your dread highness. A young man-a Greek, He was naught just now in the gar den as ho dropped from the lady Medore's window. The awful scowl on the emperor's face was enough to mskeanyone tremble. Hie brow was black as midnight his features convulsed with passion. 'Bring him forward, was the hoarse cry; and you, Hadji Bey go bring the woman hero. The officer bowed low and retired, Thon a tlldark and handsome youth was brought before the emperor guarded and fet tered. The mooollah saw at once that it was no one he knew. Buthis undaunted bearing and handsome miaen interested his, in his favour. 'Audicious slave,' cried the savage monarch boiling with rage, declare your purpose. What foul felonious purlpose wass yours in daring to invade the sacred precincts of my harem. None that will availme with you haughty voluptury who live by rapine, he said. The emperor stared, as if he did not under stand. Such language was beyond his comprehesion 'Whateought you hero he gasped. 'My wife was the cold answer. I came to resecu oiall of value I possessed taken from ins by a robber. 'Your wife. 'Yes Medora was my young and adored wife stolen from the Greek island to which I had carried her by the fiend Sulsiman continued the youth ; I followed her through perils inn numrable. The eseperor looked at him with a cold ear castic smile. You have comein search of your wife ?' he said. You shall not hbe separated from her. Lo here she comes, As he spoke M3edora was led in bathed in ears and wild and dishevelled. 'Pity mercy. He came against my will, she cried pitiously as she triedt to kneel. Vile wretch I take no means wife from him. You are as guilty as the daring thief who has crept into my palace to steal you away. Take them to thellower dungeons put each in a separate cell. We will decido their fate pr". sently. The two were dragged away the slaves and attendants were dismissed mnd again the mool lab and the emperor were alone. 'Thus is my palace guarded, said the tyrant, in:a voice terrible in its concentrated rage. Their must be treachery somewhere, was the moollalh calm reply. There must. See that it be inquired into. If I discover any base intigues in my harem the guilty die no matter what their station or rank. I will make secret subtle inquiry analdi reply to your highness, said the moollah who all the time gnawed at heartas if by vultures. Dos. Remember this evening at the third hour. the betrothal, reiterated the angry monarchlet them show any foolish repining or false coynesnoand they share the fate of Medorn. the moollah prostrated himself and went out rage and despair in his heart. That I ihould ever have served that man, he muttered to himself that in my intense folly and apathy I should have 5ielded for life sake to be the slave of such as he. Andhe ground his teeth in passion and de spair. What was to be done. The emperore suspicions were aroused. His furious vanity and self-esteem too, were aroused at the discovery that the beautiful young slave Medora hardly worthy of a de voted husbands love had been a young wife before she entered the zenana. This was a kind of blow to arouse all the most ferocious passions in a Moslem monarch. Strict orders would not only be given to all the guards of the palace but they themselves wonld keep a sharp look out for their own sakes. To carry out the terrible plans were surged in the young mans head required time: Still he could but try. Bout upon trying the ebperiesment he left the palace without seeing the girls and bent his way toward his own residence. Here he once more assumed an European di.. guise and wended his way to the house of John Bowen. Hero in a small room ho found the three friends assembled. They had reached the city the previono night and had been awaiting him impatiently ever since. His gloomy brow his blank and cheeeslr aspect did not tend to raise their spirit. WVhat fatal accident overthrew our plans yesterday asked Aehurst, 'Suspicions caution of the ompsor. Udfortu. nately events have made him more cunning rnd suspicious was the answer. And the moollah explained. Then there is no hope cried Lionel. 'None that I can see,' murmured the cap tain. Insurrection. There is in Tangiers a large and easily inflamed farnatiga mob. Let it but go forth that the emperor is about to wed three Christians and their furious and ignorant passions wsill be aroused. Easy to start such a rolling stone not easy to stop it. said the seldir drily. We have no other hope continued tlhe moolah. The seeds of revolution are rife. In addition to the stupid and ignoraet fan. sties, there is a large and powerful party who weary of tihe tyranny and sloth it which his majesty gives. They are quite ready to put Prince Mlirza on the throne. But will he consent.' We don't ask the consent of princes in re solutious in this country was the dry ans swer. If they refuse we chop their heads off and got np somebody else. But can we aid you, ' Yes, you know that yacht in tho harbour which brought your foes hither. O1 course we do. You oust while the fray is going on con trive with the assistance of John Boweu to selact a ca-go anl secure it. In that we must take our flight. But you are sure of your insurpcction. Quite of starting it. IIow it willt nd is another thing. As a rule the palace ahsvays submits to a revolution.? And the emperor 'It is usual to put out his eyes and then confine him for life. I fancy your friend Prince Mirza, would spare him the former cruel punishment. Though said the young man moodily, I knev not hut what he de serves it. 'Does the prince know. Nothing. le willbo the sIst to be mande aware of the movement,' said the moollah; 'as soon as his friends are in motion he must go with the stream or perish.' When would you advise us to seioe the yatch asked Ashurot. 'To-night, and remain on board. If Sir Thomas Barcourt or the earl come on board, he said with a terrible and withering scowl, detain them ; I authorize you to do so.' And with thete words he, retired to give his final orders to Joha Bowen who was delighted at the prospect of undoing some of the evil which he had unwittingly done. The moellah then returned to his home and in his sacred garb began a round of visits to the more humble priests of the fanatical party, By innuendoes, by hints by warnings he pree pared? their minds. They would hear of a grea? blow to their religion on the morrow' Then'he obtained an interview with some of the leaders of the young. Morocc party, and prepared them for the eventualities of thei morruw. Th v~eolcans wanslumbering.

It required but a torch to start the combus tion. At eight the then hour of the night, the moollah returned to the prince. The betrothal of women in the position of our heroines was a mere theatrical ceremony, but the Orientals are very partial to itfer that very reason. The msollah with a slow and weary step, approached the harem to prepare them. He found the enterance blocked by the owarthy guard and enterance refused him. The emperor waited his presence in his lesser hall of audience, What could this portend. The moollah was on the rack. He had sown the storm and would surely reap the whirl wind. But the great question to his mind was had he been betrayed. If so he had butto meet his fate with eerenity. Any way he would be spared the cagony of witnessing the sufferings of the three unfort unate girls. Assuming, however, the most extreme se renity and even joyisnes of manner, the young man entered the private audience chamber. He saw that the emperor was in one of his worst humoure ; his brew was dark and lower ing his eyes menacing in the extreme. As soon would the young moollah haven faced a Iumidian lion. Where have you been naked the monarch, in a voice hoarse with passion. Preparing your most sublime highness for betrothal and the marriage, said the priest in as firm a tone as the other'a, but still quiet re spectful. lhe emperor growled out something which was quite inaudible, and then waved the mool labi to a seat at no great distance. SThey were alone, Q0 MI1oollah Hafiz,' begat the emperor with a stern and haughtjy glance, I have very much ngainstthe advice and wishes of many raised up to a pitch of rank and favour never before employed a renigade. I have been faithful to your majesty to this hour,' said the priest, in slightly quivering ac cents-he was conscious of a little Jesuitry in his reply. 'You have. But may your father's grave be defiled -you have taught me to drink wine, the abomination of the prophet, I must have a bottle growled the despot. The moollah bowed. It was not for him to say that the emperor was a determined drinker and was glad to have an ex-Christian fo a boon partner. The wine was brought. 'Now 0 Moollah, continued his Imperial majesty when be had warmed his heart some what with wine in your old country--the coun try of infidels and yahoudis-what do you do with women who fall off from their lawful lords. (To be continued)