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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1893-06-24
Page Number19
Word Count722
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Newspaper TitleIllustrated Sydney News (NSW: 1881-1894)
Trove TitleA Dreadful Pickle
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A Dreadf ul Pickle.


" Father, Frank says I'm a beggar, and Madame says I'm a student, or ought to be, do take me to the theatre and let me see both together," says Midge, dancing into her father's dressing-room and springing

into his arms.

" Eleven o'clock is too late for you pet," says father, kissing the bright face up- turned to him; "you are too pale as it is," he adds as he notes anxiously the delicate pallor of her complexion.

" It's because I need relaxation ; too close application to lessons is bad for the constitution," says Midge in her quaint little way, and father laughs at the long words and she cuddles up close to him.

" Do say * yes.' I do so love sitting in a box. Do let me go," she says pleadingly. " I will sit in a corner, and be as good and quiet as the goodest, quietest little mouse

that ever nibbled cheese."

" Well, well, be off you little coaxer," returns father laughing and setting her down, " tell Janet to dress you quickly, I don't want the horses kept," and Midge flies upstairs, unbuttoning her dress as she goes and shouting for Janet. In 10 minutes she is dressed, and her maid sit» down regularly exhausted with the way she^ has had to fly about for her young mis-* tress. '.«§ As well try to. chain up a hurri- cane] as make Miss Hildegarde stand still," she mutters as the child wriggles about impatiently while her gloves are buttoned, and then flies off downstairs, out of the front door, and seats herself in the carriage before am one else comes down.

" It is absurd, Henry, you are ruining the child," says Mrs. Lauroy ne, as she settles herself in a corner, " she oui»ht to be in bed too, she will really have no com- plexion when she comes out.?

" One night won't hurt her," says father good-humoredly, and Midge squeezes his hand lovingly, Hal takes his seat, and they are off.

Many eyes are turned to the childish little figure in the front place of the dress circle box that night. She has on a short sleeved scarlet frock exquisitely made, her hair is hanging down in its own natural way, and her large grey eyes are shining

with excitement.

" What a lovely little creature your daughter is growing, Mrs. Laurayne," says a gentleman who had just entered the box; " she'll break a good many hearts before she's finished." Mrs. Laurayne looks pleased and says " ETush, she will hear," but Midge's sharp ears have caught it all, and her scarlet lips part in a funny little smile. "Shake hands with tbie gentleman, Midge," says her mother, " he ja Colonel Grey." But Midge just bows in the self-possessed little way she hae copied from her mother, murmurs that she is *' most happy to make bis acquaintance,' and unfurling her large feather fan beging to fan herself composedly. The nexi moment the curtain goes up, and she losefl herself entirely in the music and acting.

" Well, ; Miss Laurayne, what did you think of the piece?" Colonel Grey asks, ae at the close of the evening he helps her OE with her miniature opera cloak. " It wa« lovely, lovely," says Midge, her face ail aglow," I've decided now. I'll go on thc staje when I'm grown up." She chatten incessantly through the first part of thc

«jr ? "u> 4-"

drive home, but it is a very sleepy, white faced little Midge that is delivered into Janet's care to be undressed. " Should I be obliged to wear tights?? she save sleepily as Janet tucks her up in bed.

Wear tights! what does the child mean ?" echoed Janet mystified.

" I'm sure long trailing dresses like the Greeks would look much nicer and grace- fuller and modester," she goes on, "don't you think so, Janet ?"

"I think you're dreaming, Miss Midgie, dear, that's what I think," says Janet, care- fully shading the light from the bed.

" You're terribly dense, Janet," Midge de- clares crossly, and then she turns over, buries her head in the soft white pillows and is asleep in three minutes.