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Chapter NumberIII.-(Continued.)
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Full Date1891-05-08
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Newspaper TitleBathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904)
Trove TitleLove's Influence
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i ? . * ?''*? ^* *? * * ' ? ^ ? by the Author o£ ''sweethearts' ice. u, Chapter Ilj^CCoritinued.) ' Now.uMissn O'Shiughnassy,r said Lord Sleepton, skating up ftp. the edg? of flfe'lake,1'1* I've a 'chair; ' biirUnn'ers reatjy for you ; we can spin you along like lightning.'-.:: .-;!??-' ;:r;, ; '-., ''' ' Suppose you upset trie ?'????? j » I'SvbrvV' he'' 'cried'1 j' 'I'll' take the greatest care of you. Docome!' ' ' j She stepped ontto the ice --in fear and trembling, but was soon seated safely on th'e' chair? and enjoyed Being ,' spun .along' by'Lord 'Sleepfon and Fred Delmar. . . ' It's awfully nice .'' she exclaimed, j ' Is skating as niceias this ?'i - OOV ; ' Much jollier,' answered ,the two in. a 'I wonder if it is! so very difficult? said she. wistfully. V- .??,??' - i ' '?'No'tabit of it,' replied the Earl ',X°A» must get your, skates, on and strike put boldly.' ' ??- ? :.-.-:--- l 'And is that all?1' : '? ' ' ' ' Yes-; 'and; it you get a fall,' don't think about it, but go on' again: ' Do that a few, and you'll sopn.skate.'! ?- . ' 1 should like to try,' said she; 'but I've no skates;'1 ???-?'- ?? ' ' 1 '- Miss Edith is taking hers off ; I'll goand ask for them, Will you lend your skates tp.your (Sister, Mjss -Edith ?',ui ??-)--?' o 'Oh, yes'! What's amiss with hers? Where is she? Why, there she is— thpy arPaJiSWl cWJiajtAcJoest-slre vya'ritjnirie for ?' ....-.?.,., , j , . ? ;,,i,. ' It is Miss' O'Shaughnassy who want them,' said the earl. . ^'''Jennet!' excfairhed Edith in a horri fied tone. ' Oh, dear;— -oh, dear !' She jumped up and hurried to her sister, followed by tfie 'others,' Colonel Armytagjj cafrying'.'the' 'skates'.', . ',',:',, ,? ?,,„-..; ' You are never going to try, Jennet ?' said Edith.'i k- ?,--{ .su :uuutr :-!:--i 'Yes, I.atoi.'-'-iv.i ''; ??'? ''''??' j ' You must not— indeed you must not. 1 .know iwhat the end of it will be— you will break some of your limbs, and then: papa willbiam'e us.'' '''; '???'':'?} /**'' '''';', .'?''',i1 j blift NoiVsetis'e,' ahs'wcrc'l Jennet ; ',' Put them on.Colonpl Armytage. '.',, !; 'Colonel Armytage, I forbid it,' said fiditll. n,,.J,u-, .1 ,:-, ? ? ,....??!. ..;.:.V| I ?f Be quick !'.' bfied Jennet. ' ': , ' ,| ?l'Wliat ahi do ?' asked the; poor Colonel.-; i. ? -i .. '? .. ' -? ? ???-! ???- ? M 'As 1 tell you,' laughed Jennet. 'Really, Edie, . to hear (you talk, one would think lwas' incapable' of doing any tliing^y^, iir9 .?tM'\,e£ ^ 'W'i'rf ..I 'I wash'my hands of al) responsibility, ? said Edith solemnly.' .'''*. l' '''* y.',' All right, darling,' said jennet. f'Novy whatdo I do first:?' .':/;i';i;- n ,i 1 ' ' Get on your 'feet— ad.' With iiiutih difficulty she was brought to a 'standing- position,, in which she remained 'only1, by1 tfi'c united' efforts of Lord Sleepton and Colonel Armytage.., .'iNextv, strike out I boldly, and don't be afraid.' She* Obeyed orders to the-* letter. She struck out boldly atid,was not afraid ; but the three went ''down ignbminiously — wjh^reat/Ieqnetgsat randi laughed^ ^lpthc tears' foiled down her'face. ' ' ''' ' ' . 'To thinlr,' 'slid1 cried,'btruggling with her mirtli, '? that Colonel Arniytage lias been telling me' for1 a' week that 1 ought to do this and I ought to do that,, and Lord $leepton ' lias undertaken 'tp\',t'ca'ch' nio^ip sii'afc— has ! given i me i .the .most .minute if iSfeSSS^ W^'?'^ , At last shei requested to be helped up. ' ;i''Now:go away, both of you ; youi arc worse'tha'h'no'help at'all.' '''''?? '/ ;'.;.''';'|1 ' ' Till luncheon-time she ..struggled' 'on bravely by'he'r'self;' ?arid'Jbef6rethe day was over: managed to- with s ^'''stick'^or chair'.'lilte a 'baby's first 'a'tterript;at walk-1 ingV tdttering,' 'still, progressive. i,, At, ;ihe. end of a week Jennet was the most daring I skater on the lakeivbiit' she never ceased I quizzing, Iibrd' SIeep!tonnahdJh'e'. Colonel, about jvhat 'every ;' one', called ' ', that crop- ' per.' ' ' Milt'. ,-.-:l ??1.H1-- ' ?? t;: I;

Chapter IV. After a, fortnight of determined frost,' a thaw set' inland 'hunting. -was once again in lull swing. -At the first run, however, iNiGolouel had a . fall,, and sprained (his ankle and wrist, so that, for several days he was obliged to remain indoors. On the second 'afternoon' Jennet stayed in to keep him company. ' Some of the nicn acryantsliad, carried him down-stairs, and soon .'afterwards ' jennet came in to,, the room dressed'*dr*i waljt. lo J-'JiSn. Ob. yJA Ajre i you o better '???'?- she ? ? asked ? gently.1 ' 1 was so sorry to heac;of ;ypur(accWent. Have you everything' you want? Twill take my ( things ? off, and i stay with ; ypu. The others are all out, except ] papa, who is in the library.'111 -?''?'' '???? '^ '??' '' ; -' ; ' ' Don't'let'hie'' keep you' iinj/'l said he, wishing all the while that she' would stay. ~^ZlX. was. only going, for -a little walk. iW&Jsl.tid t¥r\lM fo^youny-nyJtHcfe unable to niovc,;'ioi- ?'?? vi i/ 'It is .awftiljy, ^tedious. , .1, have not been a day in 'bed siiice^hisjaffair,'— touching, as he spoke, the sabre-cut on his cheek. ' htrieant to get up sooner, but' my liea'd ached ^6.' ''?''' Is it aching ,. now?.'; asked Jennet tender jy, , ^ , i)iii,. :.,V( ,,.ij;.... ,.:i -,, , ,„, , '' Rather,' answered he, i shutting his eyes wearily. -''.'??Hou lia've had it b'aUfed ?'.' ;' ''? -'.''( « ;°.'GioioneirtAi:niyt'age Iaugh'e,d'outriglit., ;'? ' No. I never 'dreamt''of' trying duch a remedy.' ;.j j -; ??-: y- -, ' I will get some; scuut, and you shall $???'?:-{ -yiC} m i She did not notice that she was doing wrongih' fetching' to herself.'- JA?/ortnight , ljefore she would have rung the bell, and, ^si'r^d that'ai,'^ervant should'; come .'and ! apply it, if indeed she had'tlioiigh't of tliu rciuedyiialYnll.T/.-Now,'! .how'uver she ran joyouEly up-stainffof'tt1 herself, her whole! heart,, beating at'^he, thought zof. doing .^sdfnethingvfqr.t.he, man 8neV;was'}earmn| to love. She returned witl- a large bottle of white rose, scents ...^ . .. .,.. lt : .,. ' Now^she^said brightly, ' see if I, do not charm your ' lieacjache awayl 'May I put it on :for;'you ?'H ?'' -?'''?'?'?'- ?'' {To be ctntinrnd.) \ -.. *n .?ir., ii, ????:' o'?i ??:;.''. ? .?