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Chapter NumberXXXII.
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Full Date1883-07-31
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Newspaper TitleKerang Times and Swan Hill Gazette (Vic. : 1877 - 1889)
Trove TitleAdventures of Three Young Ladies
article text ADVENTURES OF TIIHREE YOUNG LADIES --o-- CnlrPTiR xxXII. Bluild castles in Iha air,' continued alte, 'and look forward to hoome and freedom. But now, nothing but dreary and sickening monotony. This life clearly proves that we re quire something better than animal enjoy ments,'said Edith,gravely,We are handsomoely dressed. well fed, luxuriously lodged, and yet would be happier in a workhouse. 'I should think so cried Kate; 'it would be quito ej,?yablo change-- mobl caps, cotton print dre?s, aprons, tim wtash tub and flat iron -glorious!' 'For ii change urged Jessie. And yet these eastern womten arc contented Edith they hare no soals, as their lords and ma, ters say, or they are easily eatisfied with life.' 'Their souls,' said Mrs Baeion, who had been listening for a minute or two, 'are crushed to to the .ldead level of lmonotonous slavery, antd once tl y give way to the habits of indolatme they learn to care for no other; and yet howe many in a: desperate attemllpt to escape fromt ab ject slavery. e.ri-sl rather than Ihear it. '"lo any succeed in flight, asked Edith. Yes sltrangly enllolou in IEastern story, as it is told in the coffeoo house, specimens of which we find in the 'Arabian Nights,' a favourite theme is the escape of some fair maiden, im Imured by tryanny from her lover, and their Ilight far away, where they live happy ever afterwards 'I wish we had any such prospact,' said Kate with a fervent sigh which was re-echoed by her companions. At this moment a wolnen entered'and sum tonted them to ,ttend tihe empress. All rose. Though it was at chang it was not a prisoming one and yet they had no choice btlt to obsey. icsintenen to lawful orders was punished with a; eiulty which is scarcely con ceivable, except that we recollect howr wicked is all irresponsible tyranny. They found ltie cllpress seated onl her throne autroullded y her guard tud l olnell. lhe looked portentously wickedt. Her frown was sometlling awful to gaze upon. The wretched French woman who had "st:iled in that foul atmosphere silce she hadt been fifteen years of age stood by her side and acted as interpreter. ,Prostrate yourselves,' she said,as they walked stra t up to tile empress. They obeyed, alarmed si t thie fiercs and angry glance which she darted at, them. BCut :s they arose they folded tiheir arms and waited. Witih a v, ice trembling with supireised pas si?tn the empress addetttressei the interpreter. tler words were at -.ltse lengthl bt the inll terpreter cave her versio s ill briefer elseteuces i?he spoke too withr respect. 'A tuitseuiger ichs eItes frCm le? Iits lajesty thel: ompeulrar site s id. tututet the ahbe t-e e of the tmoollah !lati Ali, tee has consult,-d the old high priest. ' WLell.' grasped thie girl .. -!Se has declared the version of the young illoollah alilutt the stars a mistake.' WV'hat follows.' (In the fourth day from this the c-lollOie s oC veo"tr tl:stritae will t.l?e place. To Illn ow you will return to the'capital and enter uplon your hiath estate. Ohil ldies take me with you. 'Can we. The einpress imother can refuse notlting to the fututo empress.' she replied. Ioping againsa Itole, that every additional friend they made might be useful Edith an t rised her to mtnke the demand. which wvith a cold sneer wea granted. They wer-' then o dtered to retire to their private aplartments and prepare for the inorrows n joulley. oWriat is to be dtone,' cried EIlith. with hore row depictedt on her fail audt lovely coun tell: a le. 'tslesIt ind e I, gatsped Lete nl Jessie. 'We caun do nothing, observed Mrs Bacon gravely, hut hope; we have as yet been nitnacu lously preserved, and should still live In the belief that even yet we may be, saved. Only four days between ourselves and worsoe than ieatli,' cried Kiat-. 'I shall die ere the sacrifice consummated, said Jessie showing her dagger. 'Girls, Girls,'e claimtedMfrs Bacon. wildly, 'don't talk such terrible stuff. We Cre Chris tians, ind t noat put our trust in silsi. I for one .firtmly believe that we shall yet escape all these deadly peril. Hler confident manner seemed to rouse hope even frotm despair, and the whole party seating themsoeles, conversed in a low tone as to the chances of tinal escape. Finally, the interprcter entered with two other women. Her face was lividly pale, tand he, coun. tenauce wore an expression of great pain. She bowed low to the girls, particularly to Edith, who, pOrhaps a trifle sisore enieopoiei than the othcls, was the selected empress. 'Iter tuautjsty the empress-mlother, desirousof payving respect to the future eCnsort of her im periat son, will send you a suppea r fromt her own table,' she said. Stoneithing else, was hanging like a meonace fromn the ti,, of her tsnsue, but her companions frewnesd darkly and drew her away. Hose ill :and frighti-ned she looked said Eadith. 'I'sor girl,' observed Mrs Baeon 'altohe s dloubtlhess bet pulnihed for ashking to follow ils. .It all eventlr, hier look was gnosilt?g. 'W ell Ves.tieri civilisatitn,' eried KIae, 'never put an end tt i all this shl:unaeful wick',t ne-s? I dint Init u11':elh about politics; but, if tlle I.Russians could upset tae' Turks and their manners, too I think it would be ai plessing to ltumanitav. At this moment somnic of the inouotoneons andt wearisome museie of the blacks presented it self. The sound was excruentling. telhind three camte Eeveral slaves, bearing varioious dijet se s a very rrlined and delicate ch:tr:actor than those tusially:seen in the harell alwalrs celebsratedl for its sweetlets rather thlan anytfling smore substantial. Bult the girls ate mechanicaly. A slave clortely veiled anld somewhat richly dressed waited on them, She was imost attentirve and even obso. qutiout, The supper wras slowly consumed. Wearilt and pitiously the minutes passed. Presently all wats careed sveo four cups of ctealning coll'u, The other attendonts ritired, leavring only the elo; ly reded and miste ious slave. She lifted up the tray, and iapproached wi!th a low bow. Like all who hlave 'tever tasted it, tlsey had becom sextremely partial to the delicious pere rage which few but French and Turs known how to make it. All held out their hands' 'Bo!d' raid a stern vaice a voice so ringing and startlinsC tetheheslave sen down the tray on agtereodT a small table and turned to flee. 'Notso fast,'reslied the speaecr clutching the other by the arm. D)rinkl of the eoftfe at once it is a pity it should be waisted. The womnan cowed: SOur friends looked in amazement. They had not rrcognised in the youthul Arab chief their friend the moollah. Of course, they did not understnnd one word of what pIsed. The woman rose haughtly-majestically and throwing off her veil the empress stook re veiled. Know you not, vile wrelch,' she ssaid in her most savage tones, that your intrusion dooms you to death by the bowstring, 'Know no 0 lady,' he replied with bitter scorn that your foul nattept to noises these four womenthe favouredof his majesty dooms you to be torn to pieces by wild horsers, She shuddered a moment, and then stood hauohtily and savage a roentless woman 'Poison'! what madness is this ?' she cried. 'Drink then vourhighness.' he said coldly 'Why should I oboey the orders of one who has forfeitei his life?' ,Lady, he answered, "my life answers for theirs. I have sworn to see them safe, and your higliness had promised to aid me, Why this sudden ch'snge?~ 'In your absence news had arrived,' she said and tod him all. He frowned darkly. 'If your highness will forget my intrusion,' ho replied, blandly, 'I will forget the poison. ion. Let the cups be removed,' Rather more humbled thnn usual, the emn press condescended to give an order. The cups were removed. She then swore solemnly to make no further attempt on the lives of the prisoners, and re tired. : oes fresh coffee wa' presently sent in tbohe empress again superintending the distri bution. 'irst., however, she bade the mooliah, with a significant glance, pick out one which he d d at randomn, and from which she drank unhesi. latmgnly. 'Are you satietied ?' site sid, with a smile. By her folly shie had placed herself in his power. 'Quiet your highn,Res ho ianswered. She swept out of the roorm and leftthe moul lah alone with hie friends. 'Saved!' he cried. All stared it thie handsomer roung soldier in surpriser, for only one had recognised in the moollah iand that of course was Edith. Srved from what?' eire faltered, Lb'rorm it cruel death,' hre answerrd. That terriblen womn had poisoned your ceifree. liut for Askandra the interpreter you would have all perished. Beaven that is what made he look so terriblo cried Kate ; 'but we are overy far from being saved, 'Ladies I have bogged, I have implored you al1 to have faith in me,' said the moollah. Dressed as ia soldier looking young, handsome and above all manly his assertions had double the weight with what they had been invested when he wore a priestly garb. Nothing, however waes minre natural. 'But lhave you not the fresh ilews from the capital?'asked Mrs e colln. 'I have. But fear nothing; the hour has come and I have every reason to believe that ton morrow you will be free, 'Thank heaven; Ch, Edwiin.'whispered Edith forgetting everything in her greni joy. lie proudly took hebor and and drew her away to the window where he respondedl to her im pulsive sobs in a way to show his deep and earnest gratitude. I am afra'd that the captnin will bare to give up hirs hopes said Mrs Bercon drily. Biut ,r thei girls could give any reply to startling intintition the iloollah rejoined 'Show no ! or tormiorrow ; becelrn and col lected rand though you will be rescried by will and savags looking fellowt:, fear noti,' he Thn' in it few words lie explain r1 his plans to bIr carried out by ther robbilr chief. Morning broke for :ill interested in this histmoy a morning big with great events. Thel emprress mlotlher agreed, or rather was expected to uicceomprny the carrven. She was so compeitly in the porwer of the nioollah after her terrible attempt to poison the girls that she felt. bound to obey him in all things. tBut he waos teenly watchful of her. A report reached him ere he had risen that the wretched girl who acted as interpreter and who had betrayed her mnistress's base designs was dead. She had been compelled to swallow one of the poisoned cups of coffee. (To be con inued.)