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Chapter NumberXXX.
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Full Date1883-07-17
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Newspaper TitleKerang Times and Swan Hill Gazette (Vic. : 1877 - 1889)
Trove TitleAdventures of Three Young Ladies
article text ADVENTURES OF THREE YOUNG LADIES CitAmTa 1ge. Her fear exaggerated the mysterious stranger inte something which struerk her with awe. 'What orders do you bring, O moollah ?I she cried. 'I will lay them before your highnere,'he ans swered, respectfully: 'I approach your sacred person now to restore to you an escaped prisoner. And at a signal Edith unveiled herself, 'The Ferinevao girl,' cried the empress. 'Tro,' said tbe rizer, severely, 'and 1 should not' advise you to let his imperial majesty hnone of leer having left the palace. '1 ccill have the base slave keaten with sticks,' rried her irate isjelty. 'I craculd adsiso your highness to reflret,' continued the priest drily. 'At tie full of the esoon, the fair giaour will be ecepreso of lIol Thr ecesmon shuddered. Tice slave aould lhen haer her crholly ice hee powe Welth a leoe hew, which cone sler ltcs Icote and scorn in her eyes, tise renpresr -mcether do cerd horf lacfeld to sea ties beautiful hoecri bhok, sn'd clappins leer hansIs, ordered her to e reconducted to clr friend'. 'You hate these the danhleters of tlse coll snec tccrbarion Eroape-' sidl tlie eizer, when ticey Voer' elone. 'I do. .oSer eil cllres.i tlesir influence. 'If vour msjesty would waolly onu entirely trust your hoeceice serecnt, tlies mceighlt )ct he be rot sit of,' observed tice moollse. 'Then so.' she soid. looeing keenly at him. 'Ticey micht yet escape. Tlceyl ave friends coso hsve a light over ithec,, who would only be to gl d to tcke them oway. 'W e must Ice estiono,' said tie viecr,thoughlt fully, 'or 'n oar heods he it, 'So I foil tileir acbhitiousa pl5lns, I care snot,' replied the ecaprecs. I would shlay them myself before my sonc should so disgrace hlic religicece as to ced these gicours., "cley awill change the r religieen. neecr feecr, lefore their mccarriase; it fs a hlbit ice royiel facmities,' caid the vizer, ritic cc acsns:. CeArPTetet flIe. The forcible seepcercetioic frcm Eduithe eppsared to both liKe nesds Jessie e cereat micsofrtues. Not oely 'lid they msies leer see esty, bat hlerc fete ccas so tolcitfulend suder.chtie, tlht thee aiewc'd her flight crith deep ecaiety acd Olc enl3' cossslation,waa felt, thcot ie sionel snec Mr Achurst s ae souli leave feiends cise riote1ecd Ics truie in eccition'to tice csjcteics. seht was to sech of the easrnccf e-l devoterl lover to be a fitting sole cosecsaneion for a yoeeesg lady. Theer surprise masy be eonceived, thss.wlcen, cahile they were conversing on the sulject, a lieure, wrecppecl in a large white burnous, en tered. Thcey rose in some surprise, cnd stool siledt and e me ed, whele teie cloak was cst ace y, ectec thle pesle, alfrighlteir fecee of Edith coecs rc vealsel. 'Iy- wsldt steaSge eceidoint leave you rictuerened cried Kate. 'It i a long story, vesiel Elelithi, casting her self on a couch antd spechkiog icintly sned drescecily. yececrc too exhaustled to tll it ua yet. ob served Mrs ]iecsce, tIcceetrly, as esh checfeci h-er hlenelecnd btaclerel leer face seithe rose w'ter; 'scrike the i ben; cd order e:ffee. 1oorse dcr, sae shall heeve some rest before sle satislise our curiosity. These directions were ceerried out, and then Edith euplecined herlrestcrn. 'Sir Tomaem Rnflacre and the earl rnonedes cc ..boat.,vi55 5~ shio .lcse '5cerr.' criedl AIes P'acon. 'Ocer affairs ar' bcocaing coeplicntesl.'e 'Poo1 csi sics.' saci: uate, archl'lyho does nou seeecce aled to secceos. 'War did he nsot jcics ionel and fMr Ashurses? asked Mrs flcn with soesethsing oflr Lsfrown. 'He appeared to fear psesit shlcon our flighlt. was discovered,' continueed Edith, colouriceg a little. 'I only hope yoer Tfrienls will tsp elose,' ndded Mrs liecon; 'eccey atteeceict of theirs coulad not oely be fustreseed, bhct, bring throm into deadly peril. The striteset watch is knit. 'True,' said Edith, faintly; 'but you forget our friend the moollici. 'I do notfor'e hiccm mecy dear,' continued Mlirs Bacon; but the life he leas ird for somese years. tbh falcs impooture religion which he harsbeen colopeplled to esdopt, auese me to loak on Isiecs coish raelme usleicioce. 'He is the noblost,the enost devoted of men,' cried Eiithc, rcther wasrsly. irs t coon onley enilvel snd stroked hor hair as sice sould theat of a prettv chihl. At this msomaot the esoottalb aso anoune ed. Ito cacee in unettended, boced los to the ladies, snd then scolted Iimsself evith a care scorn, anxious a taci, on the couch bo-ide /Edith~. Laditeh' he sild, 'I coaa to tell you that nothing bhet rapid and bold action can ocve uTh emperor will noe drliey the maorrioge he eonseemplceerd morn tlean c(eo days 'LIe will Sind a corpse oily,' replirel Edith, cveecrily, I will de asy desith rathir tiano 5scmh.i solsiawishee. 'I would rather makie a hotoeseet like a Hiccdo widos'w,' cried Kelts, 'oenth chject, crues decth rather thcen dir honsor,' saiel Jessio. Girle you are Chrietainc, snd havr no righ to toko voasr on linec. Trost te Isis inlinetc Strc' tleces all cill art Ic-c, ell. 'icedirs, tIhir is not only Icepe. but very grect eerpe,' obereved the slctlch. Weo halltgh be glad th har aa vorl of ras soeltion any creembcsc of co.eoolesion,'urgrd Mrs Ulce e5. Tee empreso esother has the most faneticcl hatred of anythieg Iuroccecn, and sice forete-cse in tlie oelection by the reetperor of the three Chriotian wives, great pard to herself and tho stdplaety. - seao e sber desire to get ridof us in anyoca eaelacimed Eats. 'Yes. toall her meacures are alike. If she coclete kill you, sell you ilato selesry, or gelt ii of you i: ncay soithoat dffading leer dospotic s an. she weeliddo sc.' a tespile ike hort 1 red inoluence of tIce seeeosul eenetd ve.lcptuoas Otedarec tlec empoweos liveoi Iadread of icis hliglnecess. \ere shee to ho'vtring or poisoen you, her ocn fate oubol he scleed; bet if co-c s'oulc I e torn forecibly froacnsrer,hia taei etr oahlscl ~v rlhcsgn. 'I~at ,steleso yeaU coccI Co GilereLtisr far a. reoss esehot ol OlciF tIsa'icsskoe Oh~ 1io dcliratbie ,sastter is to he carried out,' urged lers 'tisten lady. Four or fire dsys remain to us, cluring which to corery out our plaeo. At thle eul of lhai8tlioe we most he solt at Ihis coos. t~ry, er acr elaca well heese wholly f.ciioi, A~t no -' sac etistence ic she hills re dtec a rhbbkr cicieft ic cesetle es a Icoefect eyeeca ;nleic feliocra e~reare bodedll cooctlot. Ticiasecai I have mensy ticeos served. 'A robber chiof. 'Yea lna lend like tihis-a lord of tumult civil wer, and illtentine cosmcmotoce such allies, iree ofte-si uerrfcel. I viit tito to nighle ' and shall artn e for yoo co ke carried off by a raid on thio castle. or by an aettck during your essreh to the cpitnlI. 'Iloodehed! murder! cried Edils. 'eote a drop. The whole nflair will be planned and esamulalel. 'flutan s ou sdepend on this man?' ached fro Bocon sensioc ely. 'I believe I tae. I myself am keenly watched, and were I to attempt to carry you off, ekould be at oesce nrrestod This night however, I will visit tha robber chief, seed tar our plans. 'And the empress?' 'Sc that she gets rid of you she ares not,' was the cold reply. ¶When shall we see you again?lasked Edith in a low hushed tone. 'To-morrowv night, when I mnust r. tire to report your willingness to the honoure offtered you he said bitterly. At this moment the private guard of the palace entered to search the premises, Ever since the escape of Edith, this ceren naony we goner through every two hours. Not only this precaution was taken, but overy. thing thnt could have teen kno.ted into a ropel was removed, while patrols went the rounds in the most severo manner. The eunuchs were mand with rage at the escape of a male intruder in the palace whom they now believed to have been guilty of the death of their comrade. Not the faintest clue to the means used to eater the palace had been discovered. Should the report reach the cars of the em peror, a wholesale slaughter of the guard wrould be the certain cons quaence. Every mian trembled for his life. The moollah resumed his most stately man ner, and retreat. When thbs guard left, the girls colleced round Mrs Bacon and spoke in whi'pers. 'Would that time would pass !-would tint to-morrow night were coaer,' cried Editlh; we should then know our fate.' At this nsomentt a light noise was heard, and to their utnot acstenishet eat and atiaz: sc-nt a head rae'' over the parapet of tcli castle. 'Who is it ?' gasped Kate and.Tesie. 'The captain.' a id E lith, in a rather terri fld," and disiapuo!nted toae, '`il-ae n! "lha: , nus this folly?' whispered Mri;s dd-tic, rttnning oat- 'Fly or you are dearl mans.' 'What is the danger?' siid the captain, as he pireipared to icaie the wall. Mrs Bacon explained that they were liable at any hour of the day or night to a visit of tceirguard, 'But we have time. Lieutensnt Montague and Mr Ashurst aie blow. I have ascended by Iltnting tlaggera in tho interstices oftlhe stones ard Ihere is a knotted rop', capablo of bearing any weight. 'Capttain Thompson, you court certain death for yourselves and for ius,' said IMrs Bacon coldly ; 'but fear- not, we are in good hands' 'itrafIcon :'cried Edith, is sharp, warning torea 'Fly, tan; away! 'she gaspe'd. 'The wapsin oubeyed, and -lid to the bottom, cro the platrol, hic't hatd come upon thett suddenly, c :ild reachlth: p irapet. For:unat ly th' amgltt was da'rk, with a little drizzle of rain. The three n-.n in the moat, -roenched nearer the castle wall, and the guard saw inothing. Af er noingr albout in saavage and silkya tray, they naonia retreatsi. Secresly lia-ltheydeparted,when once to-rte a head erose above the wall. (To bh consinued.)