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Chapter NumberI (CONTINUED)
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Newspaper TitleBathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904)
Trove TitleLove's Influence
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LfiVE^JNFLirENQL. ? » .

Ry. the Antlfor '6£ *? sVEfctHSARTS,' fas.

i- Chapter I.— KGontinued.)1 r V

'i''-nfi5rTl»h .you 'must be a very, unhappy young Jadyj' said the* Colonel gravely.; 'i'.V'I 'assure you no-^-I 'am as.' happy as '?'llljS'ili.yis. long. ''I neyerfeel the'want of anything,' jtb do, or of course I should do it? 'or 'try.* ' ' — M Andyoyr sisters — are they the same?' 'Oh,_ dearjipo! '' Ada, myihandsome cicthr — -flirt one in the blue dress iust OD

^ppsite^js ? a wfjujjy : clever, and, a needle .. wpman.' 'CYoii A Vnever saw such work in your life. She copies: the family point till you can't tell the 'other from, which.' ^fchfii'.1; Edith4 is ?musical— she plays; bo(h jpianb* and 'violin quite like a professional, and. sings splendidly; ' Gerald tof 'course ?you1 knbw all about, aiid Algy is so clever| he carries oft' all1 trie.' prizes and exhibi tions. I exp'ect' He will be senior wrangler an'd'Archbis'lVop of Canterbury yet, dear boy. Oh, we are a very clever family. BjulpJOam -dinerent froha;' tlie ires't— 1 1 am Jennet.' 'Hut how. were .you i suffered to grow uj;(;\villi sucliJiabits ?!', asked thu. Colonel, with' still greater gravity. ; ????.,?. -? '1 don't know,' she answered im paticiatly.;^ y,a^nd-. l-;wi8l^ yp-i;t would not tcabc me, Coloni.1 Afmylagu.' v*T1jlii bhc eft. him. ' i -_-^__ CllAIMkR 11. ? When IIju gay company I Mil dispersed l-j go through the ceremony of dressing, the three sisters met .'in lennet' Ad,i.! ' and ' lidith1 occupied ' a larger' one opening out of it. ,.-??.', _ti-fclow-do you like Gerald's friend, Jen 'Why ? , .1 '^should '^ia,y? , thought ; he was j iist your style.' Jennet shrugged hfer shoulders. ' I don't admire him,' she said shortly. 'H^can't' think !'i,why:; Gerald is so/ ;in| f|ltiiated'aboirt'him'..' .V, '?..'; ';'.,,,,l,i, ''.'. ' „ .'( '''He's not so bad looking,' observed Edith. ' I wonder if he is musical ?' ^.'^No.r'ri^cried Jennet, laughing. 'You won't suiti him, darling. He admires Patient Grizzles ; so Ada is most likely to attract, him,, being sucha beautiful needle woman.' ? ' Pooh.!' (answered Ada. ;','i What does ajQ^JinW—abilut-Sewing.? ? Besides, Jie. never looked at me.. It*was(easy enough to see who attracted him— hVtiever took his eyes oft you. Why, Jennet,' she ex a banning. flushjnounted to her sistcr's.brbw] AwhatJ'hafe^doni^-ttf'you ? 1 never knew you mind chaff before.' Jennet jumped upifrom'her low chair, trying to laugh. ? J^Come, you twc^la«y^1goss,ips,ttiurnrout- of my room and geturessed ! ' Go, both of you !' And, with a good deal of laughing and skirmishing, Jennet was left alone. ? Sheidid. not- .ring/ fori.Parker,- but^'with serious gleaming eyes, sat looking thought fully at the fire. ? ,. '^ ''What is there about ' .Colonel! Arniy] tago that has made me. so unquiet ?' she asked herself impatiently. . She almost regretted her idle useless life, her utter want of either solid knowledge or showy aooomplishments. She held out her pretty t white^ha^ds/; and j surveyed I tb^m disconsolately.' They certainly were pretty — not very small; but well shaped and very white, ,and yet so awkward, and stiff.' 1 Poor (Jennet, it; ^vas Chard jfha£ jhfe^ awakeningWoiild come onTher ' birthday, when she was meant to be so happy ^JHer reflections! iwere /broken/ .byj the I. maid's entrance. 'Will you not' begin dressing, Miss O'Shaughnassy ? . You will,, be late for dinner.' 1 . Two minutes before the bell rang Jennet appeared in the ' ' drawing-room;;-^ looking absolutely charming. Her dressr was 'a btilf rustling. silk. of maize color, profusely trinjmed with gauze, of^ the sanie .shade, spangledj^ jlli gold '\\ lieavy Gloir, de Dijon roses crowned her bright hair, and clusters of the same nowere 'clasped her1 dress and reposed.on, her, vw,h i to shoulders and bpsqn i . Her ornaments' were' a' very be'autifnl set of opalsy:'arrangcd'! in 'stars 'with' small diainonds, which sparkled ou her throat an jj;;,Wiiis'i'ahd, iin her .small , ears, .',- whilst tliree ^ or Tours stars - l)iSr-3ed amongst' her /lawer-crowued hair.1 ''These' were; her father's birtlitlay gift5 that lubrnihg^1''1' L Ada was standing near Colonel. Ariiiy lagc when she erilered.Vand; 'iib'tlng/i his approving look, said merrily — ' Now, what is the use of Edith and 1 . troubling-^ ourselves (ipf-makei a ' toilet j'- when one's 'sister; coniqs^ppwnjlike that ?p '? Nfiss-OShauglTnassy looks very nice, returned the soldier coolly. . Ada,16oSed«Jip at'him quickly/ J -? ? i ' What an idea to call Jennet ' nice 1' Why, she's splendid !' At thatr moment dinner was announced, andta'inbv'eLwas made 'towards 'th'e difVing-' room. The Earl of Sleepton took in Jen net, and Colonel Armytage,fell to the, loty of Dora Patterson, a pretty , little blonde, who'a'skedJ'himif'it was not very warm in Jndia,, and whether, he had ever killed, any ,!? one.,', jWitlvi his . own i hand. ? . . i He ? was bored, but he saw Jennet's hazel eyes fixed on him, so 'he1 'answered Miss -Pat-1 terson's questions with the air of saying something very; tender; nor 'did he again' look at 'Jennet untUi^e' rose 'to open the door when ths'ladies the rbomj When they' all' met in the' ball-room, Jennet was surrounded by an eager crowd1 clamorous for her programme. 'Now, Miss O'Shaugnassy,' said' Lord Sleepton; 'you 'are' going, to give me/the the first and tlic supper ^walti',!] are, you BOH'-' ,.h--.r-- \:-::- ??.„?;.- .. -. ?:.:?;..???:'?,?{'? ' Yub — 1 sunposuso ;-but I can't afford mcre;'v- ?'?''? '-'n:i1.,' '.'.': Hi,. ?;iv;-:^ The card was rapidly filled. Juhiiu'.'s friuuds were as glad to vputi.their names down fun quadrilles as for round dances ; for, -though she did not dance them, sit ting in a deeu.window-seat or cool fernery iVHi^fposiiDle.v^norcdelightful/thanUhe pleasutc of holding. her in a, waltz. All this time Colonel' Army tage did not go. near VerHdlHeJhtldHbeenlquietly. talking to Mr. O'Shaughnassy, apparently un conscious of wrfafVms' gbihg'bnJ * ' Papa, do lyou' want'ia progiamme?' said: Edith, interrupting them. 'Colonel Army;tagc, ,^11 you have a silver or gold ?','. r. r.,, \^b^.ciHtif^'): '.' ?.:,',! ? ?'. ? ?i pi/nO'f :- :/,- jii sin T/ ,i ..;i:ji,i i;-, :?.- ,i ,'::'.f, :u i .,}:?? :.- (f- 1 «i i tii ,M n 'i ? * :?! . t * ;: *i tit i 1 1 » i : f # ? 1. 1 » ?