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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1891-05-12
Page Number4
Word Count1176
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Newspaper TitleBathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904)
Trove TitleLove's Influence
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? * ' Hi . l:y tliu Auilior i if 'H.v.-xthbari-*.' .*??. ' Well, then, go to bed, dear,' said Jennet soothingly, ' and in the morning you may feel better. You mpst, sleep in my bed to-night ; it won't Le safe for you to sleep with Edith:4*' J j ': - '; y\ *'£? * » ? And'wliere-wiir-W sleep ?' ' ''' X ' Mrs. Bond is going to make up a, bed for me in that corner.' ? ?' i( Jennet, am 1 so bad as that?' asked she. ' Am 1 going to be very ill :'' ?', My.Juve, Kiiith has the fever, there fore 'you must not sleep in your own bed. Now, J ask you, as a reasonabl^'girl, can we both sleep jna .bed Httle,jiiore^thanf three feet wide ^v|No SwelhlieJilf ^arlinf^ for a few days' l^afn going-fo have a'little H«| in ilijit^corrierj' , O ??''? , - /[ } Thus was Ada convinced; but Jennet .-lid not think it necessary to tell her!that sliu had no intemion of occupying the little Noil that night at all events. Xor diefshe oixupy it for many succeeding nights ; for ;;!ie and Mrs. Bond were able to snatch -.Mil#y$i} hour's.' rest rwhc% they could, ,as, ri-5'blifrerer4 grew* rVpiflly' worse. O0nvt1ie' eighth day Doctor Gibson sought Mr. J'Shaughnassy and said that Edith was in Uic greatest danger. ' You don't mean to say she is dying :'' said UiUjfather, with a blanched ^-?e.( , , '.' While there is life there is Hope.' __re-, Doctor GiDson. '' Everything 'ap- pend:- on the next few hours. I f she sleeps, we may pull her through ; indeed, if she has bewaijftp befbver. IwTthat ca|lH|ej- Frail r&veonly^t-he weakness^io tignt *g-ft«s» know that no earthly power could have saved her.' 3 ^ £r;r £=T £r sayTni^^^^^^'^1'^-^ %™** ? ,'. And Ada ?'' ,. » .'??' 'Oil,' she is progressing very7 nicely ! Her constitution is much stronger ;_shc takes so much outdoor/ exercise that the fuvur hasnot obtained so strong ahold of her.. Miss Patterson is doing ^very well nowf'but* it was just touch aniTgo with her— just-xso'^— 'holdings out -hiti'-ltand -and- waving jt- gently as he spoke..; 'ilJpon rnyJwordJiit incarlyv; upset -rne**wheri' that young fellow came up 011 Thursday to know if.. 1 wouldn't, save her. 1 .must, go now. ?' 1 - will look - round' in 'a xouple? of hours'or' so. 1 anything 'should 'ha ? — '' He. Hrokc ofF suddenly and corrected him s«lf. '.Should any change take place, let 1110 know atiiOnOe. I would' stay,' hut ?! '.?,111 do no kooc' - Hl)d ' h«vca case I dare not put ufl a minute Iqngiir.' ? He hurried out, leaving Mr'.'.O'bliiinyli 1 1 assy to btrug^lo1 with ;his grid and -!is- t leys of mind, and to1 so far uVcrcumc any outward signs of it as abie to return to the room whero his yqting daughter lay gasping for* breath. ? He took a seat be side the bed, and watched with deep an xiety the effort Jennet, 'and Mrs. Bond made to afford her relief, ihe'fomier fan ning her with strong regular movement, the latter applying iced cloths to her head. The heavy moments dragged slowly on ; each one seemed more unwilling to depart tlidn itsupredec6ssot. ' At 'length, after' what seemed an interminable time,' Edith gradually grew less restless, appeared to immthe easier* ' and finally sank wito a deep slumber. As she did so, Gerald 1 1 ook' the1 faii from Jennet's hand and motioned her to an ann-chair, into which t.liesank overpowered with fatigue. She had indeed come nobly through the ter rible- triaL .. J£rqm, ,tlui.,day JD,r.., Gibson bad leftWTtT^laVgeUlic UaZ'Voi taken a proper night's rest, -but had snatched an hour or two when and where- she could. As she' sank into the' chair her wearied' eyes closed and she was soon sound asleep. .-,.,. ^ ,.._.. 4. . When Dr. Gibson returned, he found fje?ald|,t]il fanniifg3 th'e |ilkr girl,,-whos| !ireJHthffl-f #st regular and her sleep sound'. He looked, at her, and whispered, ' Slic wiljj . 'lo ;,riy«u,, uuty stop,'; and,, .then, l/iifck'oiied'aTl Out.'''* Wit ha' friendly 'grip of1 Mr. O'bhaughnassy'b hand, and a hope that luPwWilcFg'o 'and lie down, 'he- said, '? I have seen the other patients ; they are doing .'well. , And .now we must have jennet. out of.the.'rpom.and got to . bed at1 once. 1 will stay here for an hour or two.' '?'^lirV'tion't ' dislurb her ,!' whispered Gerald''reproachfully.l'v''' '' ' : ?' Sleeping in . that fever-laden room is the worst thing she ; can do. ? If she takes it iti, 'her present.exhausted condition, the, consequences riiay'bc fatal. .; She must be gently roused, have a warm bath and some re*freshinen't,2go to 45ed-Qh'.'a quiet cool ropmt| and she~nuist not be disturbed for anything.' '' ; His'*Mnstruc'tioh_s'; were ^obeyed, to .the lutter. On being touched, jennet opened her eyes, ready to resume her. place ; then, sucing that the doctor ' was present, and no one near the bed, she whispered — ! '? Edith is dead !' ? ? ' »pifi trust Edith will live to worry you ytit,' answered ;' Doctor Gibson. 'You may just look at her, and then I shall dismiss you to take rest,' -? - On the following day, when Jennet went down-to breakfast, thoroughly refreshed and rested tbyr a; Hong.) niglit'sxunbroken sleep, to her astonishment she found ; Culonel . Armytage sitting in the room. alone. ' '' ' '„''.'. ' ? 1 . |',;Oh, wiiy have;yoil come to this fevers stricken house1?1' sh'o' exclaimed.1 'You. willget your death, and I shall never'' forgive rii'yself.' '''' '' ' '' : ' Will ydu';!n6f,' datling ?' ' said the soldier.-V lihave met death in too many , forms. to be afraid of taking it from you.: my love, my noble Jennet — mv queen fof: Wbmen'l!f5v?'iifl ^ riti'-tiilM i\ '?' * * , ' . *? * 1 Jennet Armytage is verv much wiiat I J ennet 'O'ShaUghriassy ', .was.'. ;: All' *at 'on ce 1 she did notsbecome an .acttye^and indus- ,i trious wornani^nof'in'deeci- did her hus- ?' ibafld wish it. i He isivery happy with. his ;!u'£uri6usly lazy 'wife, 'for he knows she isf al^yay(s ready, anything for him andj upon occasion' can, prove herself one off the .most unselfish as well as charming of) Wdtifen. ''iSheMsieVen'learning' to sing a JHljab);, tjie Ihsi, verse 'of AvhiclJ 'Hubert '

v\r£)Vtage^£--ef^m(^!WdT5£Clt- II ' 'runs thus — '''' -? ? ; I shall kuow by tbu gleam aud glitter | Of the yolduu chain you wear, . I clJy your' heart's ctdni utrpttgth in luyjug.1 I ,' , i Of, tti? fire tkev h«W bali to bear.- ! I i ' I '-!' B«it 6n, true hear'tftfoVrefer. ' »- I Shioo bright, stroug fjoldeu chain, | ' And bless tho cleausinjT fire. 1 , . , And the funjaoe of liviup paiu '. ! . , i^—-. r— r- W-HtT4r--VlOLET!»^--i