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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1891-05-06
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Newspaper TitleBathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904)
Trove TitleLove's Influence
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'?*frVTi r.ffS nfn nt. 3/» Hull HlT\^\\ '

By the Author of-Jt8wEETHEABTS,'

h-^'i Chapter IlI.--Cbntinued.)v ',-,

: ^ ?'.Lprd^Sleepton, ring the' bell,' ! said ^'JfettiietiOfatripbsedlisr.1', .; . '''' £.;,' '{T. -] '.'TytfXfcni' Gerald laughed, Jiut .Gploncl .;ArrayUge sat down by Dora asthoughnc igllch -person as Jennet existed. ' : , ,','? ':?,'„ j'HaW'ypu.beetfto the' church ?' asked ;,'A-l^wnW.. she., was sufficipntly. thawed t *«»iiuvniiio». aifAnti/tn tr» ant/thin? else.. .. -t

'Not I,' said Jennet carelessly.^ ?« I satr^ere'illtth.elinfarning. After luncheon I drove into 'Sleeptown with Lady.Mopre and Mrs. Paunceforth,. dicLsome shopping — and here I am !' - -:i .-??? ' ! ' ?? I am-so tired-!~-declared Ada. ' We had a splendid;ranir*nt Lam awfully stifl now. 1 dorfninowifiow I shall dance to .?night.'iBbu. i.i l..:«i ?-???I; .-.i:ui iiZlilllHUI'UI no i«.«iWh'at dance is there i?' asked Colonkl jftSffite }M&£bM V They always have it onf Neiw-Year's^Eve, But we thought it1 had iietter'lake 'plaice this year 'wfiilst the decorations are fresh. We always'stky tb'ih'e very 'end;' ah'd !Wie.ser yititofirb ^iu«Ti£aa^6aeJlea*eS before it is over.' ' I: hobe-ybu' tne'ari t6'giveriJe mdire than tw^jtp-ijight, ^1»SB- O'Sha^jghnassyi' saia Lord Sleeptori. w «You.-fcadrbi?ttW bbbk Unanswered Jennet, 'or I shaU-be-sure to forget. Ring ^Ije, bell, aud/wevwjll fiaje our program rriej. 'now.'' u'luiii- «)??? !??'?) ' ? ' Her card went tlie round of the gentle pnubothher sister's .^ndhMisB/PaUerson/a. AH Jennet's saucy coquetry was: oozidg out at,her,fiijg^r,-tip?;.sl)e glad|yt,.rose when the dressing-belliang. The merry party dispersed! leaving tier 'and 'the Colonel -in-roKtaiSian, of the room. For a moment 'ifi'efe_ was i' silence between them— -a , profound, that Jennet fancit&'she dcrtild hear the beating' of her heart. The lamps were not yet lighted; only the fire casrat its .lurid glpw) across ifie' 'velvet' curtains! .and dainty china ; otherwise Jennet .could not have broken the silence as $he did. . - , v:i 'Colonel Armytage,', she said sud denly, in a half-frightened'tohe, ' are you '' 'If you window, me. . I did not dare take your programme without permis ii^ijJroCjlia^ b^en 8p(.-dreadjfdJlyj dis pleased with me since yesterday.' ' Hsive I?'— m the lowest possible tone. ,i'i,Voii know you , have,' said .he lightly. fttfc iSffijTiMy-'I- have'?'S6.jj?oV a quadrille — shall I put: that down ?'

'A quadrille r repeated jennet im patiently. ???*-,?? ??(.'? :VVT.H %? ™ ^;^ifi6e;:,U,:witjii;me^-io;!:V3aid Atrny tage imploringly.i ;?',' I know you can if yQu^willtry,'*! .sjoii ;-.m io ;:U-.-i.iv.' am ' You know' I cannot dancei '? squares ' !' .cried Jennet. 'Mn.belieye you take a 2-o$itjye pleasure in bringing all , my im perfections to light.' km in eM-l don't1 indeed ; but 1 'should like - to Jteach ybu the 'figures.' !Let'meput,d6Wri itwo. If you don't like theVifirst , you lean ?sit out the secbrid.'.':v'.';',',!,ir]-';,i,:'.»'' -,.,-ti'd v';--.i i ' Very well.' -- ; ???; ? =-'«;'- ^?-:-m^.- 'And now p about the1-1 rounds.'1' You hiTC'kHre^eft'll'JwhichjIdayir'liave,,?'.;./^,,'! 1,,I,-!,A1I,'( answered jennet in her most dangerous'.voice«'''--'-'i:ii o* i .-j---i -j-j«ii-- i-.u ' May I ?'— thievery eagerly. ' Miss Jennet, you ate/gracious1 to' toe to-night.' ~'If ,I.dd'not,go apd dress,',', she laughed, ?' I stf.U1 nitibeable to tormeniyou at all. I do not envy you f, your partner for ' squares ' to-ni'glit. 'TDora would dance ?'^^Snel'1 wft&tt ' W 'MM1 tl/e room, and muttered- tahimself — ' You coulddo. everything better than Dora, if you would dnly try.'

Jennet-made her, appearance. at dinner quIfe'Us^belTfat&Siirdtes^d^s^h^^had been for her own ball. That was like Jennet.1'' She' wore' a 'kind of' opal shot ajf fe BBWMPfe»!4^r^ft^g. ?** the same ornaments. she( had worn before. In her hair was'rwine'a 'a wreath of holly withs,«te*ming- j afcajrtefe berrieaJC whilst clusters of the .same were .disposed about her dress. ^'1' ''??''KU. :*~ When3(GoUj*^lfAr,pnytageC;c^iined his first dance and they passed through the conservatory, she, asked him,. what, he rfegnV tit hVdressJ ! rtrt'- ' ? ''K ' ?' ? -' M '?' ' How do 1 look?';''.!.'. --'-As-only Jennet can,' answered he, lobklngdownMto tlie brilliant ttaieliey'es. She sighed. ,„., w:«, ,(/. ' I don't want to look , like Jennet,' she ?ggia'ralRtUr'irtfy. ^Y^i Mti&of J'enn'ei. I am, pu^pj conceit wi^ Jennet.';; , iili0 Yfl ' Don't say that.^'said he. ' You only want——' .iiTjoMjiiKti.-.-i'1/vje../.bi

quiclcly, her impatient spmtH( up,, and ready for war at .once.: , ,',' I only/ want im proving — and iso do you;' Do- you: know you have no flower ?''??'; ' ' i ij '??' .She gathered ilie best,,. she could iind arid fastened |t in his bijtt6n:hole. ,,,.The band l' 'struck up 'arid they glided away together. iOnj tl?e .whole, i Jennet: felt; bet ter in her spirits ; thej spell was evidently .tteginning to work. She would prove vic torious over Dora yet. The Colonel, she thought, was g|ying way. .She, did .not perceive how gradually she was doing so herself, was a case of stooping to conquer. When the ^quadrille was formed, 'she would fain have avoided/ it; but the Colonel kept her to her word. 'Of course the, was not so ignorant of the figures as ^M'c'pretch'ded, -forshe often liadwatc^ed them with indolent .enjoyment, and especially (whenever, Colonel. Armytage had danced with -Dora, and noticed with twhabcasy grace she went - through- every movement., That incited, her to do her best, far more than any pleading or direc 'tiotis^of tKe Colonel's could have done. ,.. rY^TniBistilaquare, JenneV'isaidS Edith as they formed.— »; Yes, I know.' ??But you can't dance it.'— Lam going She did,tryj[brayejly; j ^How/she did it, she used' to sajf' afterwards, . she never ^'e^l^b^t-^nef went; through /'the^hile of the' intricate figures without ' the. -least Smistakei'i to (the intense astonishment! of