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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1885-07-04
Page Number6
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Newspaper TitleIllustrated Sydney News (NSW: 1881-1894)
Trove TitleDrops of Brandy
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Jubilant peals of bells are ringing in the town of Blank, and the church, which is tastefully decorated, is tilled with happy and smiling faces ; for a grand wedding is about to take place.

The service is to be performed by his lordship the Bishop of Blank, assisted by the Very Reverend the Dean of Blank ; and the happy couple are those to whom our readers have already been introduced-Archibald Moreland and Lillian Willoughby.

Handsome and noble looking as are many of the gentlemen present, none of them can compare with the gallant bride- groom ; and it is no disparagement to the lovely bridesmaids, six in number, to say that the fair and queenly Lillian is this day without a peer. No doubt many Of our fair readers

would wish to hear how the bride and bridesmaids were

dressed. In this we should utterly break down. That they were dressed charmingly we are certain ; and that they looked lovely, and graceful, and sweet, and bewitching, and everything that beautiful girls can look. We are also certain that they looked holes into the hearts of several of the bachelors present, who, by a freak of the god Cupid, were thrown into a state of alternate hope and fear, joy and perplexity, which is a state peculiar to those who are heart struck, and which, in our opinion, is a very unsettled state


The service is over ; the bride kissed, and the bridegroom congratulated ; the breakfast partaken of ; adieux and au revoirs spoken, and four magnificent grey horses have whisked the happy couple away on their wedding tour.

Three months have passed since their introduction to our1 readers, and now we will take the liberty of passing over a period of no less than six years.