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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1891-07-21
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Newspaper TitleBathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904)
Trove TitleBride's Promise
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By the Author of '? I'enbwjpe,' 4ic.

Chapter 11. — (Continued).

Just before Jack Beresford mounted his horse a little note was put into his hand: — only three lines, blurred and blotted, yet his heart beat, and, as he turned-away his head under pretext of tightening hie horse's girths, he kissed the little of paper and his eyes were full of tears.

It was a last message from Bride — ' Live out your life bravely and well, forget and forgive me, and Heaven bless you for ever, Jack. Good bye ! ' Bride.' And then the trumpet sounded through the clear air — the regiment was getting into motion. Jack dashed his hand across his eyes, and, springing on bis horse, joined his troop, riding slowly beside his men, his young face very grave and sad as lie looked up at Doctor Lavison's house for a last glimpse of the face he loved so well. ??? And Biide, her face pale as death, her blue eyes dim with weeping, gazed down at the regiment so gaily marching away, with colors flying and band playing, the sun glancing down on the sinning helmets and waviag plumes, on the mass of scarlet coats, the gay uniform of England's heroes, on the steel trappings of the horses, all glinting and gleaming in the sunshine. Bride saw it all through a midst of bitter tuars. Her sisters were waving farewells from the drawing room windows below ; but. alone in her own room Bnide stood ac trie window behind the lace curtains, watching the gay column filing slowly past. And then Jack drew rein for one brief second, and looked up into her face yearn ingly,' longingly — a Jasf lingering farewell. And when he rode away, turning often for a last look at what he had loved and lost, Bride felt as if ali that was dearest and sweetest in life was passing away. And so they parted ; and JBride's soldier lover, Jack Beresford, looking so brave and handsome, was quickly lost to sight over the summit of the hill.