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Chapter NumberIV.-(Continued.)
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.IByitlie AuUuij- of '8weetiieakts,' &c.

,.,.,* .Chapter' IY.— (Continued^ ;

0 f course the( soldier expressed , himself * licli^ilcdand grateful, , and Jennet, witli ,! hands which, .if . awkward, were cool ' and . smOdth1,' applied Refresh ing drops of the : kagrant liquid to His,. forehead. It was delicious to the man who for years had ridt' known a day's illness, and hardly an. ac^c or a pain, and w4io naturally chafed at the sleeplessness caused by the cramped stiffness iri Wrist and ankle. i

.'Xt'last the soft' touch ceased. ,; ; '. ',) tiap thJat done yoii good ?' ? ?? ; -.'^??Jiluch — thanks. It is awfully good of ( yoii to take so much trouble.'- | ? « Wliy nib, in particular ?'— !' liccatise, 1 know you dislike it.' ..,..'.-' I ?i jennet turned away. ? ? -i .''I ; did n6t like it,' she said in a low' voice ;,iind'!lheri suddenly, as if to break silence' which followed — 'You would like tea, and so should I— and here it is,' as a footman entered ': with the tray. 'Inquire if Mr. O'Shaughnassy will take tea, .Jane, and ask Mrs. Bond, to coin,C; here'.'''' ' \\^hgn , ythe^maji ,hadji,disappe4rcd, Colonel 'Armylaee 'ask'ec)^- -~ ' Why do y6UwarS\ Mrsl Fond ?' '.',To pome and pour the tea ftut.',! ri ' ' Oil, don't have her !!' said he impJor! iniily,- , ' Make it yourself.'. „ . . ,-, ,''4' !coUldn/t,1' ^ slie' returiied 'sc'riouJi^M 11 1 am so stupid,.you' know.' '.Try/1 'said tlie , Colonel i promptly. ' It will taste so. much better.' ' Will it really ?' interrogated Jennet briH.bjtiy. ' Then J will try ';..., ,, r^j .CklitreKa gobolgiri.'lwraslhe Gdlbnolisi1 comment. ...;,., .?,;?, ! If any. one, else had, prcsuHictl to call,,, MissO'Shaughnassy ' a good '^ girl,'- tliti consequences would have beeri disastrous, ' but on this occasion it' passed unnoticed ; — nay, Jennet was -eve^n flattered by it. ' , When Mrs. Bpnd made lier appear mice, she was told.'to. her surprise, that her services were ^ h'dt required,! arid jen nul, with much la,uglnng, and'.' some awkwardness, made the tea, and then found that ; the disabled hero had. great difficulty, in raising it to his lips, for ^ he could use' only his left' hand, and, as she had fijledjthe cup to,,'the; brim, it was,, by no iiiearis a'h'easy task to accomplish, lie made two attempts, them set down1 the cup, and lay back on his pillow with an in-patient 'sigh. Jennet uwatched hiiii' for au instant, then brought more cushions— ' l-iy . means of which he' could' raise himst'lf to a sitting position— stirred tlie: tea, and, j having poured part.of, it out, helped him to raise it to his mo(tjth. .\:; 'f '.;'. ,. ' I opght not to haye filled, it' so full,' she.said,; ''but I, ani. so stupid.'1 ??? 'I don't think you are stupid at all. ltis'l who 'k'm soimuch''''trouble.' Just j look' 'here; my wrist is 'allundbhe. Will you kindly ring for Jackson to coroe and sowfine up again.' i- ?-.? ' ...... 'Could not I'do it,'1' !said Jennet.'' ' ? ' Oh, dear no'!' was the prompt re j)ly; i-il-rii sure you couldn't.' ' 1 will though,' she answered, cross iug tl^o^opmntp Adajs Ayork-basket.; , |' I wonder if 'I shall be'able to tread a needle.

blioultl you think that will be large cuddgh ?'??? ? ?' -??' ; ? ' --????' ;' . \ J Their knowledge on the subject 'was pretty ifeaHy];eqiIaI,/and, icohiliiriedj'very small.' 'Between them , they chose a needle that Ada, (used for' ' ticking- work;' and i then |onhet said1 — ' ' ' t^ow which thread had I better use ? ' ' Fifty1 — do you think that will'do ?' I ' Lct-ine see,' said the Colonel gravely. ' Thajti seems a :small reel. Don't-.youq tl)ink'-UVsh6uld bea'lirtie tliicker ?'y h--i a ' .Well, here is ,' sixteen ;' how would that do?' ? I », KVery. well, 'bshould think/1 U;;.5 »f. v-| ' Then the work of. threading began. It was growing dusk,- and Jennet had to stoOp close to thefire^to '^ee the eyev lllt j was1 a'\vork 'of Isotrie 'time',' ' but it. was at lasjt accomplished,. andjshe began to , sew ?u{)'tlicrbandage'.' ' ''''?' ';',' '' i ' 1 am nervous. Suppose 1 prick your poor wrist?' ? ,, .t ., ,,,, ,...,.. ,,-L ' I'll sing out,' he answered, 'why, cluild, you; want a ''thimble !' as Jennet tried with her delicate fingers to forccthc nuudle through the linen. - ' Oh, yeB-;of(c«3fir!e 3S^0iTqu-tc {or' got. Here is one.' i Shcl'really;succeedd'd'Vcry'welll:i'but'at the last, stitch y unfortunately i ran- ,;the needle under the J nail of her left, thuinb, i utlcring, as she did it, a sharp cry of pai.nJ[ A't/tlM moni^htJAdallaWdCGcrald ciilured, and inquired what was the mut ter. ._.-.,., ?/?„?:- ????„-?.?.},/ '..- ? ? '.:? -,.;?:-? ' Oh, Jennet,' cried Ada, ' you should not have done it ! You were sure to hurt yourself.' .? -.1 ! - ?.'Tlt%asfiny! fault, Mjss Ada,' said the Colonel; ' the , bandages,, on, my wrist came undone... and., your sister kiudly oirered^o sc.w them up,. for tiic.V . , , . . , ? - : 1? vVelif *you ' -did not ' understand ; but ;' Juntiet should have , known. She was sure, to hurt herself.', ,., .,,,.,..., .)t. . , i '.i'J'ev'er'1 thtn'd,1'-' said 'Jennet 'bravely, ' it was only, .a^rrick— it was not half so ' bad as that ??rbjpper;1 Sit 'down ; you' nliist be awfully tire'di, .You. shall have sdYiie i tea'.' M And slie forthwith proceeded to, pour . out, two cups of tea for them, to tlicir intense surprise. ;. '^ivm ? i ''-' -I say,; Jennet, this is a ; new|line for' yoiii*' 'quoth''Gerald';i 'jt does .riot' .seem quite. natural. J hope yoii are not going , to leaie- this .sublunary sphere, as you have tiirpedi so wonderfully, industrious.' ' Ungrateful bioj' !' laughed Jennet. ,'.' it'siYery 6weet,l'ihe continued! \!VAre - you quite sure you ! have put nothing else 'Ybu'see,' saifl ' jennet, turning to Qjlpnel , Armytage,:,!;,thcy ;do. ,not .think mo capable of anything. ? But here , ate the others., Ring . the. bell,, .Gerald ; the teapot is ertipty:' ??'?'?-'?-' ? ? , '^Fancy Jennet cohdestendiUg ,to know the state of the teapot, eh, Ada ?' ob served Gerald, as he obeyed.. . ?f.M'ellj'jgood^people, how iare ybu'get ting on ?' asked Edith as she entered the room. ?? Is riot this Weather disagreeable aud sloppy? WKerd are' Dora and Mr. JDelmai ?' ? n e t t - v v.»-* fcUrd ianii ! Mr.'feDeliiiar -were an 'hour ago silliug.ou a falling true near Calcy Bridge, looking more like a pair of billy .tnt.n- .?..?: :? '».. :-.??:? :-i'v- - ? '? ? ?

love-birds than two sensible human beings. ' I should cnot ^e at (-all snrprised-|if the' future Mrs. Delmar lias a severe cold to morrow.': i '?:? : --?-:- ?- ^ 'Did ybh ? really see them ?' asked Jennet. .,. ' ' .' ? .'.. !_ .,',.'. , ,. ,., : ' I can't say that. I saw Dora; but when we crossed the bridge I saw Fred and a long white1 feather near his off-shoulder.' ? Ere the laugh which followed ceased jthe missing pair carfie 'in^'i looking guilty land .very sheepish. -Jennet ran .to them. 4 | ;?'. I 'don't know'; Which' of -you' tb\-scbld mostTT-you, I think, Mr. Delmar ','. for v bringing home this poor child more like a ) Irog'thari anythihg'else. Come, to the j fire and get warmed, and wlien y6u hkve hail some tea you shall go tip-stairs and Ibe scolded.' , .. 1 ,v. ; ; .^\ ,-n :? ? (7'o 'be ciiitinued.) '