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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1891-05-05
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Newspaper TitleBathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904)
Trove TitleLove's Influence
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^LOV&S: IKELUENOE. ? 1 * — — . .*«- - -i?y th-HAyUior. tflfj £St?b«tii£Aiw«,' &c. Hao '.??i?H!IllTr- — ?''' Chapter III. Un- in dgh$ .ijcjftzmormngaijfcrttiet did' not appear. Ada said she complained of headacbeiand*bad'not:islept.' Ktjiss Rose; ! ,l sent breakfast .up to' her; :and'. when the .-meal was ? concluded ? the younger ^uesfs. KNset oublorr.cKurch/where the-detjora'tions' for Christmas.iW.ere fast approaching com pletion. On their return they fouri'd Jennet' with 'pale face and tired eyes at * the luncheon1 tabled * The Colonel took the; scat,next.iQ-);eri haying on his other hand' Miss Patterson, who was beginning to be' ralhcrfflalfelfedlby.iKis'atteritibn. O.-He saw that,,JeQn?t:jQpked .weary and spiritless', and fancied, she hadr beep iCEyingijWet he conthfiJeOTs ^flirtWtion HJftfc1 Dort^o th» infinite^diiggust'priyIr.,D.elms|rj.;..ui/- { ' , 'iu^i'iAfter l'uncneon the whole party.'Jannet' included, again* set' off for -the1 church'.' Miss ,-.OtSha'ughnassjM''.i wandered about alone adih'ifirig7firs't'brie'pie'ce'bf work and .__Lhen another, then -stopped where the r .Colonel Tand Gerald r wese. iheipingj (Edith. ' Let mc.dielp.too,' she said almost i shyly, for. Jennet. c -,,., , ^»-!''o ','?!?? \ K'Go away^Uciari'like-a^good girlj'- said Btlitli ; ' you' datear yom hands and spoil your ermine,' and 'if you stay I know what fclie coriseqiiencb'will be.'' '''? ' i ?'- Shtt. accordi'ngl}j7iw,ent / away., , to, jpin ^.^tlier' 'groups a^n'd. mesj ,with'(tlie 'same] sjic !!5aPesV,..iMFinally. Phe: sat .down on the pulrjit stepSji 'disconsolately -'turning 'Over 'with j. her, foot: t|ie j ;eyergreens j that ,,\^ere;' fstrewn ' 'a t»but,j-iJ?resentlyUhe, Colonel came over ? toJher. ? ? | ,(, -''rhey.liay1e turue^ nje^way^/for Dei|rig' 'stupid, said' he ,' suppose' you' andl I try w.hat we can do alone.' j 'They seem to think 1 can do nothing,' /1retlir^i!jennbtI'lli-rigliteningiuip'. f'l/be /.aie^ftn^fima^e'I'amknidio?.'''11 ' | ,_, ' Nonsense,'-laughed lie — 'they know you gre^verj^lazy.^ Q a UT A 6 I . She ?ertainly , tried her best, as she hnd done with the'Ciiristmas-tree, but, if pos -sible,'-herxfailure' was' e'veh*more' ignomini- ous. Her unaccustomed hands were soon i (iitired, arid smarted I- from .the sharp tprioks. 'of 'the holly. 'The'berries' broke oft 'as she ? wias fixingv'a parlidulariyifgoodjspray into' the cross she., was (trying to make. She could not, (mak'ex'thej;lejayes 'set,' andiat last slie threw lier' materials down, cryirjg, . ' I cannot do 'it, 'and I have torn my ,;'ijfirigers for) nothing; ^displaying t;w6 'yery: . ljlack' hands, one of which had received a long scratch-from a nail that was in the' |0,,6rqSSv.}i ,;.!??,/. -|f:;.!T ,! /. -V V M T V. v.J : H.,1 j \vUu\l$oovSmgie,x&' &a\& Aniiytage.jStroking if.!, tiiem 'softly;' ?' and poor Jennet.' '? I *?»?- The latter, part of the' speech' undid -»':wli'aV' the '? firstiohad ; ?''done,.'1 'and(-. Jennet '' rushed 'h'pftie a'pross^ 'the park, with tears in her eyes 'and!' a!, dissatisfied pain at her 'i ^JoheWr](i'.(jV^yhen/ihe qt'ligrsarriyedjiowever,';, ' * *s lie was si t ting by the fire in 'her usual i ? ,luxuriaus, state,pf ,absplutg. idleness. ,, i I r. :«ii, 'tipy/A are iUhe» fingers*?1', masked the Colonel. 'Have you forgiven the yet j1' ; ? Jl-Je; : evidently thought ?'. Jennet a hadi sue-7 * ''cumbed,'!and Avas detfcrrhined''toilarnend* her ways; he did not. know Jannet. Slie, fJ-'on'J, iliti . co'nitary, had' concluded :to try j a. f^iflereni:. pkiii^ithjhirri.,^'/','. „''„; j :'| ifiji.'.-. 'f Oh, they 'ire sore,'' sha cried coquet-.; bf^tishly,' 'making the mostv of 'her hurts, J ?S»''arid m^ [poor ? \yrists ,ache''sp !4lJI shall j never attempt', 'anything ,' of tliat kind -''?&'f*aiftT't'l 'kmTso, stupid. ',, Yod[see'— put- s''8ihg lier iieadlbaone.side^Il'am—Jennet. ir,'it»!'ii Ye,;?o')AnV. b ut,Vwh'; the] use of ? nijputting'myself outof the way to do badly '''wliat.othersrdb sd!well ?'V'''' ^ ? u.iH Golonel Armytage was silenced.0' That evening Miss, O'Shaughnassy was hersalf again, 'gay,: brilliant,' charming, as , »??' usual; -'but, ' in1, spite ;!of ^liatV'fGolonbli ?)'l!A.fmy!ta§^.aidt')i^;aRproacli\1i»^ lie fleser.ted,' jJLhe.;,,drawinjg-roq'm .ifpr! tlie( biltardTroo'in,' i:\vherc he 'and Dora'wert; soon interested in-a- game. Once lennet'1 '!; *' ';' ' s-'I -??'-'''''? -fi *4» .,. I | ni h-: ?' .A^ypuxpnnng, tp leariL.?n'n.pricd .her ; father, catching a gliuipse^ofJier.::, i -,,:? 1 , .?.««:il?!'' laughed shescorrifully;!''' I'don't,; .know,, one end of that , .stick , from tlie $artfcr vx^r^i ?;.'?? ?:v;l 'Xi,' :- i I 'Oh, the cuel'— 'The cue— is that.t what you call it-?- -I- didn't know.' j I '' ' Let'ifie 'te'a'eh'ybu,' said'the 'Colonel ' in a low voice.' c' j | ,/L'il -V Thank you, 'V (answered Jennet,' aloud —' I don't wish tp learn.' ? I I In another'm'onienf slid had swept away. ' , Hp saw. the. shimiuer nof hera white „ Bilk | ! ''dress1 mkng t)i& fernsV'bu't'SSni Minot ! speak to him again until she bade him ' When she came down next-,, morning, she found that Ada, Colonel, Armytsee, ' and'-Gefaia^had^gone^huhViiig. S%e declined joining'thd church party on the ^plea-ofibeing^tir^d, ,.so;that.she,sat| alpne, ' going over the same, question — What'wa's ; there in Colonel 'Arhiytage to worry her Sisb'pMJilt'i 'was 'just this — 'he was- the first I man she l\ad ever'mqt who.seen}ed utterly inciifljpen't to'iieri1J Slie 'was' accustomed ? — to-reCeive1 'homage '.'from ? all* men,- to b'e ' though't ;pSr{ectuB|JBdCBevwdr4rHpped. It was evident hec^pEflk.think her perfect-|- '! far from it. The' ^w' careless words of r.coBiplimcnt *herhadjp,aid herjhadpbeen Hritfufting in thfeir ufterlndifferehce^-i'^You.,-, dance like — like — Jennet,' and ' Poor' fingers— poor Jennet^ll'p- ghei^rst irri- ' plied,,.rnot .that., she', d'ancea N6adly — she ' krrewrsneAdanqe|'Ulll'-J?buV^hat it was unlike other dancing; and the latter speech .^iwas absolute-impertinence: -vAVhyscauld;'' '? she 'not1 'dispense-'withi'this'ione- manjs }\ admiration and attention ? 'Because1 she.: codld^not'/' Gladly'would^SHe1' liaVe given ! up all the other,,, admiration that was' ?lavished (Upon-herjto, obtain -his, .who ,not ? 'only 'didvnotf Safe1' for^ n'e'r,1 'but ' openly preferred that pink-arid-white doll Dora ,sd^^9tson— a ' lnPst , h.uffliliatipg , ,state ,P of ^ things for an imperious hsovereign ~lil-e' \ Jennet O'Shaughnassy? !J'Y*^ hi-n. oj. i ; Whilst the free-andieasy,;nieal! of after noon tea was going on, the sound 6t ' njliprses',, ,feet , was heard in theyyaurtyard, I - and directly afterwards Ada and the tWo ' men came in their splashed riding dresses i 'Tea, .Tea!',, , cried AAda. We are l famishing. Jennet, ring' 'or muffins — there s a good girl I' , i