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Full Date1887-11-18
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Newspaper TitlePortland Guardian (Vic. : 1876 - 1953)
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Csirt aL dos 'lad 407r sit on high threred fr eoi oa ?thic~? fsetonthesaIºelpeett sia tketd. e ltkOt. sO mmn with detrs inti.tre?L Ste.I w.s 'nn a comfortable hair o thone ceht o tdi t A tnman mnotw.r. Ite m one oI I those scnirs wh?ic mtke an awkwar. wono t - Jook doU'. askwa.L , bat only throw i a eore hies every treaty of a rs.oe- in (alone the alterooon W, . 0 wh'n. ., Dtaz_ o' _, - ,. tewto, .nehaooor, was here sftenet: by ao awahLL witic on.y a!loel tie teacere-t of warm itghts to I.l on her ?alc and oil oua 1 Srl tooted so intensely bwitchinc neder i I... CRteamI.&Oce of bcho :c4 and Waaond nn.hineo ha thte yog .? Amer-C.n h, set1aaai -orgo to ant'er, eand ony gretoin ". Utz boe st o.loaocd it. ae)ttoina t Da, 'seC re pstttuAsi, on a tickety cha n hAid drinke otatls and ttlnh e ' the went ? tan Optain won't let hi -eit on thre? - e - )ge tool. I mean. There are oe or two -k azog sboat He doesn't onj-c: to moc to gI1 ahe cocktails.V with an odd note in his voice t hen kbe did not notica. oo ~ Wat a shame Why won't he et you tt have them ' Tre're awfully coemfortable. n:; the CIayemn c:wn'% think it looks wetl?-c?.citce r and il taba, yea know. I esy: TIe re ise sonid Gie me thi?s dtce , :'-., He bant eagterly forward. so e~gerly that the lo.. the very po.arneos b.latne to hae. ind in his efort to recoter ti". f, Ocme with a ash to the o eck, spae.. Lu at er P?hat did you do that for' she vsed gri . w? , he eLog up wt t ut ! a n Sa sail., from among tre rms io the Sdon't know I am vrte.' he answered, peiteCtlp isdferent to the ltdtsorns are te if ad cns, not coolly gatnertng p the rem aat of the choirx which e corned to the t. tOen the ship and crypea overoardt h 1 te Qn"y kow.b he aid, coming back to her, i 'that when 1 was there I wanted to tane ethee' He lasebed a gen? i?e ;lateat laebh; bat E thi -e were tall rf the mreet tn osltaable admiration as he looked down at her. He had a oly meot her two hor tobeore; totr se it.n boars bhd done m.roels to chanieng the It ta?our of Mt. May?ard En?ol's hitherto. oveiadiffereit life. With eer wman'. ers Ohe iead the look. She made a saaith, it, patient gatne ; nt the next second she was b Smioig op at him gai, * re wold soontre of [bengat a wrani' b fet I an jtst fan? to longing for an a. nda good rn so ease your cramped limbs' b ?~I gpes you dn' t know. B I don't want v eetarhor . I wanot a dance.' *?rm ot going o dance sany more. Ir threw my pogramme overbord.' Alt tom o rmple, who ba bee: sitting d wtraiing about near them were flcking tack a so tae dnagag She had refoed them so a per'isteety all the afterroon that none of t?r meen came near hber ao .It wI e.?ch a t decided ase for the yonng American Iteten at-shee hating onty atoaed r o' him-t-at they after the fashion of the generality of met, not riwoitg to oam in anottetre wr e. left himt a last in ndist:nrbed poe- C For a moment or two there was silence t ainteres?, that s was not polite to stare at a lady. She Ianei?dly fanning ber.self, pgrg in adreamy far-off war agcros the beanufti barboer, which ha sonethbing so forern In t dte pictresque Dwidigre atd red oolted Shouet. Great men-ot war; white taon ed trorpshipe, aitn tiny cockleshells of hanl a adosdete black, smoking seam Iolcres 'stlg in and out in beuilderinog ada dangerous coneta ; covered toe bt, sparoklin? wbters. Toe houae E Cri-s of boartm and sailors we.r Moftened into harmony in the esnty, drowy I expanse of air and es Toere was no bree, either from the land or from tee steo, whoee breat roseand felt beyond the na rbor :r as gently as that of some cleep'ng child'ao. 'Toe heat had been quite a frmttfdl -pic of I conversaion that afternoon to dancers who ada difficulty on the subjec o ideas and to partnors personaly totally ind:fGrent toe I tevl oth.r. Yet erddenly she shivered-with a violent, urnctrollahbe shudder, as if with cold-and her face grew pinched and blue. * What t the matterr he sked in fqick larm. 'Idon't know.' She turned to him - agin, seiling, bit her lips were e if, and only forced into that smile. 'I am cold, I think.' 'Coldl I wishl were. You must be ill to be cold. Come downstairs ad hare some ea.? Shine rose, and they made their way to the ompanion, down w?ich he carefully helpe-o ber. The refreshtenrs, set out in larten pro?tion were being served on the lower deck Miss Keith oely rok a few sipe of the to ea sad then, at Sps ituenton, , tery strolled orn towards the mete-room, where wa desy ad deserted. She sat down on a chair te beghi her. * Are l your ?fier here ' she sked. "o.' reretfully. 'Or Firnt lieuteonat it H?.brot-e-G int-Geore W.r Grant. We ca ll h'm our " Beauy.He and I are o!d celus. Ill show you bhis photo, if you Ithe. Bt of course you wonldot like,' a faist flah of ehame at his earernte dreing be face. Bar e and George W. Grant had beren friends Sincee their achooldays. He war not a hbit handsome him-elf, theoth p'estar t lookiog, with hia aSrong well bult frame, and his rait?rm showed im cff to advratage; hot be had rear felt a pnog of jealouese yeo agsost his frieni, who ad more than one ocasion 'hht hi-n cat' It wooldb't matter to you if e had "carrots" and three ore..' ' i weold makes his photograph a meet interesting study any way. Please show it to His cabin was close by, and as eager to mote her as to show off his friend, he moeed sway to fetch the photograph. She oet waling for him. ws so?ehineo? ationless, rather than reposeoul, in the languor of her position, and her face too : the Same pinched bine loo of mortal cold it had wrne en the ppeer deck. ' Hereit f', !tiee Keith' Ste toot the leather-framed portrait with Uno-'d, fashionable indiference, and looked at it He's a splenadi Io-ing chap, isn't he ' he asked with proed affection. SI's a very fine frame,' the said. fIf broke into bhi frank, pleasant laugh. 'hoear. ?is Keith, that Il remehing. try, bocr h,--hout-we're nolt a ??,ricfan-w, nood toohing see; in foot I heard one aid at Plymouth call s Charota crew. Her friend -an awfutly prety lottle rir - sogzes-to Grant wne Orpheot bpb ronwed acroes the eq-, elill looSing at the proatritwi her hand Di hhre he w e a crew 'OhI rIs o teel donohow. Ireter woe p in the lasnocr Any wat that old Charin was eno?gh' b himsetlf. Beidee, Grant is ot il search of hit wife,' with an 'aoo'rd tae i hie iher whiceh had somenthing sIi Perhaps she noticed it, for she looked n at bhi, ri?o thac sewr anotidn hltoe. Chioa Cime gtlf the pink of e ?etation,. tod others the meot briething rce in the word ie AS we'l,' hea seid. seroeg ii ie mueb, ontr-our Cspttin has a lovelf little y?e see, Grant is so good ookinlg that the repna thin?e he is jaot as well onbia side - Of the Al.tir' ' Idoa. like 7one Captain,' the said the t?en mano did otr answer: or, rather the he ade, pyepaently a qite Orrosrutt t?toe hwimloo.on: 'Ha e another cap of te, or a e?ocktail i She lao'd, and grare him bhack the photo pb r het e retoone from lae itiie pt~s rai, he found her tothin , to her pa?led thea 0m the upei deck p lnc the ,Cgnest were thronging towlrdl the googway, ?'be Amuereran officers sooand among them ?helping them doen into the pinnacs that were to ake them ashore, or back to other 'I am so erry you oare goirgf' eclaimed 'Are ro She foaked op at him with a ft wo so oerchieg, so aypeolioz, so Captain Stock caught bfg'co of him, aad ecit, had Seen aroaed at his derotion that - - ftegpon to the prpyll Miis Klth. Me d

,=1- r1 - 4t..scre ..a or..lrrx z auto " ~ t +Dore .raid he ·Y?pWUtoc %q tle .4, on huaitab.he. Lrt Maya.ra Enraol leased f down .n to the pin?rce, ot ee?ion; another mbho ommand. kYrm wher e e loud be cold sbo we ber .arera:ly hcha?eerna and la=zhag a bar ,a611 mn tae re: o: tee cr,?n tdk Wtrlnal It mea- he asked him-elf. In pmralart,. 'Oce w. id mtCok I and a.nd teip Ler in tarne aI ' tie nrme to at-n rer e.e rea:n, but ,he nmeer once ooked you i, the a -?-o a: whore e e:?c i Toe iustn.t snl a o ar s- reted the Lraad:ia a-Lceae lea S::. ar- i -!p tme lade, :i srwe It cameo he) t.urn. met Ftr a moment her hard lay i. his She a:i looed a, a aim, thankma him mtaIn Cth I Snrige ame for ae 'taery mteraaaa itt inc bad atl lven thet.' mc And et to wsoald have sworn that behird {g!a sts emir larked the earesaaaow he had teen 1 in ter eyes a few -omaena betLa. ULc?r thi madden impulse he anawrena the hi. t.Aoao, taoL the smile. 1o1 I: eter I can do anythinz for you, art tcr em De whaipered, trnedly, his s'rrant ti useady hand cýping aove;y rmnnd ea. He Tan.r e i d on tae smrem oat .*ty ot giris and amnianr wrne, all makaad sam:er soc Ig little epeechee o0 him ua be ilc.trd tr.em loo on asnare. Heransweren withormaaeiy know yee mtg wnat be was rayinz. be asu sae cfrare at his andrcit! His for sp c-n now e a spie each a.awa, tat mraeanC p ea m termnrcea a t a e mn Bat as the piaace steamed of ?, abe n e.?tic oat fcuam amot a the little group of ma S-pe m'a? ,eg on tae shore, and locked be .:ter the re:rrting lanaicb--at him : with a gucrk eap:ng or hte prse?, he ratmei his ap, risming m ai Iile tatmabhal a?e of eadure h gh over htb h?Lnd.. -st lu Camrra IL ca It's a dared teatme 7t The speaker, Gnre W. Grant First h , rea?nant on board the Plymonut, looked as no Sine meantit br Mr Marcard Eartll, tilina on the mest- ct e tame, hbis aic.. cnruom de-p in bhi pockets, I ani legs danalaC impatiently to aad fro. E laked as it be gu::e a-reed. t ) O'tk is an m.lerna- re '. oa,htn't to have spoken,' interroped a t Enval, ra:ber weart y, but roatee to a sen*- E Sof ectmphtie by the wrathful, etry eyes of hi oi' trend, 'only E o *You c ?ndn'' help i,-I should think rot ! n e maes a man t:ct to beitl ballinta tHe'a ar c. drunken- ' 'St S ntp!' Grant's reckless, fery s:irit maae Ptnoil more careful for his tIied than a he was f:r himrelL Grant pacel res:lcs!y ?; the room and K D'back tia:n. If he cold, at uat moment, Snare taken bni Captain by tre throat and h Sshtkeno the brath half ont of himt, he would ir bhae been gratea Only, nforta?no ely, the it plen ras not feasible, and he had enin'gha onrtrol over himself as yet to underetand ne G I rdl s-tne of ais friend's advae. E ' Well. ldity, I m=at be o bebe aed, iu d be reached E.soill a-in. Can I gite any k -mesras.! I near you e been running it II nhard, with an amu"re laugh. a waced. It was a fortnight tsince p a theirown dance, and he had aert:nly been ' rmnneg it hbar' ie raised his eyes, which G st w tnere dialty Caemalanzi e h:eat reteched I of tt now on to the back rf the teat before a 'tm. iand lonkeb at hin friend inbeeat l e- Grant was splendidly hbadsome, with cat i tenerou, bn?htoec of anzer still hnzering t ta his be eye. s a-sh on his fate. Enoll I re rmembered saddenly bow long she had is Loked at his p??raeit that day; how in ? erested the had eine bteen in ererythinz c g concerrigz hibn that be-Encall-had told a her. And with a cmr?nts seuasaon, carirs t o bebnuse be hai neer elt it before. be rermem S`tered, too. how mach be had told her. Bat St-e teni'itn pii*m- as quticklty n it ise, a~ most before be had time to be troubled by d es t. It pateed in a sudden anxiety for the man who had ezaited it. c ' Wnat are you going to do this after. I " ' don't kror. Perhaps 111 look in at the t ay Pricess'. Cda"t. Sock wa elaangina me this e , naoroCig becnate I areno' been seen "in t a, ecent cimmany yet, ' with a grim Iazh. d *r And then Gardt:er has raked me to dine w ith him to-iznat. I stall take my things of ashore and dress there. ho ' I wish you'd cut Gardicer,' said Easol f d impatiently, but with an anions lock ina to n:s eyes. ' I beleve he's a reglar card mtaroer.' at, Tae other dashed half.angrily, halehame no ' Via mind your own bm.inets,' he said. ck zr-c.T and yet no: nnkindly. Do o c tma:.k me a :? l I I gave yon my word I in w?eo:n' play hig ; thbat ought to be enaogh aly for ro.' I Ensell tumbled f his uncomfortable perch without another word. Grant was a barn to gamoler at heart Tnis evil prorensity was me one of the canuses given b Captain Sti ck for hi en ar asai? a him amen re, a poor be toen'enant, h?d bed the precmpuoy to til el so love with his lovely little r iCe, Mirabella 'on Srck. He was ac inveterate foe o gamtlihng ter himself, and oppoaed it with all ham mt?ht rmr bie men and nctr. Eaaoll hadcone ca his he!e k to keep hi frirnd oat of the rale led ,f hs displensure. He had even la*e'y mu perniuded him to give him his word mot air to play high. Am be could not have broken his own, he was matisbed thb his friend's now. His own oaes roon made him forget t is even his anziety for Grant'a hot temper and call the well-known hae existing between him a. and hi, Caitain. mo( Fora whoes fortnight not to hare a chance of of eteicg Miss Keith: He had incurred, Bathe day refore, the wrath of Captain Stock. ands ad in coneaqnence had to safer fort by btt having his leave stop:ed for a whole fort '. rn'at. It dii not make the sentence any b l mighter to kaow that tae punilhment, from but a diaciplinary point of view, was perfecly yt junst, and that, if it had ben pacsed en any one ther man, it would have been harder. cr This ,napersion of all intrconre betwrae tehim-elf and tict Keith wu intolerabl. aIt i:nce that birs aft-rnron they had met to nearly every day. Though nver ooce aain bad be caught a t'impye of that strange to look. ye:. in tnme subte wary, it teamed to be hare become the foundation of a friendship. She bich, otrard'yonly an mtaminta diration, ,ean someathin very much more real He had the no doubt about his own feeligse on the otb the ject, and there was some kindness and had tend'rnes underlying her bright Ocilety manner. which he felt wirhont being able to analyee, and rhich hilled him with the mith most glonoas dCight of hbcp. khd No ! she could not be pllitri with him. They called her a desperate dirt-a dan e eronsr., heartless coquettre--it bad een been at rrmt hinted once or twice in hie heaing, that she ( fast, ' bad form,' in her retkless m indifderence to anpearancea. Bat he ound y, her all that wats ood, and womatly, and eit m. bimr he ewmhed naw he had srnt ; her a maccage by Grrtt! What foolith, lenad I'se reticence it had been, which kept him ard abc:k from erean mentioning her came to his rhe ald friend. ary He wondered, as the lontg, hot hourb of the ate-rnoon wore on. whit Grant would aim- think of her. They wonr!d be sure to meet loa- a: the Prioes'st that afternoon. Grant had cdt oay returned from !eave three days baftre; ae had been tsying in town with Gardiner, erwbnho bid chambers in Londcan. ara Th-ugh Gramnt had been ibore, he had it is pent moat of his time with Gardiner, who red had come dow? to Southsee eitb him. i. Naeathrr of the two had appeared at ary iof the a.Cil en:ertaimente going on in mai the pi'a. Grant. mho had once been the bicn most ,eaaure-tner eoang fellow in the herm aorld, teemed, tince hit Ist lore-afeair, to tie bare taken a diegust to society. i ,mai late thra night when Grant returned. mmmcThe meo meaz did not hare any appit?nnlimy ery acf myeankia tm each other till the nett morn mad The first glance a Grant told Earoll that trl. omeammthbn ma mro.t. tie thoaghtt the eimmedialsaf few toGirdiner. ide 'How did yo Illkb the " bop "!' he aked, as be letan oaer the bu.larks looking down at the water. which - fdeeted thedazzrng bn, e thb of the morning skhy. He did not a?o, therefore, lae the aint sItat i friend gate, nor hor the pale, tired tie athebdt t Oh lo the op !' aftera teoeadt poite mo- einbm aptimself p dt from some onbhr l rran otrbrgh "t a rld Herpe or apretty little di:le. Yery hom and carowded, am- tbmc?,.' he Whats die you thi~rk of Miu KaitbT P ,u ? a"odly m to LE point, meting no other ber Eay oa tnarnig the contersation to her. that abe'* good-louoking, wth a lnuid sioa te tra, wbich sounnded otter nlifferena?ce ,'aGld-ooala t' iudignsily, tmarmiag med aprigh- . 'She'amot and oat tme ateloeert A tccaage, sttrt?dec, a ed y rrant,,ly nndersteacdit lootk ame into G(unt eye. to a olked intohie fried'ts eger maa ay I try, Lestoll, they raid m. yo kaow-- rang he mtrobm ad ibttptly, mm tnaned away. Shet the garl att'e beer geag in for, m.a eEntsoIl,; lace fashed bodty, aod then his i like lipt atem-,d to pale a little, for there wa the Mmentbia behind hie frietd't maeth. bt Wht werm oan going Iot e).' e tked, £4- 'Oh Idon't Lknw; a1y i hiak ins

rather a Giranr .ard, rn artiout., .I r? onpp.d way. 'They all ea so.' om ' trat rI Ensoll laid ba bard on hbs hoe sboulcer, compellirg him to trn, so that be will hboald tee his face. He spoke quite quietly, the but it wia not catals. ' tby istam a oto: n1 take" Ii 'On :-we:l, ,be i a desperate firt, and- bad and-I her,-- ' heau ' You dct't know what you are eayicy. II ter you are tirg to repeat any of ttat mier- tilr dole elancer to m-. you'd better clear Ot. wi? Ir' a! the iealcey. She'e the r? ? wr?tert, teoet, porret g:rl I aTe ervr! ha. met atd I'd lay down my life to prove her at airhn I rt Hi. roice, which had gradually risen into I ?r? incr,'ant reeroach, endea in a note of the I pit mot terlect, trimtbhant coCidetoe and coc g!adne.'. eeaI be tied on hit bhel and wa'lked cr-=? to the deck, hardly coecione yet of how mach the hi. words and wanner berra ed. Grant stood reot lokDirg asret r imaite u stuidly. EKnoll t d iwa teeu 1erfecily rlint when he bad told him or teat be d:d rot know what be wat enlrm. ric He bad rtd something Bat whatis was be a?e ron d not ell now. Only it mast ae brreen aometnirr, in answer to that prond, erger pa look on b:s frtend' face. e had heard h. teterday all about the desterate lrtaocnan between Eneoll and Mies Keith. Yet be had forgotten it till this moment. He hb a roe tnrotoh such a furnace of mental saauieb,i he such a storm of remorse, and helpless rate, t ano oe.yerate fear, that all else hs4 been seached up in their free. EBt it all came back to him now. C-Ln IlL hi The lror. weary fortnight had come to its tl end. ..soll, rettldeal pacin the deck tne of Isat afternoon of his detention, looked to carioaily diferent to the laughing ayed or yoeo.z man who had danced there with inch of happy carelessnes a moeoth ago. But it w-• it not the lore-thirst of his heart which had B brourzh those set lines to his month and P nrerchef the old bribhtneos of his eyes it Ito' a shame, the way Grant is cutting N Enocll oat. sail one middy to another as al teyI locked at hbm. Toey were both in a had at remrer, haviog to laly on board that lovel ii af:ternoo, and, I ein devoted ?vmirers of t Em?oI. they were inclined to be abauive of hi tineed and C?iatan alike. 'Grant knew it Essall r at none on her. I call it caddish. I row that Ensol is out of the ratcing. Grant Sand sbe are always toeter.' t The otter fully concurred. Enroll had I gattered from rtniOs things let slip in Coa - rereation nit was taking place on shore. Grant himeni had never allcdet to Mine S-itn. and Enoill wias too ;roud to ak . Bat the fiero pain at his beart would 11 him at momenta with rage aglinst Grant for j I truin to steep between himellf aid Miss e Keith. Orly for a momentary, carele-. Samsement. For what else could it re! a Grant had not forgotten Mirabelli Stork. Even he, Enaoll, sceptic as he had been a on the arojer: of his friend's powere r of devoton, really believed at last tn : a t love and fdelity where Mirabela was con. I cerced. He knew how his aufortaote passion had chaned his whole life. The Grant of to-dae wr no more like the a Grant of a year bhtore than a happy, rare iees -choo!boy is like the man who comet e out hardened, recklees, bitter, from life' Sreat hatr'e. Yet here Ore wiac idly dieting with Pire Keri:b-when he koew that here love was the lfe's happiness of his fneud. . ForEaoll was certain that Grunt knew that d atueved her. As he thou;ht it over today, he felt he t could keep eilence no longer; he wouli speak to Grant that ci,ht, wrien he returned s to the ship from the Admiral's ball, where probably he would have danced all night I t with Phbetk: In the tile lizht of the early summer T dawn Enroll found his opportunity. I a ' [ wnt to spepc to yO.,'he said cor'ly. SAll reght, o'd boy,' answered Grunt care .leesl, but he leant bk beari y againet the i?ee or toe hip, gszing acro-s the adenti harbour, with itc gleaminZ lights and dari ahips wnich lokeo like ghostly shadows to n the morning twilight, and it seemed as if he did it to rolid mereioc hir friend'a ere. Ie s' it all up with you and M:rabelil i Stackt Grant's strong frame qirvered from head to L foo. as if the pitileee, caur quation hoad tttaified him through. I - Then he answered slowly t It was all up long ago.' , 'Do you mean, then, to murry Mie 1 eith : S 'tarry her :' he broke into a harsh, di i crrdn lauigh, ' uot much chance of my I doinz that ." ;b ' Tnen will you-in Heaven'a name, te:l :h Bot a sudden, swift chanze leapt into r Granc eyes Hse whole face was convuesed as wttn fury. or Will ou tell me by what unwarrantable rimpertinence yon question my Oafia ? Let 2 me tae, and be hanndi to Iou I - E-noll, thrast ia:de, sto>d qui'e still. 1g Someting teemed euddenly to have enspped hr within hirm-omethion that set his ho e llife jarring and cite.hrn zot of toun. It 't mare bim oite diCer, as if the decorI were ,ty htyical Tr?at, faith, tender affection, re a eprr. -ere being crsahed, maimed, tlain, amid the maad wild confusion if those other l r ing flee logs. et Tr"t fnrenanip which hbad b~egn so long ad san, which had klted so faithfnlly. which m had loon the controlling power, keetirg nm beut:fuil bahrmon to man oppo?rng teel ce lgs, purposes, aima, tastes, was detc. Coart. IV. br Js r. Durrant was glring an ' at home' the nent day. i Her room. were already crcwdld when the ly Amer:cans managed to wedge their way into treem. Eno-l gave an eager glance about him, and then nis heart seermed to ap brauig, and ne knew au more till he fond e himwnt standing a little apart, wine Phehbe Keith. s 'You haive been behavilg very badly to us !' aone said, laughing off the dumb, pitiful ge appealof his are.t loe lookirg at her from Sbr eyes. But he had paled too He tried to return a smilieg reply, but the smile died • abrop iy n his lip., sa, recoeering hi edetars idal ttle, he was shocked at the chtnge in ý- her. 'd 'flow awfully ill you look I' ty Don't stare at me like that.' she eoclaim.d ie petrihly; ' ad for eoodores sake on't tell he we I am not looking well. I know that it is alwalr orly a polite way of telline a rirl . that he is growing ln gly. Nw I mnolt o and SIook after tihe peole. ShKtl I intro-dner yo em tonr onel But I o pop' e ou know pleoty t, of nire. Come ald take me tonlet some tea t?ar oraently.' d 'hs turned awi; there were lome fresh d arriTral Mrs. Drsrnt arwoe jui? greeting 'ot them near teddperwy. Thereo iatr c smdl. b, emty' rpace between them tand Bier Keith Iw ann EnaolL his As Bee Keith turned from him towards the d·nr, Mr. Dorrant oukolht aight other of Oh :theestreis poor cfriend,'eshe ld td to the lade who it hear twOa dringhters el hdjust entrend. 'Ptpbr, deear come here, ai I wio inHtroduce yoo to Lady erstanled. e ; rant wro to look after her daughter..' ier, tll a Kei'h advancing, suddeoly etoppeB. Lre dy atusland o asatmtnna her with nubh tad !o k of petrified ame~rento, horror, diegu?t ho tht everybod? hear ora?ed to look at her i. ti. arr tThank you, Mrs. Dorrant. Lady Mlar in land fonnd her 'oice at lart It was clear in the in. ntterable indiotratio, and rehed half the through the crobdc rooms. ' I wouli to raher mydarogher were not introdnced to that youig person. ' mWhy, myi dear,' dropping ed aer )ce and flshieg tio fitly at the aceno ry athe hid been intolontrlyr? been berasted r- into atini. 'do Iou know that ehe wo oliving--wr y there is the man i" hat Ont or two tit:,re and actodinz nlar, htes cauht diftino tthstlor.d aeents Am' ng them En-oIl, who. at Ldir Marylsad's iret ed, wrd, with one aswft stride had steped nto e pebe'n eide. He, with all threra oeoked ts i.rrde the doorway. Ire, grat had not come with his brother the lrberl. He atooid ihere now, hating ?elI arlined. H' hoad aparent!y b, ed hre ereptfhine, fo rr his ?f?e est white to the lips, ed there we Pi arrtrnouo. eraed lr?k ih ie f Cee. ed, Ph?,re erith. as hba caught aiaht of him made Loa atop oriard, looIing atp It tim n with earery the mot pitioful, anuiehed her appel toot ener tookte Onl fronm a wom'n w.- the met it with that siame dasud nra apsomie gazs ar.d then. in a hind of n etuttrblng. a"kwird way, mode a halfg tgu tat ae if to go away. A tioleit sbndder ahook Pheebe from lty head to foot, and then, with a audden Ie I ul,ittion of her head, I atrnightettoir into tsplendid, queenly dignity of bet ahtiehing iIgire, she turned, •ad walki a ni if tlo throalh ..I another door, tanmihed from among tae ;€ i gtZe'i., wodnerieg, hocrlbed rowd of faabioe ahi p ohlaposreaeehrrl Enolll lbanced at the hi. oth-r dror; Geant had fled too. rn There wa a hrethee, silent patee, pr? an' waitt entrpolkc qaeestonl and a1 ere, then eserybody ega talking all at once; a -oot, to span tbs fealiua o their on

t, ranaic a' Ita. la kbe e nntd e'toatIn ;i tlikr ctm W exprtes treir o-r:an:y ttat rety mo knew aomeihmio like thisr wold taons up bid witlh reard to i iKeitbh ; others to deny blt the pCtibility of here being anything trce Y in tl. tai Iu a fei minutes everybody in the room I:im had strme esrson ,. the scten Lady lare- to lanc, seced at her oieion. anod yet ec:-is lyin trat ibhe ad done na::e rhtb in oexyt-?ng o' e 0I alrl. told what the ktew to Mrs Dor.nct, nor . It wa cnided beteen b ryc' do?ibr, tear!, ao n:: " "b Two fyera ego Lat Maceiana cie sa hlean oiay:=, in Ansinsi at an hoae o-n where hree two ere sro puritrg ap. Tree rho tare then?elvTE OCt ia itaO and wf:e. But bal variou?an tilgs mae tnie other nplecp re- it t? i-i-, and their a'epeooa were ore cn ife ontrned when ime young person who now bht c.lehl erell Mi.r Ket:h. gave cat dinti, cty b? c to an old tcen'leama who ap;eaed? to tar. np fan thereoone dayn, anl wo, 2I .vi-eed, was a t relaoin of the gentleman with her, that the con Swa not his wife. Lady Mareland hat reen con or beard notting of her stnco, il today io How was it that hir. Darrent had made the eye ac-aain?ota~ of socn a person' Mrs. Dnrrant only knew her as the coa- Cer pat on n? d aleo;e s dant·ter of a friend of tOh hern ,rin? at the north of Irelandal Toriladr wa very fond of her, and had ade hter take her own name. Mis Keith, orhateereeherslme win, had tived with '! her for two year. ..d the believed ibis ld Pr anew be itn,. B:t Ececll had wsited for to exlanatiorL a fie had rushed from the house like a man driven by a leion of de?i. With hun:c- n re)e and parched Ibp', he walked blindly on, an his hear a very hell cf consuming Are, fed b7 th e the ever-growing t'lmenof hate, fury, andflst r Sof reenrce. His rrain was too confused to er f form aoy plan of renyeance. The deire of it wl I only burned there at hs barut. Toe ai- gish :of it was btrritle It must lnd voice and S!oll!ment soon, or be felt it would kill bi. G 1 Ba: as ye he could not think it cut cearly. hi I Phye:cally and mentslly he was prostrated, and his he!plyenteni added no the torment, g Not o be e toe e to carry out vereang ce before th all tcee other men came back to tie ship i ta afrerncoon with their talk, their-it cut of like a encorge on quietring, bare uteb-their , f eos•, their jesta npon her: n But when his brother c9cen dii retcrn, t they ,.id not a word. Pertapt his face b ei ecced tehn; perhaps thee felt all the pin aI and ehame of i. for they ial knew the greabt i freiahap tht bd been beteaon the two d men, and how we 1 En-oil had leamed tolove h her. Ppilar an Grant had been, there wia is otie =n versal worJ of di??st at tIe c?wdilc he Lnd betrayed that aitertoon, for the of pi:e-ua apial In the grl' eebha been seen 11 r rno many. C.poain Sto:k waw up in tw. i Ir Trey wondered wtat be would say when he e in returned on the marrow. Even Miraln~s, l who waw known to hare cared for the bend · atome Lieutenant, an- braved her uncle's wrLih for hbt take, would tun horror trom a n hits now. l Grant did not retnrn to the ship that i niiht. ine abecnce witionn lease as b fre:ty commented noon, out of E?eoll'a le hearing. Ihb would be the lat stroke, as far as notbk was concerned. ' And then be been fooling amd wi'h e that tellow Gardiner. too, jn.s lately. Play ing recklessly toe last fortaight, b'e lost a pile, eaid one, to wind op tIe many things i taat had at lsir clhcrd Grant into the hand, of an; enemy. For they all knew that Stock would prove an implacable jude, and that, to bing shoot the ruin of Grant, hat ton f been the earnest desire of his inodctive hernt, I Next morning Enoall went unore- He d found Grant at the hotel which he freinented. cr Eneoll had hardly erpectni to find him there. rt He only went Ito tet information. Entoll en'ered his room wibout knocking. Hesbut Cr the doe.r after hi, turning the key in the lock. Grant, ibo wa si ttin emoking tear Y. the open window, had started to his feet e- Neither spoe for a moment. iC Ten E?anl., adevncitd into the room, said tt in a slow, hoatre voice : rk [ want an explanation of yesterday.' in Grant'a face grew paler. se She i my wife,' he ead. 'YTa - raie er S Enroil recoled. The room neemed to reel roand bhm. ' Yo0r wife ? Wy then-' to I married her about two yearne at Do d you remember that time I went to C:tin-i. 1 astia I met her there and fell in lre i:th her. and married her. In twomonihs I pas tired of her. I fond out that I had never is lovei her, It was her beauty, I enp;?'e. lie epcke in a strnang. monotonou toue, as is- if reeaii.i enmetthin learned by heat. 'I y kep:y toe marringe oeeet. You know that old oncle of mine I was afraid of him. I :ll bhad been plaiin high, and wanted his moter. Bh: I did not love her,' he went on ito again, ' toough she did for me whta: no a ed w,-man more than we can measure. To cave me, the pretended that ehe was not my vife. )le Sne tored me well enough for that, and yet et I-. T;ere bhae been times during tse lact year when I hae almost hated her ill. " You despicable coward ! And ye'erday, ed when he appealed to you to cane her-you ie were titen--yon I ' Enil" H- Irutout his hbans as if to cre wr't' c Enroll. wbo hi etcped forward. re- ' If you etrrck me-I could not ez in, plain-sund-- aear to lca that for a mi 3er meat yesterday I was half ored. I thought of nothing I could only fee Mlrt 0no bells As that woman epoke the whole ion of my lose fell npon me. I could reshfe in nothin elste. I did not even see -my wife. tel- tWhen I recovered, she had gone. But. Enlacl, I swear to you I hare made it all teht this morenin I hare written to Mrs. Doreant-' SYou havre not een-roar wife-yet ? SNo, En'oll I am act quite so lost as you the th:na. I cont face her yet. That other will come between-' the 'And yet yon could let that other learn to to love yon whilte- ont Grant' ;ips twitched with a sdden epaem top of remorce and pai. In, 'I id try firnt to keep away from ber; re but I went mrd at last; and it was only one week in whtih I gave wary, one sbort week, to and now- ' ai i Enell turael from him in eon-terthle om ang'r ai d loat:hnL. Hi .eeued so ba.e,this ied man he had once lorei so well. med ' Wnst a-e rou icitt ro do. eon I *oirt bknow. If P-tOe will let me, I in nw l tiy rad redeem the pa-t' But there was no life it, the words or tote. Tney were iexporeesibly dreary aid hope'ese; and he was still tht.king most of that other girl. tell ' A knock at the door broke the strained is silence between them. Grant iert over and girl opened it, takirg a note from the waiter who and had brcught it. lie read it, then crushed it o in his hand, a sharp exclamation breaking ory lom him. tea "' 'hat is it? Ensell, moved by the ashen pallor of Grant' face, aEked hastily, s:ok with nb fear that something worse had bolrallen al. ei r an weo Granwetat Oave. wa o ton to rith b hae letter aCros the taIble. It was from Garditer. rd 'ILnan GnAo1T, ' 1 am travin fo- India to-morrow, she anyonknow Iablt begl ad ifyo would hindly tersequrenp to-day. lam sorry I cannot lait, ere, but I really mnst bare the rcash. Yonrs. and. '' S?ira GAsDul?m .' A civil no'e in a wn; bhat tooe whbo ped. knew the man felt the mercilero grip of the nS iron hand which had penn*d the words int Easoll nuderetood all in a moment. He had he hard of the hith play rhat had been goiong on. Grant, growing re~lens, had broken hbi are- word. rin Indeed, the minery of bie position, the half ctempioh awn cawrudice, n ad v?en old him mnto the trm of his old vice. Last d to aight, after that meeting with the wile be ping had so injired, half mad as he felt. he had :ene pluaned more recklresly than ever into the iel ccuitemeo t of play. In the light of the wa snmmer dawn, he had risen from the gaming table with nothing between him and rae, dinigrac, Ir Grdioer bad told him that he should have tirt timetopay hisdebha of honoer. This letter o proved what bit mercy wa worth. ,ked The leonrer lnutered from Ensoa's hand on to the table. The gesture wan significant thor Grant felt it to the quickl of tite liu inen 'Ensoll!' bh exclaimed boar*ely, ' I am sunk too low foryon ever to take norae of for measuun-and yet I moft nina still lower ! rns I have done eon a grea:r wron--all aunwiltinily, Heaven knoar. ,Yhen the men tim ecaffed oo about ber, I never soepected that aim JMic Keito wan-my wife: Sie had changed hed her name, you know. When I ~ fouatd iont, ano's I thoah it wia about the last siroue aman coald bear. I hadn'i the conurage te epeabk ore- Bnt now. for the sake of the Old friendehip, of for her sake. if Don will, for my diegrace will torn he here, help me now. I swear that yon eball not regret it. I will repay every cent I rom will itrte s man neter strove before to den becoe an htonest matn Give me rhin one into stop ui,. lesn I go down body and seal into ice infaimy.' eh Eaoll had walked ovce to the window. nac H stood looking out acroas the common, ion- ocer which bung a watering mist of beat, the The Maricne Atillery were marching past in the distance: the musicof their band reached re". him. flIe secalled the day when it hadplayed err, ai their own dance-he first day he and she en; bad met on Izantsars, no dcnstobinn, agm, omnn

titotome .,ld. It wua tt eia't. 1 m.niO that wa wrafppini him is. aetrtoi all his polsee qoteetnoe. kirdliog into fire the bli?d in hs vrit.s Yet he heard smethinp of what Grant was , saylog? for he was tinmking v ely all tbe time i* pos!es were beating out the umre of te?t am?es:, of the lner .e nm of muuey be nad I~iry n a Lnnsn bank. Of re r Grat 1a of rersyinrit wasal' noeoste. He maid he? A yar aIe-no, c?eqe.n kno-win that i:s repyrmert rwas e t otrsrh!e as hr w in to %tore on Sre Oh-re .boold become gold Bet each a gri wourd are been but a trade to care his fnerrd' hctonr. Wouldnot he hare laid dowrn hi Ite forit! Atterwacdl, he espposrd he mtit have thooght all thee Ithint, for tlhe came back to him with a strange and dreadcli familiarity. ?at at bis moment he was onTy rrall; eorerosi of thse mn?r eand the ticere it enij red rp. The gr leantrOgorward in her low crstr on the deck, rmilin up into his eyes He saw every graoeffl line of the lovely fiure; every turn of the daint?r hed: every smile, now tender, now die?ainful, iof S'trynasrd. for tbse sakeof the p?:t SEnoil turned rond. SNo he said. Then he pa?sed him, and went cut of his Spresene for always rVhen the nes rwas brochbt to him a little later. his brother ce icers were startled, almost shocked at his demeanour. 0 When bhe reiveird the meaoe that Grant Swas deed-shot by his own hand--bout half. as-hoor after Ensoll bad left him, they felt that they roo'd Hinz no more stones of repro[rh,contempt. or a?ger at him. Wiat, " ever his sirs, they bad met with a reckoniog i which made men atraid to uter their erthbly A cloud of gl?om rested vpn al tIe thbin Grrtbad been very popular. Eren it he e had not been. aoh an end. mimo to rme who bad dwelt in their midst, would hare cohered tbem, and there was everythig in this to darken nd sadden the eae. SBt Captain Sock. furious at the dsgrao s of the whole affair-ot the gamFlnz, the ecret marrsere, the iEnult done his niece raged and stormed until they a'l could Sscarcely bear it. There wars Imethinz ho brrible and ghastly in the rolley of soa'f and n1 aho.e flon rver the dead, senseles body of at late omrade. SIt-as tberh they wondered still more t how Ersoll ou!ed stand by and listen-cold, a imoOasise, rilent. r But into his srnl had gone the ron of that 'No '.o SNever to leave him free again from its woecd. It was to chasten every joy, orpen e ever Dain of his afrer ls It was to be the 0, shadow caet by earthly love; to bee weari. n4ee of fulflled armbitions; the fear of his s5rong manhood; tos remorse of his old A a 'No' to iire on till the Day of Jdrzment at -ben be and thas friend-whose m ?rder.r as he connred himrelf--hould mneet ard tocch I' er:h other's hands again, forzivig az.d as forgiven :--' All the Year Rond.'